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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UPWARDS

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Astrology, 36:eleventh Hierarchies (counting from the bottom upwards) lies the clue to the nature of Agni, theAstrology, 48:it is [48] the fifth counting from below upwards. This Hierarchy wields, its we know, the dualAstrology, 296:base of the spine and draws the kundalini fire upwards. Making a broad and consequently [297]Astrology, 301:and producing (as a consequence) the surging upwards of the kundalini fire. This, in its turn,Astrology, 305:the human family who have achieved adeptship and upwards. They are composed of superimposedAstrology, 583:Desire works from and through the material form upwards; Will works downwards into form, bendingDestiny, 112:kingdom in nature has been definitely attracted upwards towards the emerging fifth kingdom and thisDiscipleship1, 74:downwards and to penetrate slowly and steadily upwards towards the light, so will be the adequacyDiscipleship1, 110:of your psychic centers - from the solar plexus upwards. You are passing through a dual process ofDiscipleship1, 426:in the early morning on a hot day which draws upwards the mists and thus temporarily forms a fogDiscipleship1, 547:with the soul. When you have thus carried it upwards, and seen it aligning and relating all theDiscipleship2, 118:awakening of the solar plexus) will then surge upwards as one spontaneous movement. This will inDiscipleship2, 248:the world of men, inwards to the Hierarchy, and upwards to the Monad. It does not concern theDiscipleship2, 297:phrase) in order to bring about a realization upwards into kingdoms hitherto unseen and unknown,Discipleship2, 573:such as yourself, it produces an integration upwards, leading to a definite reorientation of theDiscipleship2, 573:to see a thin thread of light ascending upwards from the soul towards the Hierarchy, passingDiscipleship2, 714:body. Your vital body feels the constant pull upwards of mental force, but that mental force is notEducation, 27:of this primary creation, and works from below upwards, from the without to the within, from theExternalisation, 27:"taking root downwards" in order to "bear fruit upwards." Should these groups develop as intended,Externalisation, 62:downwards and to penetrate slowly and steadily upwards into the light, so will be the adequacy ofExternalisation, 85:all forms of existence from the human and animal upwards, and it is an interesting study toExternalisation, 170:is often called the kundalini fire) is carried upwards and merged with the power and the light ofExternalisation, 344:Desire works from and through the material form upwards; Will works downwards into form, bendingFire, 123:base of the spine and to drive that fire slowly upwards, transferring its heat from the centersFire, 125:from the top of the head. This flame surges upwards through the bodies towards its source, theFire, 126:the driving of the force in an uneven manner upwards, or in forcing its radiation to undesirableFire, 148:because He is abstraction, if viewed from below upwards. His work is the synthesis of Spirit withFire, 187:first time. Counting, therefore, from the bottom upwards it is only the third subplane on theFire, 187:on the fifth subplane (counting from below upwards) then the planes of abstraction - from theFire, 205:centers on all planes, beginning from the bottom upwards, until the centers (according to ray andFire, 670:of their vibration will be very gradually turned upwards, and not downwards into the physicalFire, 687:unit. Considering the same subject from below upwards it is the animal in the third kingdom whichFire, 748:The fumes of utter blackness mount upwards in dissipation. The noise discordant of the warringFire, 1141:From above downwards - involution. From beneath upwards - evolution. Right to left - greaterFire, 1184:lowest part of the solar sphere and then mount upwards, coming into opposition therefore with theFire, 1205:evolution, it is the fifth counting from below upwards. This hierarchy wields, as we know, the dualGlamour, 220:of the human family, is being redeemed and drawn upwards until some day we shall see theHealing, 31:of inner subtle forces, but are the pouring upwards, into the etheric body, of energies from theHealing, 43:depicted as turned downwards and with the stalk upwards in the undeveloped man, but are turnedHealing, 43:upwards in the undeveloped man, but are turned upwards in the case of the developed, so there areHealing, 146:unfold their petals and then slowly turn upwards "towards the summit of the rod," as it is calledHealing, 161:been reversed, and its petals are now reaching upwards towards the next center up the spine, theHealing, 162:to the pull of the Master's Ashram. The surging upwards of the transmuted energies from below theHealing, 174:petals of the solar plexus center are reaching upwards towards the heart center. This, in reality,Healing, 174:(in the race of men as a whole) are striving upwards towards the higher way. It should be notedHealing, 180:of the heart center in the head is turning upwards in response to an increased activity of theIntellect, 130:must remember that in using all such words as "upwards " and "downwards," "higher" and "lower," weMagic, 208:wisdom and then will the sleeping serpent mount upwards to the place of meeting. [211] Magic, 486:thoughts descend from above; these latter work upwards from the physical plane and are increased inMagic, 504:close attention, and a steady drawing upwards to the center in the head should be attempted, forMagic, 529:Father's home, and with the trend which we call "upwards" and away from the phenomenal world. TheyMeditation, 104:fluid rushes with ever increasing speed and heat upwards, and literally burns away all or part ofMeditation, 111:definite effect on the emotional body. It worked upwards from the emotional instead of, as now,Meditation, 198:that chanting, the funnel is formed that reaches upwards to the desired locality. The geometricalMeditation, 210:light divine. Then the two fires merge, mount upwards and are lost in the Triadal Light. CertainPatanjali, 295:lotus turned downwards, is reversed, turned upwards and unfolded. At its heart is the light ofPatanjali, 295:love. The radiance of this light, being turned upwards, illumines the path to God, but is not thePatanjali, 300:or the limitations of the lower forms. "Upwards there is no impediment to their thinking and inPatanjali, 420:From the lowest depths of darkness, thence upwards into light. Where goest thou, 0h! Traveller uponPsychology1, 51:[51] of the formless planes, counting from below upwards, and its true purpose cannot emerge untilPsychology1, 121:Animal - 3rd Kingdom - 6th Ray - Devotion upwards or forwards. Vegetable - 2nd Kingdom - 4th Ray -Psychology1, 218:seventh or highest kingdom (counting from below upwards) the Will aspect predominates and is thePsychology1, 295:on intelligence. As the creative urge is turned upwards from the sacral center to the throat, manPsychology2, 589:downwards by the involutionary route and not upwards by the evolutionary route of the spinalPsychology2, 599:The mystic is drawn so constantly "upwards" (as he regards and terms it) to the land of his dreams,Rays, 84:downwards into matter and not outwards and upwards into light. The Energy of Destruction: This is aRays, 139:and constant hierarchical effort which strives upwards towards the "Place of Clear Electric Light,"Rays, 167:of power, the head or Shamballa), and gather all upwards into a point which is neither of the ThreeRays, 189:problem of maya and glamor, doing so from below upwards. This work had to be done by disciples whoRays, 451:is anchored in, the solar plexus, and is carried upwards, by means of the aspiration, till itRays, 485:orientation, that which he builds will "move upwards toward the center of life," and not "downwardsRays, 566:downwards; the initiate is directed from within upwards. It is this which formulates the underlyingRays, 699:This is the case whether you count from below upwards or from above downwards. You have here againSoul, 29:the medium of the mechanism? Cannot matter reach upwards towards mind and Soul and Spirit - call itSoul, 46:the sexual organs, but in the march of evolution upwards, "that relationship is lost, the thyroidSoul, 140:hitherto relatively quiescent, begins to turn upwards. The soul force in the center at the base ofTelepathy, 153:the four levels of etheric substance, counting upwards from the lowest: The mineral kingdom is
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