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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - URGE

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Astrology, 139:- both natural and spiritual. It is the urge to better conditions. Jupiter gives an inherentAstrology, 144:into soul light and light substance and the urge to tread consciously the path of return, plus theAstrology, 173:wide." Here we have the key to the evolutionary urge, to the secret of rebirth, and of that wordAstrology, 220:the soul, developed to such an extent that the urge to manifest overcomes all other urges, and theAstrology, 220:Self) is turned in the reverse direction and the urge towards liberation and the desire to treadAstrology, 236:the intellectual perception and the steady urge of the evolutionary process. Nothing can preventAstrology, 282:his "power is lessened," for the drive and urge of devotion and desire give place in this powerfulAstrology, 289:will-to-illumine, which constitutes the driving urge towards self-knowledge, self-perception andAstrology, 336:and minute as in an atom or a cell - to the urge or pull of foci of energy and of streams of force.Astrology, 338:controls all activity. Cancer-Capricorn The urge to incarnate leads to the densest incarnation andAstrology, 370:is driven forth upon the path of return by the urge of aspiration, [371] or whether the initiate isAstrology, 372:definitely subordinated to the innate divine urge for beauty, synthesis and the free expression ofAstrology, 375:the sense that it brings expression of an inner urge of some definite nature upon the physicalAstrology, 375:or am I working and planning directly under soul urge and incentive? This should give the keynoteAstrology, 379:from East to West in that dire time when the urge to gather gold shall rule the lower half (i.e.,Astrology, 379:or response of the Christ life is to the pull, urge or suggestion of the form nature wherein itAstrology, 381:under the impulse of material desire or the urge of the divine will, when recognized and sensed.Astrology, 446:pouring upon and into humanity, produces the urge to better conditions to provide better forms forAstrology, 446:a dead world and the reason is that the Uranian urge became so strong in that far distant time whenAstrology, 453:the form life, engendering the will to live, the urge to survival and the vitalization of forms.Astrology, 459:soul purpose or personality selfishness, but the urge towards betterment will inevitably triumph. Astrology, 464:to the pull of the evocative center. Their urge is towards the path of return. Accepted disciplesAstrology, 493:they are not. It is humanity which - under the urge of great inflowing and outflowing energies - isAstrology, 597:is inherent in the seed; the evolutionary urge is the inevitable accompaniment of life inAstrology, 606:building faculty, related to the creative urge. Ray VII. - That which can be called the principleAstrology, 613:stages of creation. The initiation of the urge to evolve, proceed, progress. The initiation of theAstrology, 624:I am alone. I must arise and seek with ceaseless urge, that which produces completion, round out myAtom, 21:the life within all units, the developing urge which eventually merges all units and all groups,Autobiography, 46:my existence. In those days I expressed this urge in terms of "Jesus went about doing good," and I,Autobiography, 210:the same sources of happiness and the same urge to go forward spiritually. The Grand Duke was aAutobiography, 229:have led to an intensification of the spiritual urge and that those of us who are workers in theAutobiography, 252:good of the whole of humanity to a sentimental urge to love all men in a manner which necessitatedBethlehem, 3:story with its implications of divinity and its urge to service and sacrifice. Is the Gospel storyBethlehem, 21:The fact of the cosmic Christ, manifest as the urge towards perfection in all the kingdoms ofBethlehem, 81:is at some point torn between the splendid urge to go on towards understanding, and the craving toBethlehem, 102:why He was driven into the wilderness. The urge to solitude, the search for that quiet whereBethlehem, 113:right and wrong, pleasure and pain, the urge and the drag, the soul and the personality, Christ andBethlehem, 116:equally unimportant. It is the general lifelong urge to divinity which is on trial. To the man whoBethlehem, 147:40, 51, 42. Under the impact of the evolutionary urge God moves towards fuller recognition.Bethlehem, 162:in all forms which constitutes the evolutionary urge. It is the Christ life which makes theBethlehem, 239:in every human heart, the guarantee of, and the urge towards divinity, which humanity so constantlyBethlehem, 251:First, as that livingness which we call the urge to evolution, the impulse to progress, to pushBethlehem, 276:tenacity of self-preservation and the creative urge to self-perpetuation. Perhaps these two areDestiny, 94:or personality selfishness, but the innate urge to betterment will inevitably triumph. Destiny, 109:to all who have any sense of true values and an urge to meet the world's need. Destiny, 141:Who will later come and express the Shamballa urge to synthesis, the hierarchical aspirationDestiny, 146:Lion begins to roar. He rushes forth and, in his urge to live, he wields destruction. And thenDiscipleship1, 16:and - tiresome as the reiteration may be - I urge upon you the cultivation of these qualities. IDiscipleship1, 20:by humanity since 185o. Through the driving [20] urge of men themselves, a new realm and a newDiscipleship1, 115:do most certainly seek always to act under the urge and the inspiration of your own soul. You workDiscipleship1, 116:thought which comes to you from