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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNWORTHY

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Discipleship1, 22:classed as entirely personality limitations and unworthy of hindering group integrity. ThisDiscipleship1, 34:derided, misunderstood and judged; these are all unworthy motives. Among the disciples of the NewDiscipleship2, 633:unattainable. It is a platitude to say that all unworthy goals (because incorrectly motivated) areExternalisation, 218:fatigue in which you share is no excuse, and is unworthy of the world disciples and aspirants. Externalisation, 229:and from the widespread concentration upon the unworthy pasts and the undesirable aspects of allExternalisation, 477:the sun - it pours down upon the worthy and the unworthy, unless definitely and deliberatelyFire, 1005:solar Angel has been permitted to bring in an unworthy vibration. This is what is meant byMagic, 138:the group for their own personal ends or who use unworthy methods. Give to them love and care and aMagic, 520:hiding them away from the curious and the unworthy." [521] Now a new attempt is being made to freeMeditation, 271:to reject immediately, every thought and desire unworthy of the Self and thus harmful to the group.Soul, 61:by Dr. Burtt said: "Whence, I ask if it be unworthy of a philosopher to inquire of a philosopher if
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