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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - URANUS

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Astrology, 13:ancient teaching as "veiling either Vulcan or Uranus." This hint or inference has always been hereAstrology, 13:with the undeveloped or average man and with Uranus when considering, the highly developed man.Astrology, 66:ruler 10. Capricorn Saturn 3rd none 11. Aquarius Uranus 7th none 12. Pisces Jupiter 2nd SagittariusAstrology, 66:6. Virgo The Moon 4th Aries Same ray 7. Libra Uranus 7th none 8. Scorpio Mars 6th Cancer Same rayAstrology, 68:Disciple Hierarchies 1. Aries Mars Mercury Uranus 2. Taurus Venus Vulcan Vulcan 3. Gemini MercuryAstrology, 68:6. Virgo Mercury The Moon Jupiter 7. Libra Venus Uranus Saturn 8. Scorpio Mars Mars Mercury 9.Astrology, 68:10. Capricorn Saturn Saturn Venus 11. Aquarius Uranus Jupiter The Moon 12. Pisces Jupiter PlutoAstrology, 68:Constellation Ruler Ray Related to 1. Aries Uranus 7th none 2. Taurus Vulcan 1st Pisces Same ray 3.Astrology, 71:experience. At the fifth and final initiation, Uranus and Jupiter appear and produce a "beneficentAstrology, 80:Capricorn and Pisces. to Saturn, Mercury and Uranus (the Moon). to The head, ajna and heartAstrology, 86:Capricorn, the Goat Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. Harmony through Conflict Taurus,Astrology, 86:Archer Aquarius, the Water-Carrier Sun Jupiter Uranus Sun Earth Pluto VI. Idealism. Devotion Virgo,Astrology, 98:of which Mercury is the exoteric ruler. Through Uranus also, Aries is related to Aquarius, [99] theAstrology, 99:leading to death and liberation in Pisces. Uranus is the planet through which zodiacal energyAstrology, 99:Moon I shall speak of one of the hidden planets, Uranus or Vulcan. These are interchangeable inAstrology, 99:you have been told. Hence my above reference to Uranus. In connection with Aries, which expressesAstrology, 99:of the three ruling planets - Mars, Mercury and Uranus. Mars embodies sixth ray force which leadsAstrology, 100:at the close of the needed gestation period. Uranus embodies the energy of the seventh ray and itsAstrology, 100:fire by friction, thus producing manifestation. Uranus leads the soul to the burning ground duringAstrology, 100:and the fires engendered through the potency of Uranus produce the flaming heat of the finalAstrology, 100:ground, the initiate has finally to pass. Uranus rules the occult Way and is, in an esoteric sense,Astrology, 101:which is brought about through the activity of Uranus. This is entered through the free choice ofAstrology, 101:call your attention to the fact that through Uranus, Aries is related to Aquarius. The vagueAstrology, 114:has said and it is widely accepted that Vulcan, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune do not govern signs butAstrology, 114:to the influences which come to him from Uranus or Pluto, for instance, which affect the soul lifeAstrology, 138:desire. He comes then under the influence of Uranus, that mysterious and occult planet. His will isAstrology, 138:through this sign, reaching our planet through Uranus and the Moon which hides or veils UranusAstrology, 138:through Uranus and the Moon which hides or veils Uranus symbolically in this case. There is,Astrology, 138:therefore, to be found the double influence of Uranus, expressing the quality and bringing in theAstrology, 139:are released through the ruling planets: [139] Uranus - Ray Seven - The will to be and to knowAstrology, 139:it veils and hides (in this case the planet Uranus) you have the esoteric energy which brings thisAstrology, 139:brings this Hierarchy to subjective realization. Uranus gives innate spontaneous activity and thisAstrology, 139:into intellect. This the moon brings about, but Uranus causes the great transference in the humanAstrology, 149:here takes the place of Saturn hides the planet Uranus. In this case Uranus, the occult planet,Astrology, 149:of Saturn hides the planet Uranus. In this case Uranus, the occult planet, stands for exotericAstrology, 150:the path of evolution relates the individual to Uranus. When the man is upon the Fixed Cross, theAstrology, 166:Capricorn Initiation 1st and 7th Vulcan - Uranus - Pluto Taurus, Libra, Pisces Astrology, 200:Two of our planets, the Earth (non-sacred) and Uranus (sacred), are directly the product of thisAstrology, 201:planet. It is for this reason that Jupiter and Uranus (expressions of the second and the seventhAstrology, 201:which evokes magnetic response. Jupiter and Uranus - planets of beneficent consummation. The secondAstrology, 219:called out. These planets are Vulcan, Neptune or Uranus. These three create and influence certainAstrology, 221:Esoteric 5. Mercury Scorpio 4th Hierarchical 6. Uranus Aquarius 7th Orthodox 7. Jupiter AquariusAstrology, 224:of the experience in Scorpio, as outlined above. