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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - URGING

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Bethlehem, 114:question of personality as follows: "What I am urging is rather that our true personality lies inDiscipleship1, 402:gave you, as it ever does, a spirit of conflict, urging you forward to fresh victories in the causeDiscipleship1, 440:my brother? Will you cease from the constant urging desire to be of greater outer usefulness? TheDiscipleship2, 564:hands. I would have you remember that I am not urging upon you a too intensive pushing forward, forFire, 1265:solar system, desire for cosmic manifestation urging Him on. This esoteric group remains with theHercules, 40:on its back. Around him stood the Sisters seven, urging him on his way and, in the shining light,Hercules, 40:riding through the waves." Hercules nearer drew, urging the sacred bull upon the Way, throwing theHercules, 96:voice, aye, many voices, telling you of need and urging you to venture forth. The people of NemeaIntellect, 152:He was not speaking symbolically at all, but was urging upon them the necessity of arriving at aMagic, 115:you so prefer, but it is love causing motion and urging onward to completion. It is the driving ofPsychology1, 206:of the morrow. Rajas is fiery, impatient, ever urging to action. These contrasting forces in the
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