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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VALUE

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Discipleship1, 10:to demonstrate to each other the scientific value and power of love, regarded as a force in nature.Discipleship1, 10:will eventually make the group of effective value in the world. As I work with you in the future, IDiscipleship1, 14:of agnosticism (not of atheism) is of real value to the beginner and preserves him from the snaresDiscipleship1, 16:in observation and in techniques. All have their value. This is an experiment likewise for me. IDiscipleship1, 22:or a group capacity to intuit truth is of value and somewhat novel. It is the functioning of groupsDiscipleship1, 32:of work and of far more potency and ultimate value than any legislation or emphasis upon authority.Discipleship1, 87:disciple's consciousness, they are then of real value. Those three words - reality, synthesis,Discipleship1, 114:of the above phrase because it has teaching value in it for all of you. Before I tell you whatDiscipleship1, 117:of the above may indicate to you something of value. Curiously enough you and your fellow-discipleDiscipleship1, 118:with this matter of sensing vibration, it is of value to remember that all sensing is naturally andDiscipleship1, 118:body is - in its time and place - of as real value, purpose and usefulness as the mind. It servesDiscipleship1, 118:and watch the reactions called forth. It is of value, however, to note the differing type ofDiscipleship1, 120:to register telepathic impressions. The value of a fifth ray mind is however very great, for itDiscipleship1, 123:of offered and accepted aid is sometimes of value to disciples of your type and hence I am pointingDiscipleship1, 123:sensitivity so to do. That is the true value or permanent gain. In connection with the occultDiscipleship1, 123:with you, the following comments may prove of value. The main lesson of your life has been theDiscipleship1, 137:you of the importance, the difficulty and the value of setting up this frank relation. It isDiscipleship1, 141:points yours. I have told her certain things of value to you but she hesitates to speak and hopesDiscipleship1, 142:at X of international usefulness is of real value and can be materialized if you work without hasteDiscipleship1, 150:In the past, its expression has been of value. In the present, this must be adjusted and rightlyDiscipleship1, 171:power of visualization. That is why ritual is of value to such as you and Masonry - being on theDiscipleship1, 178:together some ray meditations which may prove of value not only to yourself but to others, if usedDiscipleship1, 184:power of the group soul. It will be of real value to you particularly to attempt to distinguishDiscipleship1, 193:Endeavor to make these six papers of real mental value to others, and also see, if possible, thatDiscipleship1, 193:also see, if possible, that they have a magnetic value [194] and that they breathe out, not onlyDiscipleship1, 196:basic trends of your life, and make yourself of value in your surrounding. This is predominantlyDiscipleship1, 217:I am attempting to initiate is of real potential value; for the furthering of its success I seekDiscipleship1, 239:is thought of you. None of it has been of any value to this group of disciples to whom you hadDiscipleship1, 242:perfection so that your contribution may be of value and in no department of your nature can youDiscipleship1, 245:so simple and so ordinary that their scientific value is easily overlooked. I say to you: LoseDiscipleship1, 251:group in a new and effective way. You will be of value to my group and will feed its life becauseDiscipleship1, 254:of strength and produce clarification. It is of value to know the lines of least resistance. YourDiscipleship1, 257:became definite? Such retrospects have real value, my brother. I seek today to deal with the mentalDiscipleship1, 260:are and what you are doing would be of peculiar value to you and you would profit much if eachDiscipleship1, 267:It is for this reason that you will find it of value to study with care all the instructions whichDiscipleship1, 274:output upon the physical plane and enhance your value in the work which you, as a member of the NewDiscipleship1, 276:say to you at this time that will be of definite value. Four things - brief and to the point - comeDiscipleship1, 279:Work with symbols will be found of real value to you if you persevere. I would give you a hintDiscipleship1, 282:I think you know within yourself the value of the instruction then imparted and the reason why IDiscipleship1, 283:contacts have a definite place and are of value if rightly handled. Your help, for instance, withDiscipleship1, 285:each day of that teaching is of inestimable value to you, for it establishes a technique and opensDiscipleship1, 299:are contributions to the group life of such value, that I ask you today to attempt to reintegrateDiscipleship1, 301:as the service you can render is to you of more value than the service that can be rendered to you.Discipleship1, 307:that truth and clear vision are of greater value than blind loyalty and curtailed understanding.Discipleship1, 311:methods which you will employ. Can you grasp the value to the troubled aspirant of finding in aDiscipleship1, 315:and not fanaticism. This energy is of immense value to you because it is, curiously enough, yourDiscipleship1, 324:of study and of thought. They are of as real value and of as true usefulness as e'en those hoursDiscipleship1, 342:until I have had time to demonstrate to you the value of that which I am [343] seeking to do? GiveDiscipleship1, 343:two years, my brother, and by that time you may value that which I and the group can give. I soughtDiscipleship1, 343:reason