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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - USUALLY

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Healing, 543:us, for the sake of clarity, and because people usually read so carelessly, divide this law up intoHealing, 545:Sharing and a sense of general participation has usually to be learnt the hard way - such again isHealing, 554:in the art of energy direction. This he can usually do if not too ill or too preoccupied with theHealing, 560:or by the centers below the diaphragm, will not usually be present - unless (as can be the case inHealing, 579:the form of a strong current of animal vitality, usually from the splenic center and not from anyHealing, 594:above the diaphragm to those below, the man is usually quite unaware of what is going on and isHealing, 597:ray of the physical body. This enumeration will usually prove adequate for all ordinary or averageHealing, 597:general health of all very advanced people is usually good is that pranic energy from the planetHealing, 598:freedom from the plagues and epidemics which usually follow in the wake of war has been partly dueHealing, 616:emphasis. For the average human being, this is usually the astral body, from which astral orHealing, 631:can assuredly be healed. The outstanding thing usually to note is the ignorance of both the patientHealing, 631:examples of energy in motion, and at present usually the only energies employed in every case [632]Healing, 668:plan are to be found in every nation, and are usually of prominence because of their riches andHealing, 675:generally fraudulent healers may claim. There is usually enough psychological evidence, orHealing, 691:is the Form which shatters the connection (the usually despised, belittled, frustrated form is thatHealing, 696:equipped with a powerful second ray vehicle, are usually great healers. The Christ, being theHealing, 697:centered in the astral nature, the healing will usually be most successful if the healer's channelHealing, 707:the seventh. This dynamic first ray energy is usually employed by the trained spiritual healer whenHealing, 711:This is caused frequently by a subtle - though usually unrecognized - sense of superiority withHercules, 6:aspect of astrology which will differ from that usually expressed. We shall trace the story ofHercules, 22:and he becomes destructive, unbalanced and, usually, exceedingly difficult to live with. There isHercules, 52:The word means "single" and the meaning usually given to the word is, to refrain from the marriageHercules, 86:of that which they have built; they are usually over-sensitive, [87] over-emotional, ever seekingHercules, 134:in him the desire to be a peacemaker. He can usually understand both sides of an issue, and thisInitiation, 54:India, and is not one of the Masters who [54] usually takes pupils, for he numbers amongst hisInitiation, 59:Churches everywhere. He is called in the Lodge, usually, "the Count," and in America and EuropeInitiation, 65:be invisible helpers. The invisible helpers are usually recruited from amongst the advanced Egos.Initiation, 66:unit. The major part of this instruction is usually given after the third initiation, but aInitiation, 69:the great devas or angels. These teachings are usually imparted at night in small classes, orInitiation, 84:in any particular direction (people do not usually develop evenly), upon his individual karma, andInitiation, 84:birth of the Christ, the heart center is the one usually vivified, with the aim in view of the moreInitiation, 85:become, so strong that rapid development is usually to be seen. This accounts for the fact thatInitiation, 89:the fourth initiation, or the Crucifixion, is usually one of great sacrifice and suffering. It isInitiation, 94:that the process of initiation, as it is usually understood, is an abnormal and not a normal one.Initiation, 131:heart and the basis of the national character. Usually the chief city of a nation is built upInitiation, 187:quality in the type of the monad settles usually the line of activity. The karma of the fifth rayInitiation, 198:slowly." A process of gradual elimination is usually the path of wisdom, and this eliminatingInitiation, 204:control by the initiate of the sex impulse, as usually understood, and the transference of the fireIntellect, 24:as the imparting of knowledge to a student, and usually to an unwilling student, who receives aIntellect, 36:who see 'things'. We see what we see and usually not beyond what we see. To experience the world asIntellect, 53:[53] separate in nature from the body and usually held to be separable in existence." Webster addsIntellect, 68:adoration and worship have raised him. He is usually quite unable to repeat this initiation atIntellect, 103:the mind, which, in its turn, records it. That usually closes the incident. But, in the case of theIntellect, 121:Behavior ...that our mental activity (which is usually unconscious) can be either subnormal, normalIntellect, 134:call the nervous system. The world in which man usually functions is shut off, yet he preserves atIntellect, 150:figures to whom Dr. Overstreet refers, there has usually been an inability to define or expressIntellect, 169:into the brain, we have two predominant effects, usually. There is a sense or an awareness of aIntellect, 201:of the first effects of the meditation work is usually an increased efficiency in the daily life,Intellect, 224:might be, clothed in some sort of material, usually mental, because we are not yet in a position toIntellect, 227:following of a form