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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VALUABLE

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Astrology, 42:In studying these Hierarchies, one of the most valuable lessons to be learned is the place andAstrology, 328:- entirely change world civilization. It is valuable also to remember that in the studying of theAtom, 132:Strong has been working along this line in a valuable way, and teaching that the physical eye isAutobiography, 137:that I expended over it as some of the most valuable hours of my life and the background andAutobiography, 166:and that I had the opportunity of doing a really valuable piece of work. He told me that it was He,Autobiography, 184:this short cycle of years and have found it most valuable when it became a situation of helpingAutobiography, 205:a police dog, grandson of Rin Tin Tin and most valuable. He was supposed to be a protection to usBethlehem, 7:teach. Evelyn Underhill points out in her most valuable book, Mysticism, that "The Incarnation,Bethlehem, 12:the doctrine. Perhaps in the end the most valuable part of the doctrine of the Buddha is itsBethlehem, 13:that are of importance. There is nothing but a valuable gain to us, an enriching of ourBethlehem, 80:may advocate, no matter how highly esteemed or valuable. What is this holiness to which He callsBethlehem, 242:perhaps most of all. This is a necessary and valuable stage, provided we go on seeking answers toDestiny, 9:strength and wisdom, and also a profound and valuable contribution to make to the whole. Each willDestiny, 16:writings on occult subjects. It is wise and valuable to remember this. They are powerful, theseDiscipleship1, 111:of glamor and illusion. The psychic powers are valuable aids to service when rightly developed andDiscipleship1, 216:them is somewhat difficult for you, but most valuable. I ask you to attempt it, my brother, and toDiscipleship1, 233:to your personality and mind rays which are most valuable. As your physical body is also upon theDiscipleship1, 293:time both of teacher and of taught is today so valuable that there is no need for me to explain aDiscipleship1, 295:upon those you seek to help. This is a very valuable exercise for all disciples and involves aDiscipleship1, 317:with themselves. This is for you a peculiarly valuable thing for both your personality ray and yourDiscipleship1, 404:a lesson in group activity and hence most valuable. Lift not too much, my brother. It is the rightDiscipleship1, 564:to others. 5th month - Certain treasures are too valuable and frail to be exposed to others' sight.Discipleship1, 582:to the point which yours has reached, is a valuable asset, making you both sensitive and inclusiveDiscipleship1, 585:ray is on a particular line, it is peculiarly valuable for the personality to subject itself toDiscipleship1, 654:words in speech and writing, which is rare and valuable, and you have a sincerity of purpose thatDiscipleship1, 668:the difficult way of all world saviors. It is valuable for you to distinguish between a WorldDiscipleship1, 702:group, sometimes called an Ashram. It might be valuable if I endeavored to define an Ashram to youDiscipleship1, 731:(who are only learning to cooperate) are valuable as "agents for experiment." According to theirDiscipleship1, 748:implications of this stage of discipleship are valuable from the angle of emphasizing what has notDiscipleship1, 751:in himself. He becomes, consequently, a more valuable asset in the Ashram and is entrusted withDiscipleship2, 92:failed to comply with my requests. It is valuable to note a most significant point of interest: AllDiscipleship2, 182:in manifestation. I have here given you a most valuable hint and item of information. In thisDiscipleship2, 182:item of information. In this connection it is valuable to bear in mind that the first meditationDiscipleship2, 319:like you to get their sequence, for it may prove valuable to you and to other disciples: That theDiscipleship2, 383:are found functioning in the group, the more valuable will be its service. It is the bringingDiscipleship2, 391:personality, he can give to the Master most valuable assistance. There are, it should be pointedDiscipleship2, 465:as yours), and I have shown you definitely how valuable has been to you the past immediateDiscipleship2, 567:combinations of spiritually explanatory words a valuable exercise. I infer not here, my brother,Discipleship2, 600:race in order to acquire either certain valuable qualities with which a race or nation can endow aDiscipleship2, 707:all this, let me point out your assets and the valuable gifts which you can bring to the work andDiscipleship2, 708:an increasing ability to speak, and these are valuable assets indeed when wielded by the soul onDiscipleship2, 757:You must therefore regard my suggestions as valuable, but regard them primarily as the subject of aEducation, 13:the time equation on the physical plane) is too valuable to waste in social politeness or inEducation, 58:and