my heart is to urge you to remember that chelaship (discipleship)Discipleship1, 121:you to a greater oriented reaction to the urge of your soul and thus draw away from you the twoDiscipleship1, 128:one of your strongest mental urges, and such an urge may not be disregarded. Entering this group isDiscipleship1, 147:done in spite of all hindrances and because the urge to give these ideas to the world will surmountDiscipleship1, 166:It is not my intention, therefore, to urge you to a greater activity but to a greater organizationDiscipleship1, 166:seeking to aid in our work and to this task I urge you and all associated with me. The walls ofDiscipleship1, 167:need, the comradeship of service rendered, the urge to sacrifice - teach these to those who seek toDiscipleship1, 183:Stimulate you to such an extent that the inner urge to express the spiritual reality (which is yourDiscipleship1, 278:to think things through, and your strong inner urge to be left free to work out the concept of thisDiscipleship1, 323:the following words, as oft as you feel the urge and when you choose: "The strength I touch and am,Discipleship1, 366:things about which I wish to speak to you. I urge you from my heart (which enfolds you in itsDiscipleship1, 393:detached and unafraid. I cannot too strongly urge this detachment on you and beg you to liveDiscipleship1, 395:and with fatigue, plus an equally constant urge to serve and to help, constitute no simple problem.Discipleship1, 431:my studies? [431] Does my soul lie behind this urge or pressure towards indifference which isDiscipleship1, 476:you would seek each day to use it to the full. I urge not the writing down of morbid thoughts andDiscipleship1, 476:and self-centered ideas and aspirations. I urge you, however, to register in writing the fleetingDiscipleship1, 480:I can and do commend you and, in commending, urge you to proceed with the task of purification andDiscipleship1, 483:the hall mark of the soul. One thing I would urge upon you: Follow with great diligence the keepingDiscipleship1, 485:now can be trusted. With that thought in mind I urge you to go forward. Only one other suggestionDiscipleship1, 506:give. No greater gift can be yours - the driving urge to give selflessly with no motive but that ofDiscipleship1, 508:(no wild and unconditioned fear, no suspicion or urge to investigate) permit you to break into theDiscipleship1, 522:Stand in your garden but when there comes the urge to venture forth upon an errand of concern, ofDiscipleship1, 550:body, and both of you - being swept by the urge to serve - have much to endure in the cultivationDiscipleship1, 580:and, therefore, with myself has been due to the urge of your soul for contact with a powerfulDiscipleship1, 641:You have much to give, my brother, and I would urge you to give it, and in so doing I would alsoDiscipleship1, 641:you to give it, and in so doing I would also urge you not to become unduly aware of your efficientDiscipleship1, 703:and involving two magnetic factors: A united urge towards group formation upon the mental plane.Discipleship1, 703:its parts expresses this outgoing sacrificial urge, it is not an Ashram. The magnetic pull of theDiscipleship1, 703:tendered and proffered by the group (under the urge to serve) and to indicate the field of service.Discipleship1, 747:with dedication to do it. The driving urge of his life is the need of humanity and his expandingDiscipleship1, 784:good of the whole of humanity to a sentimental urge to love all men in a manner which necessitatedDiscipleship2, 5:integration. I mention this now because I would urge those members who have been selected to workDiscipleship2, 15:great Center of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother onDiscipleship2, 53:obedience or the intelligent response to the urge of the group soul and to the "pull" of theDiscipleship2, 62:to those who are following blindly the inner urge of their souls and who are groping their way (inDiscipleship2, 451:personalities on to action; they require to urge them to achievement and towards freedom fromDiscipleship2, 528:regards himself as only a student. So I would urge you to give up your group for two or three yearsDiscipleship2, 528:and in response to human need. I would also urge upon you a meditation, built around the words:Discipleship2, 584:it naturally engenders. I cannot too strongly urge upon you and upon all your group brothers theDiscipleship2, 611:freed yourself from other claims, I would urge you to look forward with joyful anticipation to aDiscipleship2, 632:- W.D.S. 1. The stage of the "awakening urge." Of this stage, the half-opened eye is the symbol.Discipleship2, 653:with which you are affiliated. Oft I warn and urge disciples to concentrate upon their service andDiscipleship2, 653:I reverse the injunction in your case and urge you to make the Ashram a reality in your life and toDiscipleship2, 657:in its turn, produce wisdom and truth. I do not urge you to cease any of your exoteric activities,Discipleship2, 657:to cease any of your exoteric activities, but I urge you to carry them forward in a spiritualDiscipleship2, 669:of his conscious life experience and when the urge to combat (upon the physical plane) has fadedDiscipleship2, 698:fighting and struggling, sometimes under the urge of your soul and oft under the influence of aDiscipleship2, 723:living, and there abide. I cannot too strongly urge this on you. Fill your life with interestsDiscipleship2, 723:give not time to meditation. It is this constant urge to meditation which is responsible for muchEducation, 21:attribute latent in all forms and is that innate urge or discontent which leads man to struggle and
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