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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - USER

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Fire, 449:in no good to the insufficiently instructed user), some one or other of which is specially adaptedGlamour, 262:and is essentially at all times the Observer and User of the apparatus of manifestation. What isHercules, 32:ways, dependent upon whether the divine user has focused his attention upon form-taking, or uponMagic, 180:I might so call it, - an intermingling when the user and the used alternate or supplement, asMagic, 338:can contact the outer world. When the "I", the user of the mechanism, can do this he becomes awareMagic, 338:and that is that not only is he a generator and user of energy, and the director of a quota ofMagic, 340:a usable structure and ready for the divine user. In the course of the next few decades the fact ofMagic, 421:and effort to resist change. They put the user on the defensive. Every class of human beings is aPatanjali, 15:the senses, each sense, when in use, putting its user into contact with a distinct range ofPsychology2, 353:world. Power selfishly used exhausts its user and evokes a display of power antagonistic to him; heRays, 126:conveys a wrong impression. By so doing, the user of the language discovers eventually his
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