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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - USUALLY

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Externalisation, 179:Such people, fighting the existent fact of war, usually do little or nothing concrete to right theExternalisation, 192:of the people as a whole. It is that voice (usually sound in its pronouncements) which must beExternalisation, 277:and intense change is not consonant with what is usually understood as peace. Peace has relation toExternalisation, 277:soporific, and are so at this time. It is usually selfish in purpose, and people long for peaceExternalisation, 277:and has its roots deep in matter. The peace usually desired and discussed concerns material peace,Externalisation, 327:of right ideals, and the educating of the usually unthinking masses (who are, however, todayExternalisation, 344:true love is still only a theory. Love (as we usually interpret it) works out as kindness, but itExternalisation, 344:of those around us, and fulfils itself usually in a desire to carry out our obligations and not toExternalisation, 372:has been preserved intact, their fathers are usually engaged in war work, either at home or abroad,Externalisation, 401:all human beings are in subjective - though usually unknown - relation. The new religion will beExternalisation, 442:and bearing little resemblance to what is usually understood by those words) in the hearts of men.Externalisation, 461:cost to the rest of the world. These people are usually a large majority. Their attitude leadsExternalisation, 571:encouragement. He works frequently alone and usually with little recognition and lacks time for hisExternalisation, 583:intent. This hierarchical intent will usually be unknown to them (though this may not always be theExternalisation, 583:response to ashramic planning. Such cases will usually be the exception and not the rule,Externalisation, 648:became such a clamor that it reached to spheres usually impervious to the sounds of earth; theExternalisation, 674:as the first definitely spiritual plane, in our usually erroneous thought; this direction has beenExternalisation, 683:was practically nil, and where it existed was usually of a strictly military or commercial nature,Externalisation, 694:thinker and they are somewhat rare, being, usually impractical idealists. He is not, however, theFire, 53:which is an emanation from a subtler body (usually the astral), and has to do with theFire, 386:are (correspondence to C on the descending are) usually belongs to the astral plane, and the sixthFire, 477:of Light vibrating through matter. Hence the usually accepted interpretation of the term 'atom'Fire, 482:lines of energy or force, and not with what is usually understood when the word 'substance' isFire, 567:the following lines: In what type of matter do I usually formulate thoughts? What is the psychicFire, 617:are incorporeal and four corporeal. These are usually called the Lunar Pitris or Ancestors and mustFire, 632:only in degree, but in consciousness. Man works usually unconsciously. The Heavenly Men, on cosmicFire, 654:into three [654] main groups, even though usually studied in their dual capacity of involutionaryFire, 663:yet practically in control of the majority. Man usually does as his desires and instincts promptFire, 695:of conscious energy. The Triad, for instance, is usually looked upon by our students as theFire, 726:units from chain to chain). They appear usually twice in the history of a scheme, and though unableFire, 853:which must be supplied and filled. They usually come in from one of two schemes: From the schemeFire, 854:not enumerated in the above triplicity. They are usually only brought in so that they may perfectFire, 861:aware of the inner currents. This takes place usually when the fifth petal is organized. This wholeFire, 886:by the time the second initiation is reached, usually mounted to the center between the shoulderFire, 899:the manipulation of the sixth type of energy usually called devotion. It is Neptunian influenceFire, 979:in his speech he constructs something that is usually not worth while and vitalizes it with theFire, 982:with that great department in occultism which is usually termed magic. The man who masters theFire, 987:to the great general scheme. The black magician usually works in an intensely individualistic way,Fire, 987:or with the aid of subordinates. He brooks usually no known superior, but is neverthelessFire, 1133:permanent atom. Permanent atoms, as the term is usually understood, are the property of those livesFire, 1244:certain of the numerous occult bodies which are (usually unknown to the affiliated group)Glamour, 2:and who have contacted many other people can usually sum up with facility the problems andGlamour, 12:A lack of interest in symbols presupposes usually a lack of interest in the due interpretation ofGlamour, 21:Great Illusion. The Dweller on the Threshold is usually regarded as presenting the final test ofGlamour, 26:than emotional. They have outgrown glamor as usually understood. It is the misunderstanding ofGlamour, 29:result produces the fanatic. The fanatic is usually - even if he realizes it not - a bewilderedGlamour, 31:understanding - very occasional, my brother, and usually entirely absent. Glamor has been likenedGlamour, 39:still held by the varying aspects of glamor, and usually by the secondary glamor and maya. IllusionGlamour, 57:of the mental body itself, which may be, and usually is, different to that of the soul ray. TheseGlamour, 57:Glamor This illusion