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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - USUALLY

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Patanjali, 280:mind of the thinker, not in the sense that is usually understood but in the sense that thought setsPatanjali, 350:here with the indriyas, or senses, which are usually divided by Hindu philosophers into ten insteadProblems, 39:individuals in a nation who are so situated (usually financially) that they can profit from themProblems, 43:national prides? The first historical date usually remembered by the average British child isProblems, 58:of the child and not primarily - as is now usually the case - with the training of the memory andProblems, 86:These racial faults and difficulties are usually frankly ignored by the minority itself and itsProblems, 94:(for the cost is far too great) and are usually transient. They realize that the only true hope isProblems, 98:modern Jew lays no emphasis upon this and has usually no objection to intermarriage with theProblems, 125:reactionary ecclesiastics of all faiths. It is usually the struggling minority (in this case theProblems, 126:a flock of outstanding minds who have sought (usually quite sincerely) to understand what God isProblems, 126:as well as the significance of the symbols, is usually correct, though again, symbolism itself mustProblems, 128:controversial line of [128] presented truths is usually unnecessary or significant only in so farProblems, 128:where controversy emerges, the concept is usually secondary in importance and consists largely ofProblems, 132:there is no unity or cohesion among them, but usually a constant spirit of rejection, a virulentPsychology1, 97:hitherto unknown, are seeing a phenomenal world usually hidden to them, and are generally becomingPsychology1, 224:matter. This is not a scientific treatise, as usually understood, but a study in quality andPsychology1, 241:for its following and for that form of diet are usually futile and of no real moment. From thePsychology1, 254:nature of mind and not that of matter, as usually understood. The chitta or mind-stuff can bePsychology1, 259:reaching out and of an expansion. But the method usually employed at this time is in the nature ofPsychology1, 281:which we call by various names but which is usually referred to as the advent of Christ. This, asPsychology1, 296:regulated manner. Today one party or other is usually sacrificed, either to an undue abstinence orPsychology1, 297:desired, but even in these cases, that desire is usually based on reasons of heredity, property toPsychology1, 428:nature of mind and not that of matter, as usually understood. The chitta or mind-stuff can bePsychology2, 21:and strange, conveying little meaning, and that usually quite incorrect. In individualization, thePsychology2, 68:life experience; but the energy of the atom is usually not counted as a human energy, as it isPsychology2, 120:The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life Service is usually interpreted as exceedingly desirable and itPsychology2, 178:have learnt to serve instinctively. He may, and usually does, need to learn to discriminate in hisPsychology2, 228:study of the psyche of the individual man (and usually an abnormal individual) to a concentratedPsychology2, 250:and hidden beauty which the phenomenal world usually veils but will some day indicate in truth. Psychology2, 269:personality to the soul, which is the attitude usually under consideration. We are dealingPsychology2, 292:or another, is found upon the fourth ray and usually when the man is nearing the probationary path.Psychology2, 293:have an "idée fixe." In this connection, it will usually be discovered that the man who succumbs toPsychology2, 309:deal. This is a point oft forgotten. Emphasis is usually laid upon the pairs of opposites to bePsychology2, 316:that a man's consciousness is first of all, and usually, centered sequentially in the three bodies,Psychology2, 326:of some lesson which Enriches their lives, usually in the practical and material sense. IntensifiesPsychology2, 354:as the first ray man understands it), he will usually pass through four incarnations in which he isPsychology2, 354:love." In such cases as this, the astral body is usually on the second ray, the mental body uponPsychology2, 356:is there recognized for what it is. This crisis usually persists for a long time, a far longer onePsychology2, 357:of the Master of a man's ray group. This falls usually into two categories of experience andPsychology2, 361:comes, and he sees clearly what he has to do. Usually this entails first of all a disentangling andPsychology2, 375:often motivated by good ideals, but that it usually overlooks the immediate reality by rushing offPsychology2, 382:those difficult upsets and turmoils which are usually of a distressing kind. It is at this stagePsychology2, 396:of you when I point out to you that the disciple usually sees himself as a point of intensifiedPsychology2, 418:energy - life and consciousness - are [418] usually anchored in the head and heart. In the case ofPsychology2, 419:into some form of activity. The will, which usually demonstrates itself through a program orPsychology2, 433:and the "recovery of past incarnations" has usually been the so-called recovery of dramaticPsychology2, 433:of individuality of the reincarnating man, and usually feed his vanity as well. This curiousPsychology2, 437:The cause of the cleavage in this case is usually found somewhere within the astral body itself.Psychology2, 462:require to be made. It is too late to do this usually when a person is of adult years and has for aPsychology2, 