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio; the power of VenusAstrology, 224:the beauty of these implications clear to you. Uranus is the planet whose characteristics are theAstrology, 224:first ray (Vulcan) blended with the seventh ray (Uranus) producing the desired manifestation uponAstrology, 224:desired manifestation upon the physical plane. Uranus, therefore, initiates a new order of life andAstrology, 224:to its logical conclusion, the influence of Uranus finally produces an unfolded spiritualAstrology, 225:to [225] the human; for this reason, Uranus is exalted in this sign and assumes a position of powerAstrology, 243:rules Libra, whilst - esoterically speaking - Uranus rules. Saturn is the ruler in this sign ofAstrology, 244:activity of the three rulers of Libra: Venus, Uranus and Saturn. Astrology, 246:triangle with Libra at the apex and dominating. Uranus is the esoteric ruler and is of supremeAstrology, 247:selfless purpose. [247] Through this planet, Uranus, Libra is related also to Aries and AquariusAstrology, 247:also to Aries and Aquarius and it is through Uranus that the great pair of opposites, Aries-Libra,Astrology, 247:is established by the three rulers: Venus, Uranus and Saturn. These five, with Libra at the pointAstrology, 247:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Uranus - 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic - God theAstrology, 248:Mercury - 4th Ray - Harmony through Conflict. Uranus - 7th Ray - Ceremonial Order, Law or Magic.Astrology, 272:in the case where such developed planets as Uranus, Jupiter or Saturn are concerned. Astrology, 296:or influences (like a lens) are Neptune and Uranus. The "heart of the Sun" employs Neptune as itsAstrology, 296:spiritual Sun pours its influences through Uranus. The activity of Uranus is, however, onlyAstrology, 296:its influences through Uranus. The activity of Uranus is, however, only registered at a veryAstrology, 297:spiritual Sun which is called into play, and Uranus is then the distributing agency and the headAstrology, 297:which controls the man born under Leo - the Sun, Uranus and Neptune. The energy of Leo is focusedAstrology, 300:for us here by the astral body, whilst Uranus (which is also veiled by the Sun) symbolizes theAstrology, 301:The physical Sun Sirius Mercury Saturn The Sun Uranus Neptune As the above alignment corresponds toAstrology, 302:where humanity was concerned. [302] Through Uranus, Leo is related to three other signs of theAstrology, 304:or indirect, of six planets: The Sun; Neptune; Uranus; Jupiter; Venus; Mars. All of these areAstrology, 306:by the control of those two mysterious planets, Uranus and Neptune; in the man who is ready forAstrology, 306:Man becomes aware of his essential duality. Uranus - Occult consciousness or that intelligent,Astrology, 307:the influences of Leo, focused through the Sun, Uranus and Neptune, have been carried adequatelyAstrology, 308:through the forces which arc reaching him (via Uranus). Astrology, 308:month of August, and distribute themselves, via Uranus and Neptune. You have, therefore, in thisAstrology, 308:Central spiritual Sun. The undiscovered planet. Uranus and Neptune. The human Hierarchy. The animalAstrology, 308:Leo subject: The Sun - 2nd ray - love-wisdom. Uranus - 7th ray - organization or directedAstrology, 309:preserves at the same time its interior control (Uranus) and from that point of achievement,Astrology, 309:of the Plan. Ponder on this summation. When Uranus controls, the Leo person is significantly theAstrology, 310:exalted in this sign, whilst the power of both Uranus and Saturn is somewhat lessened, except inAstrology, 310:responds powerfully to the esoteric influence of Uranus. The same basic teaching is here conveyedAstrology, 310:falls. The power of the mind, as symbolized by Uranus, is lessened, for it is not the mind which inAstrology, 323:by five other planets, which are Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Saturn. The Cancerian subjectAstrology, 323:of intuition (Mercury) and to the cosmic pull of Uranus, plus the intellect of Venus and theAstrology, 395:Mercury is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio. Uranus is the orthodox and Jupiter the esoteric rulerAstrology, 400:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Uranus, the planet of the hidden mystery and oneAstrology, 401:therefore, of the exalted Moon and the fallen Uranus gives a marvelous picture of man's historyAstrology, 401:personality development and power. The task of Uranus, hidden in the depths, is to awaken and evokeAstrology, 401:It is interesting to note that in Scorpio, Uranus is exalted which gives indication of the successAstrology, 421:Pisces These transmit energy via: Saturn Mercury Uranus Reaching the following center: PlanetaryAstrology, 423:Libra Capricorn The Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. Harmony through Conflict TaurusAstrology, 423:Science Leo Sagittarius Aquarius The Sun Jupiter Uranus The Sun The Earth Jupiter VI. Idealism.Astrology, 427:Zodiacal Capricorn Zodiacal 3. Saturn Systemic Uranus Systemic Mercury Systemic 4. Shamballa EarthAstrology, 432:lifted the fishes into the heavenly sphere (Uranus) and thus a lesser triple light appeared, theAstrology, 432:watery light of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus. This light descended on the waiting sphereAstrology, 435:at this time and under cyclic law are Saturn, Uranus and Mercury. In between these again are to beAstrology, 435:found: 1. Leo - Saturn - Shamballa. 2. Pisces - Uranus - Hierarchy. 3. Capricorn - Mercury -Astrology, 438:present death of form in all the three worlds. Uranus is the planet of occultism for it veils "thatAstrology, 438:wisdom of the Hierarchy. The triangle of Pisces-Uranus-Hierarchy is becoming magneticallyAstrology, 438:attractive to the triangle of Humanity. Uranus and Mercury in combination are dualities which theAstrology, 441:and the allied planetary triangle of Saturn-Uranus-Mercury. These two triangles pour their sixAstrology, 444:Ray of Ceremonial Law and Order works through Uranus which is today the transmitter of Sirian forceAstrology, 446:and sacred Mysteries among men. The energy of Uranus, pouring upon and into humanity, produces theAstrology, 446:why the Moon is spoken of so often as veiling Uranus. The Moon is frequently used as a blind when
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