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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - USEFULNESS

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Astrology, 86:the new astrology is worked out into practical usefulness and eventually substituted for that nowAstrology, 99:fate. Esoteric astrology indicates his group usefulness and the scope of his potentialAstrology, 115:scale and is only achieving some measure of usefulness in the initiate of the third degree. ThisAstrology, 149:the light of the present. Hence, the subjective usefulness of the present general trend towardsAstrology, 234:and desirable. This is of itself of a basic usefulness and thereby they learn; for all actionAstrology, 238:A cursory handling of the problem is of no real usefulness. In this transition period through whichAstrology, 238:will be centralized for the purpose of world usefulness, and in this process legislation forAstrology, 249:Saturn for humanity can reach a point of group usefulness, for it is only now that humanity hasAstrology, 277:inorganic substance) into activity and into usefulness to the positive Christ life, which is theAstrology, 323:and of the emotional-astral body. The supreme usefulness of these aspects will be grasped if youAstrology, 327:does - the possibility of clarification and the usefulness of classifying and isolating groupAstrology, 442:world in agony and a world distressed? The major usefulness of this imparted information which willAstrology, 443:as may be possible. That means a gradual future usefulness for the knowledge of the underlyingAstrology, 485:scale, producing group activity and that living usefulness which is the hallmark of the pledgedAstrology, 498:astrology will still persist and prove its usefulness where the average man is in question, focusedAstrology, 498:new meditations can form a potent source of usefulness in "brightening the web of life" and inAtom, 116:Nothing therefore that we do to increase our usefulness in the world, no steps that we take toAutobiography, 2:and material) into an ever widening field of usefulness. I want to show that in each cycle ofAutobiography, 36:and get some measure of self-control. My future usefulness to Him and to the world was dependentAutobiography, 101:patient endurance - come through to a measure of usefulness that would otherwise be impossible, andAutobiography, 102:it. All these factors have a right and sound usefulness but all can be equally well misused.Autobiography, 133:life to attain a measure of surety and usefulness, it will be at that age. Numerologists wouldAutobiography, 146:that inheritance towards a future of wonder and usefulness and beauty unparalleled. The sameAutobiography, 187:modern educational system and pointing out its usefulness for the mass. It went on, however, toAutobiography, 212:out of His Ashram and I moved on into greater usefulness in His Ashram and, consequently, in theAutobiography, 250:is now entering into a new cycle of growth and usefulness - along with the whole of humanity - andAutobiography, 266:of the future will move forward to increased usefulness, to vital reconstruction and to greaterAutobiography, 271:which he is affiliated will be the strength and usefulness of the group with which he works. LittleAutobiography, 276:will swing into rhythmic activity and consequent usefulness. All this will, however, happen becauseAutobiography, 300:her through the years in bringing it into living usefulness and keeping it true to the vision.Bethlehem, 130:with no loss of personal prestige, usefulness or sense of identity. It is not enforced or demandedBethlehem, 273:not. The question of motive, purpose and group usefulness will determine the spiritual nature of anDestiny, 4:proof and of general as well as particular usefulness. Too much is written at this time which willDestiny, 14:reaction to this force and their consequent usefulness to the Lord of the World as He works out HisDestiny, 88:by Aquarius, is potent for future power and usefulness. The capital city, Washington, is ruled byDestiny, 148:to the material values, then it has served its usefulness and must [149] pass away, and this in theDiscipleship1, 7:rapidly along the Path and arrive at greater usefulness to your fellowmen. There is not theDiscipleship1, 47:the training which will make greatly increased usefulness possible. I have stated that the firstDiscipleship1, 56:need not necessarily impair in any way his usefulness. With many people, physical conditions impairDiscipleship1, 73:and the practical. Then the period of group usefulness will arrive. This will naturally depend uponDiscipleship1, 116:and the thing which would arouse that center to usefulness lies - for you - in the power toDiscipleship1, 116:nature and increase your magnetic and spiritual usefulness lies in the unfoldment of the creativeDiscipleship1, 118:time and place - of as real value, purpose and usefulness as the mind. It serves to relate theDiscipleship1, 122:I would have you develop into still greater usefulness through the awakening of the heart centerDiscipleship1, 127:response, thereby greatly increasing your usefulness but also increasing for you the "dire pain ofDiscipleship1, 132:means that your soul can reach expression and usefulness along two channels. You have, therefore,Discipleship1, 142:there should be a center at X of international usefulness is of real value and can be materializedDiscipleship1, 158:the middle way. You have a sphere of potent usefulness within my group. You give stability andDiscipleship1, 160:is for you also an opening door of increased usefulness. Cultivate love for your fellowmen orDiscipleship1, 182:as you serve within your particular sphere of usefulness. Be not discouraged (which is an aspect ofDiscipleship1, 