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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VALUES

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Rays, 606:of public opinion on the side of spiritual values, thus leading to a collective renunciation ofRays, 613:in reality between the desirable spiritual values and the undesirable material values has been madeRays, 613:spiritual values and the undesirable material values has been made clear. In politics, forRays, 613:is not yet possible, nor are the spiritual values of either group appreciated by the unthinkingRays, 621:of fighting, by a changing rating as to the values in human accomplishment, and by a recognitionRays, 628:and France will awaken to the higher spiritual values. Once her soul ray of pure knowledge isRays, 629:an idealistic appreciation of the real spiritual values; these are at present veiled and hidden inRays, 634:thus evidencing a most distorted sense of values. There is in the last analysis but one world andRays, 649:world of phenomena and the world of spiritual values will enter into a better, directed relation.Rays, 664:of that period it revealed the more aesthetic values; the arts began to flourish; color and beautyRays, 665:face the necessity of renouncing the material values and of substituting the spiritual. The fermentRays, 742:the people are sound, but ignorant of the higher values; that can be slowly righted. They areRays, 748:the race. Great Britain is learning a sense of values, and being drawn away from materialismRays, 749:follow man's renunciation of the material values. The prevalent spirit of expectancy and of a trulyRays, 753:its major expression in wrong thinking, false values and the supreme evil of materialisticReappearance, 12:and thus altered all human living, goals and values. The reason He has not come again is that theReappearance, 16:perception is keener, their sense of values more acute, their ability to discriminate and choose isReappearance, 21:be happy. The steps on this Path are: [21] Right Values. Right Speech. Right Modes of Living. RightReappearance, 29:in every heart, out of the world of material values into the world of spiritual recognitions. ItReappearance, 67:life and events in the light of the spiritual values, as He does, will facilitate the giving out ofReappearance, 91:the forums of the people in all lands and the values which are now unfolding through the radio andReappearance, 127:learnt. It is, however, essentially one of the values to be extracted out of this period ofReappearance, 128:is enabled to become the transmitter of higher values and of spiritual understanding. Thus theReappearance, 129:will be rejected and the major spiritual values will assume greater control. The culmination of aReappearance, 143:only, but in terms of a spiritual vision, true values and right human relations. They are demandingReappearance, 160:It will take all that we have of a sense of values and all that we can give to a specializedReappearance, 167:may be - of the masses to the higher spiritual values but is thoroughly dissatisfied. He realizesReappearance, 172:of human living or for the inculcation of those values which lead to right human relations. [173]Reappearance, 173:frequently money misused and misdirected and the values developed have been largely institutionalReappearance, 174:Equally, it can be said that if the spiritual values and the spiritual responsibilities attached toReappearance, 175:(a responsibility based on the spiritual values) would rapidly give them. With the exception of aReappearance, 175:but it must be a people educated in the true values, in the significances of a right culture and inReappearance, 176:remains uneducated, and is brought up on false values and the wrong use of money. Until theseTelepathy, 196:more definite recognition of emerging spiritual values and a greater readiness to relinquishTelepathy, 196:is, therefore, thinking along lines of the true values, he will discover that his own private
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