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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - USES

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Astrology, 145:concentrates his purpose, learns the lessons and uses of selfishness (for that is one of the bestAstrology, 146:He is held by none of the pairs of opposites but uses them both for spiritual ends. He is hinderedAstrology, 307:by spiritual intent and able to perceive the uses of inherent sensitivity; he must also be aAstrology, 323:The Cancerian subject becomes responsive to the uses of conflict (Mars), to the functioning of theAstrology, 338:and arrives finally at the point where he uses his environment for purely individual ends. HeAstrology, 342:and Jupiter to these decanates. The mind, the uses of conflict and form life are the contributingAstrology, 380:matter, form or concrete expression to divine uses and purposes, and thus demonstrates the triumphAtom, 97:the tenant of the bodies, and the one who uses them during the cycle of evolution. We saw that heAtom, 108:the life within the form, and the form which it uses, between the knower and that which is known.Atom, 146:and the Christian speaks of God, and the Hindu uses terms analogous to the 'I am that I am,' or theAutobiography, 80:unthinking Fundamentalist, for no Fundamentalist uses his mind. I had many [81] arguments withAutobiography, 179:of prayer. I believe that the true occultist uses prayer and meditation interchangeably accordingAutobiography, 293:in the world to apply money to truly spiritual uses. Much has been done to apply money toBethlehem, 121:life and at a special time, illness has its uses and may be a profoundly desirable blessing.Bethlehem, 216:causes suffering. But suffering [216] has its uses, as Christ knew. In His Person He was not onlyDiscipleship1, XIV:the Tibetan usually speaks of the soul, he also uses the word "ego" interchangeably, meaningDiscipleship1, 59:indifference which accepts all that is offered, uses what is serviceable, learns what can be learntDiscipleship1, 118:of reality with its definite and specific uses. These questions which I have imposed upon yourDiscipleship1, 299:this word in the sense in which the Catholic uses it) of a group. One's own point of view, one'sDiscipleship1, 317:whose dharma it is to dissipate world glamor, uses the following expressions: "They come and stand.Discipleship1, 353:reliable. The true healer also correlates and uses all the various branches of the healing art -Discipleship1, 385:particular type of meditation to me? Two main uses, my brother. First, it trains you in the use ofDiscipleship1, 387:use or purpose of this meditation. The other two uses, I indicated in my last instruction. Discipleship1, 492:and from whom you are not wrenched by the cruel uses of war; you have a life task wherein you canDiscipleship1, 510:you and flood your life; may you realize the uses of joy and of caring nothing about the separatedDiscipleship1, 551:a few years to live. In his last instruction he uses the phrase "where'er you live that life." K.Discipleship1, 585:with the desired vibration. One of the main uses of group work is the effect of group vibrationDiscipleship1, 677:utter perfection the building of the Temple. The uses of pain are many, and they lead the humanDiscipleship1, 760:of the seven ray qualities. He has to learn the uses of distinction and of synthesis. Herein lies aDiscipleship1, 761:make clear at this point that the Master never uses a disciple's centers as distributing agenciesDiscipleship2, 20:some clear and definite instructions anent the uses of the etheric body. This vehicle of vitalityDiscipleship2, 71:Divine Intervention which isolates the few and uses their organism to fuse and free the energies ofDiscipleship2, 188:the trained disciple or the aspirant in training uses it, he will assume the attitude of meditationDiscipleship2, 188:not a correct one. The true position is that he uses both at will and at need. In connection withDiscipleship2, 247:into a Master's group, and it has two uses - if I might so [248] express it from your particularDiscipleship2, 284:you know what philosophy is! To the initiate who uses this formula, creating the necessary soundsDiscipleship2, 290:"the eye of buddhi." This directing agent uses the left eye as the instrument for the distributionDiscipleship2, 293:in varying degrees of availability. Later, man uses the "eye of the soul," as we have noted above;Discipleship2, 373:If I say to you that the initiated disciple uses the ajna center, I am only stating a partial [374]Discipleship2, 536:of the soul as it defines itself astrally and uses the astral body as a medium of expression.Discipleship2, 580:to educate people in the nature of light and its uses, or even to bring them to an understanding ofDiscipleship2, 626:all aspects or externalizations which the soul uses and through which it expresses itself areDiscipleship2, 633:social contacts and his social relationships - uses every and any method to penetrate into thoseDiscipleship2, 638:no new disciplines are applied; but the disciple uses all that he has in the service of the Ashram,Education, 17:which can use the mind, as the mind in its turn uses the physical brain, is overlooked. One of theEducation, 18:blood stream, for "the blood is the life," and uses the heart as its central organ; whilst theEducation, 19:organ; whilst the consciousness principle [19] uses the nervous system as its instrument, with theEducation, 31:higher union with that triple Reality which uses the soul as its medium of expression, just as theEducation, 66:the meaning of any specific problem, he