was that your type of mind will be of value to the group and you can help me with yourDiscipleship1, 343:questions and your occasional papers will be of value to the group. Secondly, if you willDiscipleship1, 343:seek to cooperate - for a while at least. The value of the group work may even outweigh in itsDiscipleship1, 344:I know that you seek not commendation, it is of value sometimes to know that one's efforts areDiscipleship1, 345:to these points of rapport, because of their value in group integration. I am not, at this time,Discipleship1, 348:of progress to your attention. It is of real value to a disciple at times to summarize achievementDiscipleship1, 351:- the seventh Ray of Order or Magic. It is of value to students to study what rays are notDiscipleship1, 418:points by which glamor could enter. This is of value. Whilst this kind of activity is transpiring,Discipleship1, 421:golden yellow, ponder on the true significance, value and reward of silence. Next, visualizing aDiscipleship1, 421:electric blue, ponder on the true significance, value and reward of joy. Sound the OM three timesDiscipleship1, 446:platitudes of the occult position, but it is of value at times to reiterate. In the case ofDiscipleship1, 447:knowledge and wisdom. You would find it of value to put a considerable amount of thought into theDiscipleship1, 458:could you see it all as I see it; it might be of value to you all if I stated the type ofDiscipleship1, 466:to assign you a special task which will be of value to [467] you, to your group brothers and toDiscipleship1, 470:of spiritual force which should be of real value to the group and greatly facilitate the plannedDiscipleship1, 487:joy and peace which is the soul nature and of value to others. In physical convalescence, when theDiscipleship1, 488:with new faces and new scenes would be of real value to you and should be found. Seek this changeDiscipleship1, 500:succeeded in avoiding and I felt it would be of value to you if I made this clear. There mustDiscipleship1, 505:golden prana. This should prove an exercise of value to you. Long experience in meditation shouldDiscipleship1, 514:my earlier teaching to you. Of its value, I know you are assured and in voicing the expression ofDiscipleship1, 515:to yourself and to the group. It might be of value if I touched here upon a question which oftDiscipleship1, 534:and his associates. It, therefore, has no value. For you the necessity is to stand in your circleDiscipleship1, 554:six months, seeking earnestly their subjective value and their objective realization: 1st month -Discipleship1, 555:of great importance to you. It would also be of value to you if you could - clearly and in words -Discipleship1, 555:ray personality. This is a combination of great value but it carries with it its limitationsDiscipleship1, 565:intended idea? Did you notice, my brother, the value and the significance of the seed thought IDiscipleship1, 575:a temporary discomfort but of real and lasting value. This process has been far from easy and IDiscipleship1, 592:each hour spent with them to count and to be of value, and leaving them with a wider outlook and aDiscipleship1, 599:covering many years. That has a temporary value, provided you again turn your eyes to the soul.Discipleship1, 621:- a paradoxical acquirement but one of great value. I would suggest also, my brother, that you seekDiscipleship1, 627:talk with a highly valued brother. And I do value you, my friend. Discipleship1, 637:work of this group. Is there something of major value which [638] you can contribute? Two questionsDiscipleship1, 640:life and your relationships. This idea has much value and usefulness to you, for it has been theDiscipleship1, 646:and difficulty, every rhythmic center is of value to us. Your personality ray is the sixth. ThisDiscipleship1, 653:very little and simply has a normal collective value in the presence of the pressure in the worldDiscipleship1, 666:breathing exercise you are now doing. It is of value to you in producing inner alignment and theDiscipleship1, 682:of discipleship but in the meantime it is of value for you to focus your attention upon theDiscipleship1, 726:relationship is set up which is of occult value. If the chela in the Light is truly in earnest andDiscipleship1, 735:the tension which releases. You would find it of value to discover where your "extensions" are andDiscipleship1, 744:of proportion as to the work and the relative value of his contribution to the Master's work andDiscipleship1, 777:and whether it had in it that which might be of value in the new spiritual era which was impending.Discipleship1, 779:D. [779] Later A. A. B. felt that it would be of value to me and to the work if she demonstratedDiscipleship2, 10:with the thought in mind of ascertaining the value of his contribution in words, serves to bringDiscipleship2, 46:were not. If only more disciples would learn the value of acting "as if." There is no time for anyDiscipleship2, 50:method of drawing nearer to God. It might be of value to all disciples if I here analyzed the threeDiscipleship2, 53:will be in the field of similarity and of group value. All this was the objective of the work IDiscipleship2, 72:it should be carried, remembering that your only value is group determined. Placement determinesDiscipleship2, 79:at night along these three lines would be of value to all disciples, using the imagination as farDiscipleship2, 104:working with me in my Ashram. It would be of value to you if you considered the factors which holdDiscipleship2, 108:out of aspirants and disciples who primarily value spiritual status, kudos or an elevated position?Discipleship2, 121:the head center). These correspondences are of value as they are an argument for the factual nature
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