speculations, which can be transmuted into valuable assets if the man is dowered withExternalisation, 200:that the old order has lamentably failed is most valuable. Externalisation, 340:necessary for the leaders of the peoples to take valuable time to bring them to a proper sense ofExternalisation, 381:require time for themselves, or they waste many valuable hours doing those things which yield noExternalisation, 402:preserved, even whilst hiding them. It will be valuable for us to realize that within the churchesFire, 186:As ability to assert that individualism. As a valuable means to self-conscious evolution. As aFire, 1200:In studying these hierarchies, one of the most valuable lessons to be learned is the place andGlamour, 11:me recapitulate for a moment. First of all it is valuable to remember that the study of the symbolGlamour, 124:age activity. I am explaining this, for it is valuable to disciples to grasp the fact that karmicGlamour, 178:which they must pass or they will lose much valuable experience, leaving undeveloped their powersHealing, 119:and indicate at least its reasonableness and its valuable application to human need. Law IVHercules, 152:as we did. That line of thought has died. It is valuable to get the big picture and learn toInitiation, 3:"Avataras," (which some of [3] us think the most valuable of all her writings, because one of theIntellect, 45:Minister of Italy, in the Preface to his most valuable and scholarly book "God and Freedom" says:Intellect, 129:the truth of the words of Mr. Chaplin in his valuable little book The Soul, that " is throughIntellect, 253:illusion has its uses, and entering it is a most valuable experience, provided that the rule ofMagic, 174:disciples and their recognitions and it is valuable for aspirants to ponder them. It should beMagic, 187:of disciples; otherwise much of the Master's valuable time will perforce be given to theMagic, 189:esoterically and am not referring to the valuable work [190] done by the artists of the world inMagic, 364:even the tiniest atom in that whole. It is valuable to endeavor to grasp the picture and to visionMagic, 375:in either direction. This is, for workers, a valuable hint in their dealings with people. Then theMagic, 376:[376] These points need consideration and are valuable, for there are schools of thought (such asMagic, 394:of the indwelling self is a usable and valuable asset. The man is a potent personality and becomesMagic, 619:on the physical plane, which is potentially valuable but equally potentially useless, even if notMagic, 624:the theory of the plan; they realize their truly valuable assets and know they have somewhat toMagic, 626:of the elementary planetary life. It might be valuable here to point out that all the majorMeditation, 311:failure teaches. When failures are regarded as valuable lessons, when a mistake is deemed but aPatanjali, 80:be found illuminating. Students would find it valuable to work out the analogy between these fivePatanjali, 124:Devotion involves certain factors which it is valuable for the devotee to realize. A capacity toPatanjali, 232:outlined in this marvellous treatise. It is valuable to note its brevity and yet its [233] conciseProblems, 41:a demand as that for food and clothing. It is valuable also to remind ourselves in all our planningProblems, 157:in proving survival and have thus made a valuable contribution to the structure of the New WorldPsychology1, xxi:advanced student. At the same time, it is a most valuable compendium of information, and will servePsychology1, 160:and research and much has been done of a valuable nature. A man's physical reactions, his emotionalPsychology1, 196:These seed thoughts and virtues serve a valuable and constructive purpose. The Biblical truism thatPsychology1, 236:of the Soul, page 338.) Here it is apparent how valuable is the teaching of this sutra, when thePsychology1, 297:ahead, but which is not as yet possible. This is valuable, but it leaves a gap in our thought whichPsychology2, 358:the three personality vehicles: This is a valuable point for all who are real students to rememberPsychology2, 366:great sweep of the divine manifestation. It is valuable also to remember that this revelation comesPsychology2, 513:of Psychology We come now to one of the most valuable and practical parts of our study upon thePsychology2, 602:unfoldment becomes possible. The true and valuable fruits of the mystical experience of the pastPsychology2, 606:the "adolescent" cycle in the life of the young, valuable, visionary and life-giving, spurring onRays, 185:more in the nature of a matrix surrounding a valuable creation, and was essentially protective,Rays, 293:but to which he cannot as yet give form. This is valuable because it feeds his aspiration, centersSoul, 155:incline to do, that the mechanistic hypothesis, valuable as it has proved itself to be as aTelepathy, 69:grasped and developed and which are patently valuable to humanity - when presented in right form by
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