in meditation is necessary usually for several years, unless one has hadIntellect, 227:years, unless one has had previous practice, and usually even those who have arrived at the stageIntellect, 240:The power of public opinion (emotional as it usually is, and frequently set in motion by some basicIntellect, 248:they may contain prophecies as to future events (usually dire and dreadful, and seldom, if ever, ofIntellect, 253:for the first world the aspirant contacts seems usually to be the psychic world, and that is theIntellect, 258:across such cases. On investigation, it will usually be found that these students are people whoseIntellect, 260:kind. The eastern teaching tells us that energy, usually directed to the functioning of the sexIntellect, 261:taught to meditate upon some center of energy, usually the solar plexus, sometimes the heart,Magic, 11:bring the plan to perfection. The word "law", as usually understood, conveys the idea of subjectionMagic, 114:a rule for safe guidance always to remember that usually basic principles (for their wiseMagic, 172:only expect to contact their Master once a year, usually at the time of the full moon in May. HeMagic, 179:brain of that which the soul knows. Mediumship usually describes the process when confined entirelyMagic, 243:of development, will cover many lives. They are usually quite extreme in [244] their expression. AMagic, 250:life, the solar plexus, that the life is usually ruled and government administered. When the centerMagic, 251:true to its prototype. If it is not true (as is usually the case in the early stages of the work)Magic, 276:gland" of humanity. As in individual man this is usually dormant and asleep, so, in humanity, thisMagic, 415:is essential, and that inner triplicity, [415] usually dormant in the majority, of soul-mind-brainMagic, 416:South Africa are to be found certain disciples, usually unrecognized by the world at large, who areMagic, 486:matter in geometrical precision, and such a mind usually has the wisdom that refuses to clothe itMagic, 501:they relate whilst in trance and of which they usually remain totally unaware in the wakingMagic, 504:the vital airs in the head of which we are not usually aware and is [505] produced by an innerMagic, 505:awareness of sounds always present but not usually registered. Others will see light as they fallMagic, 505:It must be remembered that the dying person may usually be unconscious. This unconsciousness isMagic, 521:they constitute all forms of life that we usually call subhuman, but these words must be given aMagic, 550:four higher types of spiritual energy which we usually call divine. This relation between theMagic, 579:Study, therefore, the type of force which you usually wield; know along what line of ray energy itMagic, 593:of burning and of pain in the back indicates usually undue activity in a center, which producesMagic, 622:of all attentive disciples. This call to service usually meets with a response, but that responseMeditation, 6:the higher and the lower form a line direct. Usually the emotional body, through violent emotionMeditation, 12:to mystic meditation and aspiration, culminating usually in a life given entirely to it. It marksMeditation, 116:will be found: His family group to which he is usually affiliated for two reasons, one to work outMeditation, 119:and with Whom he may be working. This is usually only the case when the man is rapidly working outMeditation, 124:is prenatal, existing from the earliest moment. Usually the sufferer is physically weak,Meditation, 124:more subject to this than women, as women are usually more definitely polarized in the emotionalMeditation, 131:are the result of karma, for the disciple has usually surmounted a good deal of that type of karmaMeditation, 132:on the [132] emotional or mental levels but is usually on the former. One form employed is to castMeditation, 145:as his intermediate channel. These forms are usually, though not invariably, of two kinds: TheMeditation, 233:or the going out of a ray. In this fourth round usually four rays are in flux at any one givenMeditation, 245:case in the majority of physical ills today, can usually be located and eliminated by judiciousMeditation, 289:part of his meditation form. Then comes a day (usually when astrological conditions are fit and theMeditation, 327:stay will be anywhere from one to five years, usually about three. Their innate knowledge will bePatanjali, 13:the thought conveyed is more technical, and is usually translated as "not painful." Nevertheless,Patanjali, 30:the student's thought away from that which is usually regarded as the object of sensuous perceptionPatanjali, 54:existing in physical plane substance, and as is usually known, it is sounded on the fundamentalPatanjali, 100:here translates purusha as soul, but it is usually translated spirit and refers to the firstPatanjali, 198:energy is acquired. Incontinence is usually regarded as the dissipation of the vitality or thePatanjali, 218:body. Prana is not breath, [218] though it is usually so translated. It is the sum total of thePatanjali, 234:and the embodied spiritual essence (or idea) are usually confused in the mind of the perceiver.. ByPatanjali, 259:than concentration and meditation with seed as usually understood, for it is inevitably succeededPatanjali, 271:and the embodied spiritual essence (or idea) are usually confused in the mind of the perceiver. ByPatanjali, 272:and that which is outward and objective is usually recognized as reality. This is the great maya or
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