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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNVEILING

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Astrology, 510:with them, a great stride forward into the unveiling of the astrology of the soul will take place.Bethlehem, 143:The awe and mystery which surround that great unveiling have set their seal on all who have passedBethlehem, 163:revelation. The glory of the new age will be the unveiling of those two mysteries, and our entranceDiscipleship2, 385:from one initiation to another imparts a gradual unveiling of the divine Purpose, as it expressesDiscipleship2, 405:the bottom" - a symbolic way of expressing the unveiling of an unimpeded channel. This was madeFire, 882:one of the great revelations at initiation: the unveiling to the initiate of the particular cosmicInitiation, 124:all, - the revelation of essential unity and the unveiling of those inner relationships, which,Intellect, 79:effected is that of meditation. This process of unveiling the Self through the negation of theIntellect, 178:equipment. Second: Another development is the unveiling of the Self. Through the mental andIntellect, 178:the soul. The process has beep that of a gradual unveiling, and of a sequential approach nearer andPatanjali, 266:(the second aspect) is in its turn veiling. The unveiling of the soul leads to the manifestation ofRays, 6:or sheath hiding the reality. The process of 'unveiling' so that one by one those bodies which veil
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