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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - USUALLY

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Discipleship1, 336:of a dominant first ray type. This again is not usually so except in the case of disciples, who areDiscipleship1, 339:the ability to withdraw into the mind. You usually get focused too high in the region of buddhicDiscipleship1, 340:in the glamor which seeks control of you, as is usually the case with the man in the street. It isDiscipleship1, 418:this kind of activity is transpiring, there is usually produced such an intense activity of theDiscipleship1, 500:therefore, are not adhering to the rule which usually governs the choice of the forces isolated inDiscipleship1, 503:of pride holds you in its grip, working out usually as a quick self-defense and constantly erectingDiscipleship1, 512:of all weaknesses is this glamor; it is usually the most false and - even when well founded - isDiscipleship1, 518:spiritual responsibility is, curiously enough, usually the last to be recognized; [519] and actionDiscipleship1, 548:the virtues, characteristics and realizations usually regarded as spiritual. Some day, the sons ofDiscipleship1, 587:person," as the Chinese call it. You will usually find, my brother, that it is easy to gatherDiscipleship1, 609:To this, all sixth ray aspirants are more than usually prone. Will you also forgive my pointing outDiscipleship1, 687:be entirely correct; the neophyte, however, is usually too blind or prejudiced by his ownDiscipleship1, 704:limitation (frequently not the limitations usually registered) and the necessity for breaking theDiscipleship1, 704:of a very varied nature and the Ashram life is usually merely an interesting background for dailyDiscipleship1, 706:work possible? Not many, as yet. Disciples are usually more preoccupied with their desire to helpDiscipleship1, 709:ways of looking at life and people (based usually on tradition and circumstance) when they separateDiscipleship1, 716:enquiry and esoteric [716] investigation and usually is spread over several lives. The aspirant atDiscipleship1, 733:Master's Ashram. [733] The first three are more usually the experience of the probationaryDiscipleship1, 737:The effort of most sincere disciples is usually concentrated upon loving each other and in this (toDiscipleship1, 752:has been written anent the matter. The aura is usually spoken of in terms of color and of light,Discipleship1, 759:first goal and it takes a long time. The force usually dispensed by a disciple, until the channelDiscipleship1, 765:physical mechanism that chronic invalidism (as usually understood) is not possible. This is not theDiscipleship1, 770:promptly and clearly than the above group. They usually receive it through the vision and teachingDiscipleship1, 770:though emphasizing some appropriate aspect. They usually play [771] their part successfully, andDiscipleship1, 779:public. The average psychic and medium is not usually of a high-grade intelligence and A. A. B.Discipleship2, 8:spiritual life, but the group antahkarana is usually still incomplete and the aspect of pureDiscipleship2, 52:head - when seen and [52] recognized - passes usually through three stages of intensification: ItDiscipleship2, 56:as a unit. Realization two: That energies, not usually or normally contacted, can be touched,Discipleship2, 70:initiation I am not preparing disciples. It is usually regarded as essential that disciples who areDiscipleship2, 90:aspiration and the development of a disciple (usually stimulated by some senior disciple) hasDiscipleship2, 107:part of every field of thought and activity) are usually composed of people possessing some basicDiscipleship2, 108:preparatory cyclic era because they refuse - usually quite unconsciously - to form part of anyDiscipleship2, 122:center. That is why people who work creatively usually have first ray personalities at the timeDiscipleship2, 186:by its existence. Such ideas are contacted usually at first in the form of vague perceptions orDiscipleship2, 204:affiliated with the Hierarchy, but who do not usually possess that continuity of consciousnessDiscipleship2, 221:chemists, biologists, physicists, etc., who are usually covered by that term. The organizing,Discipleship2, 221:because theirs will be a massed effect, and usually wielded unconsciously. Under the influence ofDiscipleship2, 236:and the creation of thought-form therein (as usually carried forward by the concrete mind) isDiscipleship2, 263:These reactions are frequently, and I might say usually, unconscious and it is only gradually thatDiscipleship2, 312:and neither [312] is under the Law of Karma, as usually understood. This Law of Destiny has beenDiscipleship2, 318:of truths already presented. There is here usually a close adherence to the esoteric teaching ofDiscipleship2, 318:a linking presentation. Occasionally (usually once in a century after their Conclave at the closeDiscipleship2, 330:within it. Such is seldom the case. There are usually three "cooperating Masters" in every Ashram,Discipleship2, 331:This "sharing" process does not involve what is usually understood as the "sharing of trouble."Discipleship2, 340:to definite progress; it obliterates what is usually understood by Karma; it initiates new andDiscipleship2, 341:search. Such is not the case. A hint is usually quite obvious, and should be; however, its meaning,Discipleship2, 359:choices. This is as far as he can go, and he usually is quite satisfied with the part he has playedDiscipleship2, 361:the two phases of this conditioning. These are usually in two parts; i.e., the destruction of allDiscipleship2, 375:is sometimes called. This force imports into the usually available energies certain conditioningDiscipleship2, 375:be