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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNUSUAL

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Astrology, 147:relation between Leo and Aquarius, for Leo is unusual in having all its ruling influencesAstrology, 200:to the Pleiades and therefore to Taurus in an unusual manner. The key to this relation is to beAstrology, 346:of this sign and is governed by it in a most unusual manner. The format or exoteric symbolism ofAstrology, 356:this fact is of major significance, creating an unusual situation in the solar system and a uniqueAstrology, 362:by Mercury and Venus, produces the somewhat unusual situation in our planet. Astrology, 430:any planetary and individual horoscope. In some unusual manner (from the human angle), all thatAstrology, 441:In this present world cycle all results are of unusual significance and also unusually emphasizedAtom, 120:succeed at all in accounting for that which is unusual, for that which is as yet inexplicable toAutobiography, 43:a most curious "protection" in the peculiar and unusual work which I chose to do in my next lifeAutobiography, 164:that I will smooth the English or replace an unusual word with one that is clearer, taking care,Destiny, 13:of the Rays Today This particular and somewhat unusual ray energy is [14] expressing itself in twoDiscipleship1, 76:for rapid progress is real and definitely unusual. When together you pass through the Portal and IDiscipleship1, 143:Your aura requires sealing (if I may use so unusual a term) and the leakage now present can then beDiscipleship1, 143:problem is a very real one, but by no means an unusual one; it must be faced with common sense,Discipleship1, 327:the usual and the commonplace into the unusual and the rare. Secondly, to your innate humilityDiscipleship1, 339:built a first ray physical body - which is an unusual thing to do. The energy of your personalityDiscipleship1, 358:of the soul. You have an interesting and rather unusual problem; this is based on the fact thatDiscipleship1, 361:is awake; your power to interpret symbols is unusual; your grasp of the synthetic plan of the GreatDiscipleship1, 373:It is much more difficult, owing to the unusual fact that your astral body is on the first ray.Discipleship1, 386:you, for I give it in terms which are somewhat unusual. Your main usefulness consists in theDiscipleship1, 386:on all sides, and which in your case is of unusual extent. Little is known as yet anent the aura. IDiscipleship1, 454:in the order of their importance. There is an unusual depth of love and understanding in yourDiscipleship1, 465:the power to help individuals, and you have an unusual capacity to fan a dim spark into a white-hotDiscipleship1, 524:your life, for your life problem is not at all unusual - though you have given unusual attention toDiscipleship1, 524:is not at all unusual - though you have given unusual attention to it. It is based upon the factDiscipleship1, 531:because of a hidden development which is very unusual, but which as yet is hindered from all outerDiscipleship1, 769:demonstrated by this group, should be quite unusual and it should be a group demonstration. I wouldDiscipleship2, 142:grasp the necessity for engendering (to use an unusual word in this connection) a magnetized areaDiscipleship2, 220:felt - this time in conjunction with the unusual activity of the first ray. Therefore, through theDiscipleship2, 258:and recording what he regards as most unusual intuitions. All that is really happening, however, isDiscipleship2, 427:plane) are involved; this, in itself, is unusual; the entire proceeding concerns the penetration ofDiscipleship2, 453:for storage" (if I may use such an arresting and unusual phrase), and they are the "seed ofDiscipleship2, 492:it is not easy for world disciples - with their unusual sensitivity - to detach themselves from theDiscipleship2, 510:recognized by us. Praise and commendation is an unusual line for me to take but a disciple has toDiscipleship2, 568:that ordains for you, therefore, a somewhat unusual state of affairs in the life of discipleship.Discipleship2, 585:action. I have therefore nothing spectacular or unusual to say to you today, and that in itselfDiscipleship2, 710:could possibly be desired; you have (which is unusual) a second ray mental nature. This enables youDiscipleship2, 741:seventh ray force, makes for almost unique and unusual service; however - and here lies a hindranceExternalisation, 165:know, the word "forgiveness" is a curious and unusual one and signifies (according to the bestExternalisation, 262:upon earth at