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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VALUES

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Problems, 62:creative, and possessing a true sense of values and a sound and constructive outlook on worldProblems, 63:living but also in the world of spiritual values and to do this with a complete triple integration.Problems, 66:that it is apparent that the old economic values and the familiar standards of living are bound toProblems, 70:angle and with an eye to the emerging spiritual values. First of all, it must be recognized thatProblems, 73:in their way of life and with a true sense of values, but there is little of a potent nature thatProblems, 73:demands and the steady emerging of the spiritual values. They are beginning therefore to changeProblems, 80:who can normally think in terms of the higher values. They are the hope of the future but areProblems, 86:ignorance of the true facts, of the historical values and of the various relationships involved.Problems, 92:failed to instill into men a true sense of values - the values which alone can bind humanityProblems, 92:to instill into men a true sense of values - the values which alone can bind humanity together andProblems, 103:insight or any recognition of the spiritual values involved; no problem can today be solvedProblems, 110:to make of spiritual assets, cultural values and creative possibilities. The innate endowment ofProblems, 112:repudiation of it demonstrates a sound sense of values and that he knows the distinction betweenProblems, 125:and definitely oriented to the spiritual values and to the need for spiritual revaluations andProblems, 135:only, but in terms of a spiritual vision, true values and right human relations. They are demandingProblems, 137:faults were there because the spiritual values had no place in the life of the people and this wasProblems, 154:men axe rapidly awakening to the true spiritual values; let them know that Christ and the trueProblems, 157:of the world of non-tangible life and values; all these factors necessitate and "substand" thePsychology1, xxii:deal with the subject in terms of psychological values, laying the foundation for that newPsychology1, 43:by and vibrating to the world of qualities or values, which world, in its turn, is energized by orPsychology1, 116:The first lesson he has to learn is a sense of values in time and space, and to know that we workPsychology1, 136:This will result in the giving of new values to life, to an enriching of our understanding, andPsychology1, 179:which will evidence itself in a better sense of values, for life will have a meaning hithertoPsychology1, 222:kingdoms in [222] nature are seen in their real values. The secrets of transmutation are the truePsychology1, 230:consciousness not only the so-called spiritual values and the power to react to soul contact, butPsychology1, 230:soul contact, but also to include the material values, and to react divinely to the potencies whichPsychology1, 257:been the case, and its true historic [257] values must be better understood before man canPsychology1, 281:to man, and thus develop a truer sense of values. False and true standards will emerge in man'sPsychology1, 285:of the eyes towards the world of spiritual values. Hence the present upheaval. Apart from thePsychology1, 312:and see the world of reality and of spiritual values, then the torn and distracted life of thePsychology1, 331:discriminate and to cultivate slowly a sense of values which enables him eventually to lay thePsychology1, 339:increasingly conscious of a series of shifting values, until he reaches that point in hisPsychology1, 339:which have hitherto enticed him on. His sense of values is no longer determined by: [340] ThePsychology1, 340:by a growing appreciation of a truer world of values and of reality, and by an effort on man's partPsychology1, 340:to identify himself with the world of spiritual values and not with a world of material values. ThePsychology1, 340:values and not with a world of material values. The world of meaning and of causes becomesPsychology1, 340:are finally conditioned by the truer spiritual values. He then is on the path of illumination. IPsychology1, 341:and forces, a slowly developing sense of values (which sense is the one which eventually dispelsPsychology1, 341:is to prove to man that the old and recognized values and the tangible world of phenomenaPsychology1, 342:[342] the glamor is breaking down and the truer values of group welfare, of group integration, andPsychology1, 342:simply to this destruction of the old sense of values, to that dispelling of glamor which revealsPsychology1, 342:for it blocks the way to the new world of values. The great thought form which man's greed andPsychology1, 343:experience, produce at last the sense of true values, the vision of the ideal, and the capacity toPsychology1, 348:statement may give some idea of the relative "values" of these ray influences. Ray three has beenPsychology1, 395:for a moment, and so readjust your sense of values. The standard of happenings varies in importancePsychology1, 398:not yet learned the lesson of a just sense of values. He has been the victim of the Law of LightPsychology2, 25:begins to appear, and a dim sense of aesthetic values. His consciousness is becoming morePsychology2, 43:power to "sit upon the fence" till the selfish values emerge, Disorder and chaos, throughPsychology2, 96:be so unsatisfying. For these things of lesser values, he had sacrificed the higher values, and hadPsychology2, 96:of lesser values, he had sacrificed the higher values, and