uses it as an invitation to penetrate more deeply into theEducation, 67:contacted; hence their redemption. Esotericism uses the forces of the third aspect (that ofEducation, 92:life or spirit aspect, anchored in the heart. It uses the blood stream, as is well known, as itsExternalisation, 52:the factual reality of the soul and wise in the uses of the forces of the soul and of nature, willExternalisation, 60:money has been steadily deflected from personal uses, both in the good and in the evil sense. I doExternalisation, 122:beautiful and wonderful things which the child uses and enjoys but which he does not understand inExternalisation, 155:will be the intelligent recognition of the uses of pain and suffering. It is this truth - distortedExternalisation, 180:the defenceless. The material means, which evil uses for selfish ends, can also be employed forExternalisation, 199:events, except in so far as a greater power uses them. Again, there are peoples and tribes whoExternalisation, 418:minds through right meditation, who know the uses of sound, of formulas and of invocation, and whoExternalisation, 479:appeal is potent enough to reach Him. He uses all possible channels whereby the consciousness ofExternalisation, 548:its potency is predominantly etheric. Its uses are twofold at this time: As the forerunner of thatExternalisation, 569:hearing and sight, as you understand [569] their uses, are not involved. The science of impression,Fire, 287:in the manner which a man does. The [287] animal uses the solar plexus in the same way that a manFire, 287:uses the solar plexus in the same way that a man uses the brain; it is the organ of instinct. AllFire, 320:plane light, has a close connection with, and uses, as a medium, the second ether. That soundFire, 321:of electricity: [ 321] For mechanical uses, For transportation, For illumination, In healing, areFire, 326:as follows: It is the ether which the violet ray uses as a medium. The fourth ether is that whereofFire, 356:made up of matter which is applied to different uses, yet which forms a unit. In this unit thereFire, 426:air, or to reduce electrical phenomena to the uses of man; To build forms, and create machines toFire, 684:plane as the self-conscious principles; buddhi uses manas as a vehicle, and occult writers oftenFire, 786:in building His system, and as a planetary Logos uses in constructing His scheme. A man speaks, andFire, 819:of energy and vitality proceeds steadily. Spirit uses the Soul, or the Ego, as a vehicle ofFire, 819:Ego, as a vehicle of enlightenment, and the Ego uses the lower Quaternary as its medium ofFire, 871:of Learning the disciple becomes aware of, and uses the energy of, the second aspect inFire, 881:system. Love is the right apprehension of the uses and purposes of form, and of the energiesFire, 928:They depend too upon the capacity of the man who uses them to visualize and to will the desiredFire, 986:for the building force, and the triangle he uses in this work is The center in the head whichFire, 986:symbol the inverted 5-pointed star. White magic uses the same symbol with the point uppermost.Fire, 987:higher levels of cosmic evil, who use him as he uses his inferior cooperators, that is, he worksFire, 988:the higher three centers. The black magician uses the energy of the lower three centers (the organsFire, 988:to the throat center. The white magician uses the kundalini force as it is transmitted via theFire, 988:the central spinal channel. The black magician uses the inferior channels, dividing the fourfoldFire, 1050:of every sheath or form which the divine Pilgrim uses. The united active motion produced by theFire, 1112:the Heavenly Man or planetary Logos, and which uses the "Jewel in the Lotus" as its focal point. InFire, 1158:himself as the Ego, the Thinker, the One who uses the form. Finally, energy from the Monad beginsFire, 1161:Logoi to the solar Logos. A solar Logos uses for His energy centers the planetary schemes, each ofFire, 1180:governs the relation of all forms to that which uses the form, and of all lives to each other. Glamour, xi:and, consequently, that the average human being uses only a small part of his equipment. The areaGlamour, 90:is typified in the vegetable kingdom with its uses and beauty. The manifestation of the Christ.Glamour, 150:whose dharma it is to dissipate world glamor, uses the following illuminating sentences: "They comeGlamour, 194:steps towards the comprehension of light and its uses. They must however be careful not to confuseGlamour, 213:much upon the nature of thought and its uses, and must be aware of the light within. When theseHealing, 13:time consists in: His inability to see the true uses of pain. His resentment at suffering. HisHealing, 14:spirit and the imprisoning form. This fight uses for its method that innate quality which expressesHealing, 106:the blood and the nerves, for the life force uses the blood stream and psychic force works throughHealing, 321:the medium of the life force which, in its turn, uses the heart and the blood stream as its agentsHealing, 321:In the same way, the energy of consciousness uses the nervous system and the brain as itsHealing, 333:point in evolution reached: Low-grade humanity uses the solar plexus as the point where the basicHealing, 404:usually have no sense of time. The initiate uses the time factor in his relations and his dealingsHealing, 488:now non-existent. The kama-manasic individual uses two techniques. This would naturally be soHealing, 499:and supplements the process. The disciple now uses more occult methods, but upon these I may not
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