this time, released through unusual human selfishness, cruelty and error, and focusedExternalisation, 436:energy, just as His first activity demands an unusual expenditure of first ray power - somethingExternalisation, 518:be tremendously increased during the vital and unusual cycle upon which we entered in 1918, whichExternalisation, 600:work, and to the reorganization (by men of unusual potency) of the political, religious, economicFire, 723:Their appearance in a solar system is very unusual, and is only recognized on the highest twoGlamour, 55:appear to him of great marvel, and superbly unusual, and vitally needed by humanity. But the mindHealing, 468:definition of initiation, but one of a somewhat unusual phrasing. Perhaps some lines from theHealing, 482:is in the nature of innovation and which is unusual. The barriers erected by specialized medicineHercules, 128:from dull stupidity to enthusiastic wisdom. How unusual and delightful a combination of words isHercules, 130:incident we observe the Libran's ability to find unusual solutions, and to perceive the value ofHercules, 130:in the history of mankind are determined by unusual approaches to common problems. For example, aInitiation, 103:humility, and disinterestedness of a very unusual kind, may serve to build good vehicles which willIntellect, 22:certainly seems to fail in its mission with the unusual child and with the gifted man or woman. OurIntellect, 81:the mind and its intense focusing upon a new and unusual field of contact. Then "the mind-stuffMagic, 6:realms of life are closer than ever before; unusual phenomena and inexplicable happenings areMagic, 81:The concrete mind hinders in another and more unusual way, and one that is not realized by theMagic, 393:focus of the Eternal Attention (if I may use so unusual a phrase where words are necessarily almostMagic, 583:aspiration and spiritual orientation, plus the unusual qualities of positive harmlessness and theMeditation, 122:allowing the "apex of the mind" (if I may use so unusual a term) to be receptive and open toMeditation, 279:consciousness, and enables him to vibrate at an unusual rate for him. Hence the need forMeditation, 334:The matter I now give contains nothing very unusual, but it does hold thought for consideration byProblems, 117:are looking eagerly for the unexpected and the unusual, for an anticipated miracle and for GodPsychology1, 54:knowing himself to be the Self - a rare and unusual occurrence for the majority. Every form inPsychology1, 79:lives. I am not interested in imparting weird or unusual items of information anent these mattersPsychology1, 110:deemed worthy to receive something esoteric and unusual, and hence withheld from the rest of thePsychology1, 278:field of expression, and for that which is unusual and oft abnormal. Weak minds then succumb to thePsychology1, 287:to the scope of the marriage contact (if so unusual a form of words can be used in thisPsychology1, 315:men are always searching for the novel and the unusual, forgetting that every new truth and everyPsychology2, 421:with open minds and the willingness to accept unusual hypotheses, along a trail which may lead themPsychology2, 449:not the rule. This is, however, a time of unusual crisis. One point, nevertheless, seems impressedPsychology2, 450:and right use of money. Such indications are unusual and of a deeply spiritual nature. Psychology2, 600:death does not take place (and this is somewhat unusual) serious psychological difficulties are aptRays, 12:than the physical. The fact that tremendous and unusual upheavals are taking place in the kingdomsRays, 208:only those who are willing to meet certain unusual requirements and to produce that special effortRays, 231:at high speed and with a life potency that is unusual. I would have all disciples begin to trainRays, 629:to reality. It is interesting to note the unusual alignment of ray energies to be found at thisRays, 651:the propelling aspiration (if I may use such an unusual phrase) is of a material nature andReappearance, 16:more intuitive and more expectant of the unusual and the unique than at any other time in history.Reappearance, 47:work and to the reorganization (by men of unusual potency) of the political, religious, economicTelepathy, 76:done this, [76] they regard what they find as unusual, beautiful and important, and then proceed toTelepathy, 94:he can draw. This is a statement of unique and unusual importance. Later still, he becomesTelepathy, 104:clearly revealed. The fact of registration is no unusual phenomenon. Sensitive people are
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