demonstrates in seven ways usually: 1. Through wrong Perception of an Idea.Glamour, 71:they are so persistent and marked that they are usually recognized as embodying nationalGlamour, 145:each other's hands and feeling runs so strong usually in relation to glamor that it is impossibleGlamour, 178:the Technique of the Presence, but not as it is usually taught and presented. Perhaps I shall makeGlamour, 222:die their own death. Second ray aspirants are usually fully aware of any glamor which may beGlamour, 225:effort carried forward for a long time and usually without any very real conscious understanding.Glamour, 254:many groups simply exploit the unready, [254] usually for commercial gain. Fortunately for the massGlamour, 254:effort, results will be achieved and these will usually be undesirable because the average teacherGlamour, 257:that the average aspirant fails so often. He is usually so intensely preoccupied with the processGlamour, 262:a much stronger and vital thing than what is usually meant when the word is used. It is activeHealing, 39:and upon the capacity to judge each other (usually unkindly) work through from the throat center toHealing, 40:of anatomy and of curative measures which are usually lacking in the average metaphysical healer.Healing, 80:trouble, though the first kind of difficulty is usually more serious than the others. I have hereHealing, 92:life of the individual. These are, naturally and usually, a part of the physical inheritance, andHealing, 96:a directing agent of the life force, you will usually have a condition of good health, and this hasHealing, 111:some may think. Various cultists and healers usually take the position that it is of majorHealing, 118:what he is today. These conditioning factors can usually be traced back to the subconscious by theHealing, 121:These have specific effect upon the heart, but usually of a functional nature only. Organic diseaseHealing, 124:The disciple stands ready; the responsive party usually withdraws or approaches according to theHealing, 132:For this reason, disciples on the fourth ray usually can develop by the power of the intuition anHealing, 181:has naught to do with the kundalini fire - as usually [182] understood. It is not possible for meHealing, 185:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease As usually interpreted by the ignorant esotericist in theHealing, 186:"burn up" all that hinders their radiation. What usually happens in those accidental cases (whichHealing, 207:specific energy to the area diseased. This is usually done via the related gland, though it is notHealing, 208:the nervous system. Here, however, difficulty is usually to be found. There is a lack of adequateHealing, 236:sacral center will be controlled and the energy usually focused there will be expended in creativeHealing, 247:or deterioration of some part of the form usually eventuates and death supervenes. The length ofHealing, 250:are both as true and as false as statistics usually are, and nothing is gained by laboring theseHealing, 257:to the tried and proved methods of help and will usually call in a physician rather than be chargedHealing, 277:"casting" horoscopes (seeking to interpret their usually erroneous conclusions), and placed in theHealing, 312:i.e., predominantly one or the other. They are usually a mixture of all three. You will find itHealing, 316:occur. Such cases are frequently (I might say, usually) regarded by the orthodox psychiatrist andHealing, 317:first and the fourth groupings and is a blend, usually, of the factors descriptive of both. It isHealing, 328:of his life. The average unintelligent healer is usually simply a transmitter of prana itself,Healing, 329:of the healer and also of the patient, and its usually unregulated condition, is too great forHealing, 350:on the outer sphere of life, of coming and usually future soul action. The life span willHealing, 354:in some part of bodily cell structure. This usually occurs where there is a weakness in the ethericHealing, 380:uncertain activities of mankind, the Masters can usually gauge what will occur, but esotericallyHealing, 392:and the morbidness which the subject of death usually evokes, and the unwillingness to face it withHealing, 393:- the fear of hell, the imposition of penalties, usually out of all proportion to the errors of aHealing, 397:or the permanent existence of what we usually mean when we speak of the "I" remains as yet in theHealing, 398:similar intelligent seekers) who engage in the usually questionable techniques of the seance room,Healing, 404:the medium of the interpretive lower mind), usually have no sense of time. The initiate uses theHealing, 457:It must be remembered that the dying person may usually be unconscious. This unconsciousness isHealing, 484:of the imminent disappearance of the outer and usually loved form; due care must also be given toHealing, 489:away" and finally disappears. This takes place usually unconsciously and may require quite a longHealing, 527:aid in the ordinary healing process. These will usually work under the guidance of the spiritualHealing, 538:activities on a realization of a present (though usually unexpressed) divinity. A much higherHealing, 539:serious illness, the condition of the patient is usually such that it is not possible for him toHealing, 539:energy; the activity of his astral body is usually concentrated in the formulation of a greatHealing, 540:in [540] response to soul stimulation. They are usually polarized in one or another of their three
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