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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UTILIZING

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Astrology, 55:and the Dweller on the Threshold, expressing and utilizing fire by friction, know each other "withAstrology, 198:which mankind and disciples are at present utilizing. [199] Astrology, 309:detached from the material side of life, but utilizing it as he pleases. His spiritualAstrology, 344:are of the most importance in launching and in utilizing the new esoteric astrology. Students wouldAtom, 49:and people will study the right methods of utilizing energy. Disease through ignorance will noAtom, 61:Being Who is expressing Himself through it, and utilizing it in order to work out a definiteAtom, 62:and shape adequate to its need and requirement, utilizing that form as a means of expression, andAtom, 78:factor which we call substance or matter, and utilizing a third factor, which we call theAtom, 85:reached a certain vibratory capacity; he is now utilizing it, and repeating, within his own sphereAtom, 98:also be considered as a central positive life, utilizing a form and demonstrating the differentAutobiography, 300:today are confronted with the opportunity of so utilizing the spiritual forces available in theBethlehem, 114:- it consists in the basic fact of His utilizing those methods of service, triumph and sacrificeBethlehem, 218:to him in Bethlehem. In these words Christ, utilizing the symbolism of these two persons, relatesDiscipleship1, 91:line of energy when the soul of the disciple is utilizing this creative process in some planned andDiscipleship1, 198:and your sixth ray astral body, studying and utilizing these lines of least resistance, you willDiscipleship1, 416:This gives to you the opportunity of utilizing, all the powers you have of mind and of sensitivity,Discipleship2, 760:Full Moon approach. For years you have all been utilizing this monthly opportunity but withEducation, 42:to the "noble middle path." This middle way, utilizing the best and the highest ideals which theExternalisation, 42:polarized upon the astral plane, and utilizing the astral body and working in and with glamor andExternalisation, 57:of the time) will have made possible and - utilizing the inferences thus made available inExternalisation, 522:and K.H. I am nearer to you, because I am still utilizing the same physical body in which I tookExternalisation, 652:of years, They have worked behind the scenes, utilizing the minds, brains and physical equipment ofFire, 63:Entities blend, merge, and demonstrate as Soul, utilizing for purposes of manifestation the aid ofFire, 260:evolving form, the egoic or causal body, and utilizing the lower threefold personality [261] as aFire, 316:all. This intelligent purpose, or active will, utilizing an instrument, brings us to that mostFire, 353:three major systems (of which ours is not one), utilizing seven solar systems (of which ours isFire, 383:Logos, cooperating with the first Logos, and utilizing the activities of the third Logos forFire, 402:of the Divine Manasaputras. They are Will utilizing matter, or active intelligent substance, inFire, 517:of karma upon the particular entity who may be utilizing it. They work directly with the permanentFire, 703:In the next round, this fifth Hierarchy will be utilizing our Earth scheme in this way, and weFire, 744:who in a threefold manner produce these forms, utilizing the process of: Meditation, which is everFire, 809:the development of the many methods of utilizing electricity has also greatly aided. This scienceFire, 810:functioning primarily in the causal body but utilizing the three lower vehicles only as a means ofFire, 906:might be summed up as follows: First, He is utilizing the seventh type of energy in order toFire, 908:seek the throat center, and to function there, utilizing the strength of the kundalini fire toFire, 919:(the Divine Manasaputras in their totality) utilizing atomic sheaths for purposes of evolution andFire, 959:acquired of automatically and scientifically utilizing the sutratma (or channel) as a means ofFire, 959:contact. When to this ability is added that of utilizing with equal ease the antahkarana (or bridgeFire, 991:thus form one unit), by the spiritual kingdom, utilizing the fourth or human kingdom. In all theseFire, 1128:when the other three forms are active, thus utilizing them as a vehicle. We have noted also thatFire, 1131:energy by means of the soul or egoic energy, utilizing in its turn the energy of the material formsFire, 1246:consciousness and therefore with duality and are utilizing a word which connotes synthesis, thoughGlamour, 6:acting ever under the impulse of group love and utilizing the power of attachment in a detachedGlamour, 248:mental plane? Is he predominantly emotional and utilizing force from the astral plane the greaterHealing, 337:that the life force works through the heart, utilizing the blood stream, whilst the consciousnessHealing, 463:focused in the etheric body, but is not fully utilizing all the centers; it has simply a gentlyHealing, 