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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - USHER

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Astrology, 149:which is the union of heart and mind, will usher in the long hoped for era of love-wisdom, ofAstrology, 523:the old order of selfishness and aggression and usher in the new order of world understanding,Bethlehem, 168:Christ sounded with clarity the note which can usher in the new civilization and the new order, andBethlehem, 169:us to realize that what Christ really did was to usher in the era of Service, even if we are onlyDestiny, 45:ideas on the other. These new concepts should usher in the New Age and will eventuallyDestiny, 98:the old order of selfishness and aggression and usher in the new order of world understanding,Discipleship1, 19:into a dynamic, self-conscious, creative agency. Usher in a period of spiritual unfoldment in everyDiscipleship1, 32:the guidance of the Christ himself. This will usher in the New Age wherein five kingdoms in natureDiscipleship2, 436:eventually reveals those brighter lights which usher in the process of revelation. I am, myExternalisation, 4:in the human consciousness. Whilst it will usher in the age of understanding, of brotherhood and ofExternalisation, 256:which is the true destiny of humanity and will usher in the new era of joy and of peace andExternalisation, 277:be done to end the present rule of terror and so usher in the new rule of peace. Peace is not theExternalisation, 281:bring its own peculiar difficulties - usher in the new world, with all that is entailed in thatExternalisation, 470:stage will be set for those processes which will usher in an era of relative tranquility; thus theExternalisation, 482:Age. The Forces of Reconstruction. These will usher in an era of pronounced creative activity andExternalisation, 497:- as time goes on - this liberated energy will usher in the new civilization, the new and betterFire, 467:branch race of the sixth subrace. This will usher in the infant sixth root-race. The devas of theHealingframe, cause endless suffering and pain, and usher man through the portal which leads to the worldHealing, 610:will see a point of balance reached which will usher in the so-called golden age. Points ofIntellect, 265:economic distress, and chaos? What is going to usher in the New Age of brotherhood and groupMagic, 336:most interesting. These three developments will usher in the new age, will produce in thisMagic, 499:frightened and surely ignorant way in which we usher them out of incarnation. I seek today to openProblems, 93:would completely reverse world politics and usher in an entirely new and more enlightened culturalPsychology1, 74:will inaugurate definitely the New Age, and usher in the period which will go down in history asPsychology1, 281:with its new laws and novel approaches, and so usher in the new religion of love and brotherhood,Psychology2, 61:preceding certain definite experiences which usher the soul into worlds of realization which are soPsychology2, 142:been to charge the thoughts of men and so to usher in that new and better age which will permit thePsychology2, 654:will be constructive and sound, and which, will usher in the deeply desired era of peace andRays, 227:those activities and plans which will usher in and mature that new culture and civilization whichReappearance, 78:of Synthesis with the Christ. Their task is to usher in the New Age; in that New Age, the fiveReappearance, 162:last - to bring cessation to the world fight and usher in the triumph of the good? Why attempt
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