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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNVEILED

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Astrology, 322:to which he is related by the same planet. The unveiled Neptune relates Cancer to no otherBethlehem, The it:are mine. A. A. B.] What this soul is, when unveiled and manifested (even through the limitationsBethlehem, 170:the Christian era, after the revelation of the unveiled beauty to which he had been admitted. TheirBethlehem, 175:of the happening on Mount Calvary has been unveiled through the illumined experiences of theBethlehem, 191:Mystery of Man. In Christ the Mystery of Man was unveiled." (Thrice-Greatest Hermes, by G. R. S.Discipleship1, 391:that sheet of glass which reveals, if clean and unveiled, but which acts as a barrier to vision, ifFire, 128:must be achieved. [128] 58 Lost Souls. See Isis Unveiled, Vol. II, p. 368; also S. D., I, 255, andFire, 449:effect that can be imagined... Well may Isis Unveiled (p. 514) tell us that 'sounds and colors' areFire, 974:others, it is the organ of illumination, the unveiled eye of the soul, through which light andFire, 984:in the attributes of divinity itself. - Isis Unveiled, I, 25-27. All magical operations consist inFire, 984:from the coils of the Ancient Serpent. - Isis Unveiled , I, 138. The object of the art of magic isFire, 984:art of magic is the perfection of man. - Isis Unveiled, I, 309. Magic explores the essence andFire, 984:the essence and power of everything. - Isis Unveiled, I, 282; S. D., II, 538. Magic and magnetismFire, 984:Magic and magnetism are synonymous terms. - Isis Unveiled, I, 279. Magic is the sumtotal of naturalFire, 984:is the sumtotal of natural knowledge. - Isis Unveiled, II, 99, 189. Magic does not imply aFire, 984:a transgression of the laws of nature. - Isis Unveiled, I, Preface. The Basis of Magic. Magic isFire, 984:based on the inner powers in man's soul. - Isis Unveiled, I, 459. The trinity of nature is the lockFire, 984:the trinity of man the key that fits it. - Isis Unveiled, II, 635. Magic is occult psychology. -Fire, 984:II, 635. Magic is occult psychology. - Isis Unveiled, I, 612-616. The astral light is the chiefFire, 984:astral light is the chief agent of magic. - Isis Unveiled, I, 128, 616; S. D., I, 275; II, 537. 93Fire, 993:The life is a naturally pure life. - Isis Unveiled, II, 368. Read S. D., III, 528, 529. Fire, 1212:mount of themselves into regions where stand the unveiled sons of God. Man, therefore, acts as theHercules, 127:is the undisclosed thought of the soul." (Isis Unveiled) Libra presents us with many paradoxes, andIntellect, 37:mystic arrives eventually at the glory of the unveiled Self. It seems to be unalterably true thatIntellect, 50:flowers They bloomed, fulfiled of loveliness unveiled." - Hall, W. Winslow, M.D., Illuminanda, pageIntellect, 69:insight begins with the sense of a mystery unveiled, of a hidden wisdom now suddenly become certainIntellect, 75:method whereby a man reaches the glory of the unveiled self by the process of rejecting form afterIntellect, 76:of reality is well on the way to touching the unveiled Self. But it takes a mental apprehension andIntellect, 154:and sees, and knows; he becomes aware of Truth, unveiled and freed from the glamor which the veilIntellect, 237:open mind, a pure heart, an eager intellect, an unveiled spiritual perception, a brotherliness forPsychology1, xxv:as an hypothesis, it should at the same time be unveiled sufficiently so as to be recognizable, andPsychology1, 85:can be seen from a study of these names: The Unveiled Magician The Worker in the Magical Art ThePsychology2, 248:breaks through to the aspiring mind; a sense of unveiled splendor for a moment sweeps through the
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