used only by highly trusted disciples, and usually by those only whose rays are the first Ray ofDiscipleship2, 383:of a particular Ashram. Certain of the Masters (usually Masters like myself who have only latelyDiscipleship2, 390:attained for the sake of expediency, and this is usually on the side of the least desirable, theDiscipleship2, 394:and walks no longer in the dark. Aspirants usually bitterly resent the many cycles of darknessDiscipleship2, 411:for the disciple's service. The hint given was usually removed from all context; the disciple hadDiscipleship2, 412:was, however, soul contact, and the hint was usually of a purely personal nature, and was concernedDiscipleship2, 434:the great world religions; by them, its use is usually of a selfish nature and the concept impliedDiscipleship2, 487:disciples there is still contact with people (usually those with whom they have been associated) inDiscipleship2, 515:and upward to the head, not to the heart as is usually the case. Focus the dedicated aspiration andDiscipleship2, 531:harmful in its general effects. Ideals, as usually held, feed pride, lead to stubbornness, andDiscipleship2, 534:by the way of love and by the way of mind, and usually your decisions have been the rationalDiscipleship2, 534:the Masters has oft expressed it - blurred the usually clear lower vision but made decision on aDiscipleship2, 575:staged development in the way of white magic. Usually among the ignorant, the centers are firstDiscipleship2, 587:of course, you have in this life reduced the usually obdurate sixth ray tendencies and areDiscipleship2, 602:soul expression physically would aid you. It is usually only in the brain (not in the mind) thatDiscipleship2, 607:has to learn is the lesson of limitations? Usually this lesson climaxes in some one incarnationDiscipleship2, 628:any ground. This is a thing rate indeed. Usually during these basic life changes, and duringDiscipleship2, 628:and of ground. It is seldom permanent but it usually exists for a short time until the newDiscipleship2, 633:an ashramic worker. You have a phrase which is usually employed in a derogatory sense of "socialDiscipleship2, 644:the distinctive nature of his life service. This usually takes place between the ages ofDiscipleship2, 644:place between the ages of twenty-five and forty, usually around the age of thirty-five. I refer notDiscipleship2, 644:second crisis is the crisis of expression. This usually comes towards the later years of aDiscipleship2, 668:nature, as might have been expected. They are usually on the wisdom aspect of the second ray andDiscipleship2, 709:of true love in your nature. You earnestly, and usually successfully, do your duty to all you meet,Discipleship2, 709:you would endeavor to do right by him and you usually succeed in so doing, with the exception ofDiscipleship2, 753:my words may not be the right one in all cases. Usually the integration of the spiritual life andDiscipleship2, 761:initiation is often taken (I might say it is usually taken) after passing the milestone of [762]Education, 37:as a material means of producing changes, usually in deficient children and morons. Nevertheless,Education, 39:general level of world information is high but usually biased, influenced either by national orEducation, 45:national prides? The first historical date usually remembered by the average British child isEducation, 56:regularly and in order. Premature happenings are usually disastrous. All this concerns the culturalEducation, 64:on those levels which lie outside the territory usually called nature. Students are apt to forgetEducation, 75:An orientation has been effected, an attitude (usually defensive, and therefore inhibiting) hasEducation, 85:of the child and not primarily - as is now usually the case - with the training of the memory andEducation, 100:only a favored few, but leading up gradually (usually via religious organizations) to that massEducation, 105:slangfully call "a good time." This good time is usually had at the expense of others, and takesEducation, 108:facts, though these facts may be more usually considered facts by esotericists than by the world inEducation, 113:I use this term in a far wider sense than is usually the case, and would have you regard thisEducation, 120:feeble hope that some reward (in a desirable and usually material form, such as the heaven of theExternalisation, 16:and that, and of this method being right (usually their own) and the other method which may beExternalisation, 27:are not the result of desire, as the term is usually understood, for they are founded basically onExternalisation, 43:even if not realizing it, and even if (as is usually the case) of good intention. There are threeExternalisation, 53:into three parts: Rule by a monarchy, limited usually today by the will of the people, or rather byExternalisation, 53:by the leader of some democratic country, who is usually called a president, or by some statesmanExternalisation, 53:capacity, made by a fair-minded neutral, will usually demonstrate the fact that they held officeExternalisation, 53:recognized present idealism. They are not usually reactionary nor are they found among theExternalisation, 63:accidents to individuals are the [63] result, usually, of an explosion of force and that theseExternalisation, 99:the future groups; it is not love, however, as usually understood, or wisdom as man generallyExternalisation, 137:Christ and Antichrist but not as those who usually employ those phrases understand them. No oneExternalisation, 144:understanding of their import and purpose and is usually so focused in his emotional, aspirational,Externalisation, 151:of true and real effectiveness. It may be, and usually is, untinged by much mental activity or
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