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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - URGE

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Education, 34:the same process, but under the evolutionary urge becomes capable of more than this. He should beEducation, 52:into light." The entire trend of the present urge forward, which can be noted so distinctly in theEducation, 69:them. Bear in mind that under the evolutionary urge such steps are often made without anyEducation, 77:the mind is beginning to function), and by the urge to attract attention - a necessary urge in theEducation, 77:by the urge to attract attention - a necessary urge in the development of self-consciousness, butEducation, 93:in consciousness of the life impulse and the urge to knowledge will lead eventually to a plannedEducation, 108:Ideas are the substance of the evolutionary urge. The fact that there is a hidden control which hasEducation, 113:the poet, the artist and the architect. The urge to discover and to penetrate to the secrets of GodEducation, 133:The emphasis in the future will shift from the urge to produce large families to that of producingEducation, 138:based upon an uncontrolled response to the sex urge and desire, and the unthinking procreation ofExternalisation, 48:of what we are apt to call the evolutionary urge, innate in matter itself. They [49] have painfullyExternalisation, 49:human beings, with an awakening conscience, an urge to betterment, and an embryonic mind of such aExternalisation, 118:when the sons of God who responded to the divine urge to experience, to serve and to sacrifice,Externalisation, 119:grade desire which was not aspiration and the urge to progress, as we know it, but their embryonicExternalisation, 266:human progress. It is in this way that the basic urge to liberation and to freedom has slowly andExternalisation, 337:the point in evolution of the mass of men. I urge you to face the future with strength, to freeExternalisation, 357:which is approaching (under the evolutionary urge of spirit) wherein the part or the point of lifeExternalisation, 393:leaving you to make due application under the urge of your own souls. Externalisation, 406:by desperate need and by the driving urge of the collective soul. These Great Approaches can beExternalisation, 440:This will take some time, but the inner urge is there and subject to stimulation. TheExternalisation, 586:to the task in hand by any soul call or urge; hence they are free to do the intended work. TheFire, 22:need. The inner warmth sufficeth but to feed the urge for FIRE. The Lords of Flame look on; theyFire, 145:Eventually the Indweller of the form feels the urge, or attractive pull, of its Own Self. TheFire, 337:purpose of every self-conscious entity. I would urge the student to bear in mind certain basicFire, 594:progress. Love manifests on each plane as the urge that drives the evolving Monad onwards to itsFire, 668:call love, sex impulse, instinct, or the driving urge and motive which demonstrates later on theFire, 770:therefore not singly but according to group urge, and thus collectively. This is the basis ofFire, 770:karma, and of family karma. The individual urge, which is, of course, a reaction to group urge, isFire, 770:urge, which is, of course, a reaction to group urge, is the result of personal karma. Hence, thoughFire, 771:From the group center, therefore, emanates an urge to renewed activity, and this spreads throughoutFire, 850:of manas and its use, supplants the lower kamic urge. Man weighs and balances, and in the twilightFire, 852:who have to wait for group, and not individual, urge for the fulfilment of cyclic karma on a largeFire, 929:but who are only swept into activity under the urge of circumstance - and they are the bulk of theFire, 1063:life of any atom is offset by a stronger urge, or pull, emanating from the enveloping greaterFire, 1064:the greater center being felt, thus causing an urge within the atom which impels it to move withinFire, 1172:in one aspect as the power, and the stronger urge that a more vital life may have upon the lesser,Fire, 1182:that, The Law of Economy demonstrates as an urge, The Law of Attraction as a pull, The Law ofGlamour, 5:to put before you its three aspects and then to urge upon you the need to submit to that trainingGlamour, 7:opportunity. In the study of symbols, I would urge upon you the necessity always to put beforeGlamour, 91:of that which I have communicated and would urge you to find out in your own practical experienceGlamour, 93:as I sought to draw out your own ideas. I would urge you to follow the group meditation with care.Glamour, 105:be evaded. They determine the nature of the life urge, the trend of the evolutionary unfoldment,Glamour, 109:and at that time unreasoning - realization of an urge to higher living or a tendency to lowerGlamour, 154:own nature apparently and under the lure and the urge of desire for physical plane activity andGlamour, 164:which is approaching (under the evolutionary urge of spirit) wherein the part or the point of lifeGlamour, 256:if I may here speak symbolically. I would urge you to read these last sentences with frequencyHealing, 4:from the desire life of the subject. This urge to be and to have has first of all built, and isHealing, 14:innate quality which expresses itself as the urge to preserve and the urge to perpetuate - both theHealing, 14:expresses itself as the urge to preserve and the urge to perpetuate - both the present form and theHealing, 63:plus a constant insatiable