185:communication, group interplay, and potent usefulness. As an exercise to foster this desirableDiscipleship1, 189:power of yours must be developed and brought to usefulness. Some people heal those afflicted withDiscipleship1, 190:main difficulty and the main hindrance to your usefulness lies in the over-activity of your mind;Discipleship1, 192:in a year's time will greatly increase your usefulness in service. Secondly, I want you to layDiscipleship1, 199:my capacity for service and my increased usefulness upon the Path? Is my progress upon the Path ofDiscipleship1, 210:seek to make. From a work and life of much outer usefulness, you pass now for the remainder of yourDiscipleship1, 211:and this in no way [211] will mitigate your usefulness which should increase as the years go by.Discipleship1, 211:some work which can with advantage - prove of usefulness to your fellowmen but the time is not yet.Discipleship1, 229:where you can be of much service to others. Your usefulness depends upon your ability to achieve aDiscipleship1, 235:that you get out of this opportunity its utmost usefulness. You may well imagine, brother of mine,Discipleship1, 242:faults which stand in the way of the general usefulness. My brother, for long you have occupied theDiscipleship1, 243:have prepared you for changes and for increased usefulness in service. That your will is directedDiscipleship1, 258:but I have enumerated those of the greatest usefulness to you. I would remind you that the fourthDiscipleship1, 265:me your hand and tread the Path with me." Your usefulness to my group is that of emotional poise.Discipleship1, 276:of yourself in order to advance towards greater usefulness. Some of this knowledge has come to youDiscipleship1, 280:February 1934 MY BROTHER: The question as to the usefulness of this particular group work has beenDiscipleship1, 280:yourself, however, at times: "Of what specific usefulness am I, as an individual, in the teacher'sDiscipleship1, 280:from the purely unselfish motive of group usefulness, remembering that the blending of the mind andDiscipleship1, 280:Your first ray personality can intensify the usefulness of this conjunction, just in so far as youDiscipleship1, 281:then power can be conferred, and definite usefulness be the result. You might ask here, and rightlyDiscipleship1, 281:and discipline or ordered habit is of real usefulness to you. This must be applied not so much fromDiscipleship1, 281:by you, you will enter into a greatly increased usefulness. In this there has already been realDiscipleship1, 282:in ever fuller measure. Much of your usefulness to this group has been unrecognized by you as itDiscipleship1, 286:love, and help her break through into greater usefulness. In closing I say to you: Stand steadilyDiscipleship1, 294:in the spiritual sense. This would increase your usefulness in service and supply a need. It isDiscipleship1, 312:of that aid, and thereby achieve that magnetic usefulness which will greatly increase your power toDiscipleship1, 314:familiar scenes behind and negating his outer usefulness. He remains where he is, continuing withDiscipleship1, 322:vital thing stands in the way of a life of utter usefulness and that is the sixth ray quality ofDiscipleship1, 323:which must be understood by you if your full usefulness in my work is to be reached. FollowDiscipleship1, 324:They are of as real value and of as true usefulness as e'en those hours when the technique of theDiscipleship1, 324:The dynamic quality of your aspiration towards usefulness in service indicates energies which haveDiscipleship1, 326:of these qualities will extend your sphere of usefulness for there will be nothing, eventually, inDiscipleship1, 335:occult law but I have indicated sufficiently the usefulness of your statement. I am giving you noDiscipleship1, 343:shine upon your way, and lead you to increased usefulness is the wish of your friend and co-worker,Discipleship1, 349:for the soul, and is a group asset and of major usefulness. Earlier, I gave you some seed thoughtsDiscipleship1, 349:can be shifted into another category of usefulness and serve as a technique for the development ofDiscipleship1, 352:of healing but should refuse to impair their usefulness by any personality conversation or exchangeDiscipleship1, 355:a word for you as you enter on a period of wide usefulness and increased service. You know wellDiscipleship1, 360:your inner knowledge far outstrips your outer usefulness. It grows out of your intelligentDiscipleship1, 364:injunctions to you hold good and your future usefulness in the coming spiritual expansion isDiscipleship1, 378:of my words will greatly facilitate your usefulness and your power to bring a response of love andDiscipleship1, 382:for disciples whose hearts are awakened to group usefulness and to the place an individual mind canDiscipleship1, 386:perhaps ask in this connection: What is my main usefulness to this group of disciples, should IDiscipleship1, 386:in terms which are somewhat unusual. Your main usefulness consists in the potency of your aura -Discipleship1, 386:Ponder on this, my brother, for your field of usefulness will grow as you detach yourself fromDiscipleship1, 394:and held back by physical liability; their usefulness is apparently curtailed through financialDiscipleship1, 399:that it will intensify my capacity for increased usefulness in service and thus speed my progressDiscipleship1, 418:train the disciple. The deeper the capacity for usefulness and the deeper the inner conservation,Discipleship1, 421:to proffer fuller service and emerge into fuller usefulness; or you can continue marking time -Discipleship1, 422:objectives, militates somewhat against their usefulness. Joy and tranquility are the two words that
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