had to return again whence he came. SuchPsychology2, 124:into the world of true meaning and of real values. I will seek to show how the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 218:It leads to a much-needed readjustment of values, indicating as it does, that there is purpose andPsychology2, 242:who are not as yet attuned to the higher values. For all who read this, could they but grasp it,Psychology2, 253:appreciation by humanity of a greater world of values. But - and here is a point of interest - itPsychology2, 298:however, will eventually bring the higher values into play. In the higher expression of the samePsychology2, 309:an inner orientation towards the world of higher values takes place, then the etheric or vitalPsychology2, 324:thus a sense of proportion, an understanding of values and an inner sense of synthesis. Little byPsychology2, 331:outlined above. But gradually a higher sense of values supervenes; there comes a period when desirePsychology2, 331:begins to fade out; newer and better values and higher standards of thought and desire begin slowlyPsychology2, 338:gradually awakening to a new and higher sense of values, and is slowly at first and more rapidly asPsychology2, 344:increasingly aware of the world of higher values, and of the existence of the kingdom of God. OnPsychology2, 429:right choice and the significance of the higher values. These, in turn, can be developed selflesslyPsychology2, 433:to the environment (which are the only values with which the self concerns itself), are seldom, ifPsychology2, 433:and probably not even perceived, and only the values - spiritual and mental - and those mattersPsychology2, 433:the form aspect to the exclusion of the soul values, have brought about a bad reaction to the wholePsychology2, 438:part of a much greater whole. His sense of values will then be adjusted and his sense of powerPsychology2, 451:spiritual government (the government of correct values) and the other being the determination ofPsychology2, 451:human beings can develop, and wherein the true values also may register and be recognized. It is atPsychology2, 462:teach them the needed care in the balancing of values, in the vision of the whole, and in thePsychology2, 483:activity, the separation of the good and high values from the undesirable, the cultivation of thatPsychology2, 486:the astral. The world of physical and tangible values is shut out; the mental world is equally shutPsychology2, 487:the world of right meaning, of true spiritual values and of esoteric phenomena. They realize thatPsychology2, 487:during this process of readjustment to the finer values, periods of real danger transpire and thatPsychology2, 492:pass through or be submitted to the standard of values which the factor of the soul itselfPsychology2, 517:race; inwards by the pull of the world of higher values, by the kingdom of souls, by the organizedPsychology2, 603:and he (from the highest and best sense of values) anti-social. Such an anti-social attitude willPsychology2, 606:and stabilizing certain standards and values. Such a cycle will, however, be recognized asPsychology2, 606:the time has come that a new and higher set of values and a more spiritual and controlled techniquePsychology2, 632:and bring to men's attention the higher values, and to end the reign of materialism. It is, afterPsychology2, 661:intelligent effort and with success. The true values, based on good will and brotherhood andPsychology2, 661:which is inner and subjective (the world of real values) and upon the dynamic power of ideas asPsychology2, 677:been awakened to the finer spiritual issues and values that the old attitudes and activities willPsychology2, 707:arts in the world today, and a new standard of values, are all problems confronting the trainedPsychology2, 731:higher possibilities and the world of spiritual values and of meaning. This is being done in thePsychology2, 749:who see life from the angle of the spiritual values and who seek to build for the future. TheRays, 17:among men - an awakening to the higher spiritual values, to the trends and ideologies which areRays, 86:has its side of beauty when the spiritual values are grasped. That which has so grossly imprisonedRays, 87:civilization and culture based on the spiritual values and intelligently developing the divineRays, 87:and fosters the life and its resultant spiritual values. There is an inherent destructive energy inRays, 99:left behind, and a new orientation to a world of values, higher than even the world of meaning, hasRays, 102:No matter how much true faith in the spiritual values may be present, no matter how clear theRays, 128:and with the importation of certain minor values so that beginners may grasp the point that theyRays, 128:off himself and are fixed on the world of true values. He has no sense of self-interest, because aRays, 149:and to use. Advance into the world of spiritual values and into the realm of triadal existence (inRays, 272:a sense of proportion and a finer estimate of values. Forget not that selfishness is a stage ofRays, 390:then routed, and humanity has awakened to truer values and spiritual perception to a totallyRays, 453:the personality and the world of material values; wisdom-energy expresses itself through theRays, 481:by his monadic ray. He then expresses the values of the Fixed Cross. (See Esoteric Astrology,Rays, 499:spiritual life and base his efforts on truer values; it can be seen in all the planning which isRays, 507:the Masters' Archives that: "The preservation of values is the task of the initiate of the first
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