physical and sexual urge. Imitative homosexuality. A number of personsHealing, 89:inherent in the use and the misuse of the sex urge. Instead of man being governed by the cyclicHealing, 124:usually withdraws or approaches according to the urge of his soul or of his personality - probablyHealing, 180:a powerful impulse towards fusion, and this urge to blend we call sex. Sex is, in reality, theHealing, 180:of mysticism, which is the name we give to the urge to union with the divine. Like all else thatHealing, 180:a divine idea and prostituted an immaterial urge to material desire. We have reversed the directionHealing, 187:and feeding the physical life and the creative urge. To the heart center, providing the impulse toHealing, 222:brought about and it cannot be avoided. The urge to mate becomes peculiarly strong when men areHealing, 227:will be largely responsive to that particular urge. Secondly, each physical body carries withinHealing, 249:or non-responsive to the planetary pull and urge towards reabsorption requires the expenditure ofHealing, 295:called; this distress produces the evolutionary urge and is itself the cause of manifestation,Healing, 393:by the example of the Christ and the inner urge of our own souls. This teaching anent hell is aHealing, 404:consideration. Man reincarnates under no time urge. He incarnates under the demands of karmicHealing, 437:process of wishful thinking, a hypothesis or an urge. It is realized as an innate necessity and asHealing, 452:form disintegration is the great evolutionary urge. - Pages 137-138. When the cause, desire, hasHealing, 556:healed. The healer who responds to the inner urge to heal will face, as you can see, a very severeHealing, 563:and is not simply a transmutation of the sex urge into some form of creative thinking which simplyHealing, 565:This law states that because man is divine, the urge to divinity produces resistance in theHealing, 567:- a striving enforced as an evolutionary urge because they are souls and under the influence of theHealing, 568:the unattainable; he is constantly aware of an urge to betterment. These urges are not related toHealing, 589:in due time and under the evolutionary urge, a close fusion [590] or at-one-ment. The abstract mindHealing, 641:of reabsorption has arrived. Return to me." The urge to return is at present the dominant note inHercules, 3:of the revolt against organized religion, the urge towards spiritual realities has never been soHercules, 12:in all fields that within all forms there is an urge to intelligent expression, and a certainHercules, 13:The human being, hitherto swept along on the urge of the evolutionary tide, and governed by desireHercules, 21:faced this one divine truth and felt the mighty urge of the One Life. Henceforth he strives to makeHercules, 32:this sign. There is, as we have seen, the urge to begin. This may express itself simply as the urgeHercules, 32:to begin. This may express itself simply as the urge to take form, to become involved in matter; orHercules, 32:may reverse the process and focus itself in the urge to achieve liberation from form, and theHercules, 32:from the prison of the form nature. Then this urge is followed by the consequent urge to create,Hercules, 32:Then this urge is followed by the consequent urge to create, that activity of the Deity whichHercules, 33:cycle of the universe. It may be likewise the urge to individual creation, of the soul to take aHercules, 33:angels". The sons of God, impelled by this basic urge, fell from their high estate, took form, andHercules, 33:upon round of the Zodiac. Thirdly, we find the urge to resurrection. In Aries, which has seen theHercules, 33:the creative work, there begins to be felt the urge to achieve freedom from the form, to roll awayHercules, 34:Vishnu or Christ embodies the two urges, the urge to create and build form and the urge toHercules, 34:urges, the urge to create and build form and the urge to liberation, or resurrection out of form.Hercules, 34:or resurrection out of form. It is under this urge to liberation that Hercules starts upon hisHercules, 40:the Holy Place. "Within myself I felt the urge and sought my Teacher. Told by the great PresidingHercules, 42:Sex, desire, attraction, the instinctive urge to creation, the pull of the soul, the urge toHercules, 42:urge to creation, the pull of the soul, the urge to divinity, desire of the male for the female,Hercules, 74:and become invincible. Most solemnly, I would urge upon all aspirants to forego all interest inHercules, 88:the labor of this sign, is subjected to the urge to lift himself up out of the mass to which he isHercules, 90:All that is to be found is a deep inner urge and discontent which gradually becomes so strong thatHercules, 92:intellect and intuition, and driven by the urge of the Christ life, he again merges himself withHercules, 147:spiritual convictions or ethical principles. The urge to accumulate wealth is insatiable. No matterHercules, 147:finds himself richer than he was before. The urge to acquire material goods may some day beHercules, 178:stand wide." This is the key to the evolutionary urge and the secret of rebirth. (The Tibetan).Hercules, 184:soul, the consciousness aspect, that universal urge in each of us that puts us en rapport with God,Hercules, 205:organized, or ecclesiastical religion, the urge towards the spiritual realities has never been moreHercules, 214:Leo, A fire sign (individual awareness; urge toward self-knowledge; eventual self-mastery
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