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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNWISE

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Atom, 68:that only the ignorant dogmatism, and only the unwise deal in detail when considering theseAutobiography, 224:to let them read even what you yourself felt was unwise, their natural cleanness and their naturalDiscipleship1, 519:in detachment from personality activity with its unwise speech or silences, its criticisms or itsDiscipleship1, 519:aspect. This is apt to sweep you into unwise action or words, and prevent your following of theDiscipleship1, 636:intense interest in Masonry is for this life unwise, for the Masonic Work is magical work, being aHealing, 606:and his condition than by the potency of one's unwise decision, the power of one's thought and theHercules, 133:them what they are incapable of giving is both unwise and frustrating. The help given to a personMagic, 194:by over-stimulation of the brain cells through unwise meditation work, and it will becomeMagic, 486:by the knowledge of the many, often of the many unwise. One kind starts nebulously on the mentalMagic, 518:be read by the general public it would be most unwise to give more explicit directions. Enough hasMeditation, 104:been seen in earnest students who persist in unwise pressure or seek unguardedly to arouse theMeditation, 110:with them their own dangers, and that in the unwise pursuit of unsuitable meditations, virtuesMeditation, 122:the negative attitude assumed through the unwise following of an unsuitable meditation. In hisMeditation, 129:out that danger for human beings lies in the unwise use of forms for the calling of the devas, inMeditation, 282:that mind affords is apt to be unbalanced and unwise. Both love and mind must be expressed in termsPsychology2, 547:which are the result of injudicious action or unwise habits in this life and definitely conditionRays, 214:what is to be said is wrong, or undesirable, or unwise, or wasteful of energy, will simply increase
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