530:but out of the experience gained in utilizing both fields of knowledge a new medical science willHealing, 680:time in a cycle wherein His intense activity is utilizing the technique of divine destruction forHercules, 32:attention of the being, divine and human, who is utilizing it. It is the same force, but used inHercules, 75:up a strong personality relationship, and by utilizing the sincerity and the aspiration of theHercules, 152:is use of the soul for purposes of human uplift, utilizing the personality. Why is Scorpio the signHercules, 201:I am convinced that no individual World Savior, utilizing a physical body, will come to us. IInitiation, 53:shattering the form where it is inadequate, or utilizing it when it suffices for the immediateInitiation, 163:before the Initiator) he will lose no time in utilizing the acquired secret. The Sevenfold SecretIntellect, 30:functioning creator, acting with intention and utilizing the creative imagination. Could it be saidIntellect, 41:states will eventually manifest itself, utilizing the physical body as its functioning mechanism onIntellect, 54:The life stream centers itself in the heart, utilizing the blood stream, the arteries and theIntellect, 111:the brain as a receiving plate. We are already utilizing the five senses as avenues of perception,Intellect, 140:In time we can acquire facility and practice in utilizing either brain or mind actively orMagic, 85:brought under control. The man therefore is utilizing the lower mind, the reasoning mind, whilstMagic, 85:mind, the reasoning mind, whilst the soul is utilizing the higher or abstract mind. Both units areMagic, 130:body (the buddhic vehicle) will be organized, utilizing the higher spiritual mind as its medium.Magic, 180:who employ this method of communication, utilizing the brain or voice apparatus of the medium, areMagic, 250:impulses and which can be impressed by the soul utilizing the "chitta" or mental substance in orderMagic, 357:speaking, scarce one in ten thousand is utilizing this inherent power and knowingly functioning inMagic, 392:Where this central conscious entity exists, utilizing the mind, reacting sensuously through theMagic, 413:bodies but must work entirely subjectively, thus utilizing the inner sensitive apparatus and theMagic, 493:the personality, whilst the disciple is utilizing all three, because he has coordinated or alignedMagic, 517:interlude. The disciple has to learn facility in utilizing these two soul interludes - one of whichMagic, 518:proper for me to enlarge here upon the work of utilizing these "midway points", as they are calledMagic, 550:with the fourth cosmic ether (buddhic energy) utilizing [551] ether of the fourth grade in his ownMeditation, 204:law puts the disciple in the position of wisely utilizing the universal storehouse. It is theMeditation, 239:with the inherent capabilities of the All Self, utilizing forms for the demonstration of itsMeditation, 294:cultivate the faculty of both recognizing it and utilizing it. This is not easy at first, as thePatanjali, 22:from active sense perception, by no longer [22] utilizing the "outward-going" consciousness, and byPatanjali, 51:Augoeidas The light within. The spiritual Man Utilizing the lower man. [52] Patanjali, 184:of causes, upon the "things of God." He then, utilizing his controlled instrument, the mindPsychology1, 86:aiding the building Lord of the second ray and utilizing the energies of the Lord of concretePsychology2, 51:about when its work of salvaging matter (through utilizing it and building it into forms) has beenPsychology2, 233:he is a part. It functions via a man's soul, utilizing the head center, and eventually floodingPsychology2, 313:the ego or soul draws to itself the form, utilizing for that purpose a mental unit and twoPsychology2, 594:of the forces" and thus out into the "nadis", utilizing the area around any of the major centers asPsychology2, 644:they will cultivate the spirit of non-hatred, utilizing every opportunity to emphasize theRays, 192:Masters of the Wisdom is to let in the light, utilizing those rents which already exist within theRays, 466:Triad, and the conscious activity of the soul, utilizing the triple thread. You can see, therefore,Rays, 480:with the untold masses of human beings - are utilizing the results of the triple construction ofRays, 585:an inadequate word) via the Spiritual Triad, utilizing the antahkarana. After the fourthRays, 588:synthesis of ordered activity. The ray energies, utilizing the created form world and the "world ofRays, 588:the three worlds as a soul-infused personality, utilizing the illumined mind as the fusing andSoul, 100:as it expresses itself through a solar system, utilizing the ether as its medium or field ofSoul, 133:follows: A sane treatment of the physical body, utilizing the knowledge of the West, particularlyTelepathy, 117:of entry in the region of the throat center, utilizing it as the recipient of higher impressions.Telepathy, 141:H. P. B. was largely responsible, because of utilizing the word "astral" to cover a mass of
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