465:are stronger than the forces of which he is usually aware. They are intrinsically strong, thoughPsychology2, 472:than emotional. They have outgrown glamor as usually understood. It is the misunderstanding [473]Psychology2, 477:sensitivity and psychometrical facility - are usually adequate to the demand and the need to bePsychology2, 477:when he has succumbed to glamor and illusion (usually being quite sincerely deceived andPsychology2, 480:state of lowered spiritual vitality, accompanied usually by lowered physical vitality. ThisPsychology2, 486:worlds and to the subtler planes of being - usually to the astral realm and seldom to the trulyPsychology2, 486:is seldom invoked and the processes pursued usually render the brain cells negative and quiescentPsychology2, 488:the physical plane to whom the guided person is, usually unconsciously, looking for help. This isPsychology2, 489:body. What they say and teach (frequently good, usually indifferent in quality and sometimes quitePsychology2, 498:is just beginning to develop mental activity) usually a sound and safe way to work, provided thePsychology2, 499:the entire night or period of sleep, but it is usually found present only in the first two hours ofPsychology2, 501:plane. It is on this plane that the [501] man is usually found when the thread of consciousness isPsychology2, 518:involving vast numbers of men and engineered usually by some dominant personality. It isPsychology2, 523:lower centers to higher ones and that this is usually done in two stages. This transference,Psychology2, 544:gathered up and "elevated" as the esoteric term usually employed technically expresses it. It is atPsychology2, 545:physical vehicle by the shift of the forces is usually unduly great and so produces thesePsychology2, 548:with consequent congestion, inflammation, and usually disease. The stage wherein the "processes ofPsychology2, 567:times. These powers are natural to them, but are usually neither understood nor controlled by [568]Psychology2, 568:nor controlled by [568] knowledge and they usually make their owner a victim or an exploiter ofPsychology2, 569:been [569] built over a space of time and are usually of some one deeply loved or as deeplyPsychology2, 569:The average person who frequents a seance is not usually of the highest grade of intelligence,Psychology2, 569:relative via a medium. Such cases are known and usually presuppose more than average intelligencePsychology2, 569:This, the medium interprets to them and it usually evokes recognition. I am here casting no doubtPsychology2, 574:which are always present but which remain usually unrecognized because the inner mechanism ofPsychology2, 583:of the average unintelligent person, there is usually a shift of the life-emphasis on to the astralPsychology2, 595:through the "nadis" and reorganizes them - usually prematurely. It hastens the process of breakingPsychology2, 600:the motives were frequently (I might say, usually) the meeting of a sensed requirement orPsychology2, 613:The appearance of the lower psychic powers usually indicates that the man who is their victim (forPsychology2, 615:two. The leader or leaders of the new groups are usually of as pure a type of the new age orPsychology2, 617:criticism can be based on many things, but is usually rooted in jealousy, thwarted ambition, orPsychology2, 633:impresses them and impels them into action (usually of a violent nature), but the desire toPsychology2, 667:here no ordinary [667] organization, such as is usually found in the world. The group is anPsychology2, 667:It is not a propaganda group, as that term is usually understood. It is not interested in politics,Psychology2, 670:growing out of a dimly sensed idea, and are usually unjustly enforced and wrongly applied. BetweenPsychology2, 723:in the group is not responsible, though there is usually to be found in the group those who arePsychology2, 733:of good will - not peace as the word is usually interpreted, to mean merely an enforced freedomRays, 27:reason requires careful consideration. It is usually considered the organ of pure love [28] but -Rays, 32:or a group by a Master or a senior disciple are usually interpreted in personality terms, and areRays, 52:is basically a materialistic affirmation, being usually regarded by the average churchgoer asRays, 130:only to point to a wider horizon than that usually registered by disciples and I use these broadRays, 132:form building or the experience in forms, as usually understood. A consideration of these atRays, 179:realm of maya, which is the etheric plane as we usually understand it, or upon the planes of theRays, 180:of the three major rays, but not in the sense usually understood when the rays are considered inRays, 204:two higher kingdoms in manifestation is what we usually call the Hierarchy, the Kingdom of God, theRays, 253:as given by me, and not the orthodox planets as usually used. The accuracy of their deductions willRays, 254:Moon periods (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, falling usually in April, May and June respectively) and theRays, 258:in The Bible. It has no reference to humility as usually interpreted and understood. It signifiesRays, 299:the fact that the physical plane relationship is usually non-existent and outer organization andRays, 309:the rapidly consummated process as is usually surmised. The physical form may die and disappear,Rays, 343:fact of the personality ray which may be (and usually is) quite different to the soul ray. It isRays, 391:able to work on any ray. The fifth initiation is usually called that of the Resurrection by the
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