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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VARIED

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Astrology, 121:the Cross of "repeated incarnations," of varied experiments under the various signs and orthodoxAstrology, 324:influences of the seven planets play their [324] varied parts in man's unfoldment, and studentsAutobiography, 2:California and the mother of three girls. This varied experience of living and working in GreatAutobiography, 26:was a life of discipline, rhythm and obedience, varied occasionally by spurts of rebellion andAutobiography, 63:was not always good for the gosling. My work was varied: keeping accounts, doing the flowers in theAutobiography, 281:the changing times, thus meeting the need of the varied peoples of the world, but that which theyDiscipleship1, 34:kinds and their work will be diversified and varied. I have for some time desired to write a littleDiscipleship1, 110:that the phases of detachment are many and varied. Some of them imply a detachment from the worldDiscipleship1, 704:of their technical training is of a very varied nature and the Ashram life is usually merely anDiscipleship2, 64:the world disciples, more people along many and varied lines are being reached. The mode, methodsDiscipleship2, 373:Each is therefore susceptible of many and varied interpretations; these are dependent upon theDiscipleship2, 427:with which we are now dealing is upon the many varied types of consciousness which expressDiscipleship2, 450:new way. They have been many, and they have been varied. Do you appreciate what they mean? The pastDiscipleship2, 649:so stand out in a cycle of lives because of the varied experiences which they convey, the bitterDiscipleship2, 694:of the [694] emotion, expressed in many and varied directions. Emotional abstraction is the hardestEducation, 14:the nature of his response apparatus with its varied reactions, and his major interests. ThisEducation, 57:The true history of humanity, which is long and varied and lost in the speculative indications ofExternalisation, 384:of men are many, the races and conditions are varied, and the problems to be solved will call forFire, 12:waves of matter resolved themselves, and varied forms appeared. Each took its place, each in theFire, 31:The cohorts of the third encircling sphere in varied ranks mark out the lesser threes. The wheel ofFire, 395:and races kingdoms; kingdoms of many grades and varied linkings make up a planet, planets make up aFire, 498:fundamental sound is responded to by all these varied factors; it is the note that is the cause ofFire, 644:perform certain activities of an interesting and varied kind, but [645] of such diversity as toFire, 1157:are transmitters of energy from [1157] many and varied sources which might be briefly enumerated asGlamour, 205:and in which he walks. These lights are varied and variously revealing; there is: The light ofHealingof techniques, of formulae, of prescription, of varied manipulations and of [2] theories. All theseHealing, 132:all related to vibration and its differing and varied effects. The secret of the Law of VibrationHealing, 164:The arms The legs [164] These organisms serve varied purposes, and upon their due functioning andHealing, 433:rhythm and cyclic life processes and relates its varied parts to each other. It is the majorHercules, 67:is made to unify and coordinate the many and varied aspects of human endeavor. Venus is theHercules, 157:away with grades and classes and degrees and varied stages of evolution. Where we stand on theInitiation, 107:Kumara. Though their functions are many and varied, and concern primarily the forces and energiesMagic, 14:of the workers in any of the many and varied fields of thought. The truths accepted as such haveMagic, 42:The arms. The legs. These organisms serve varied purposes and upon their due functioning and properMagic, 45:Within that unity is diversity. Just as the varied organs of the human body are interrelated by theMagic, 206:in hand. The effect of breathing exercises is varied: There is an oxygenating effect. The bloodMagic, 290:borne in mind, for its implications are many and varied; but all lead back to the idea of unity,Magic, 525:Between these two extremes we find the many and varied types, the developed and the undeveloped,Magic, 552:Education, books, travel, in its many and varied forms, enunciations of science and of philosophy,Meditation, 132:that all is departing from him; he is a prey to varied and dismal emotions; he deems himselfMeditation, 190:and have taken up the subject from many and varied angles. In all our handling of the matter onlyMeditation, 274:much of it as may wisely be made exoteric) is varied and interesting, and is based on a scientificMeditation, 313:necessitates an environment wherein many and varied human contacts will be made, and where theMeditation, 344:2. The Methods of Service These are many and varied. I can but indicate the ones of paramountPatanjali, 30:constructed for himself by each individual is as varied as there are people participating in it.Patanjali, 369:5. Consciousness is one, yet produces the varied forms of the many. 6. Among the forms whichPatanjali, 386:5. Consciousness is one, yet produces the varied forms of the many. Here Patanjali lays down aPatanjali, 387:"consciousness is one and yet has produced the varied forms of the many" within his little cosmos,Patanjali, 395:to action, those longings which force him into varied activities are something which are not onlyPatanjali, 411:outgrowths or logical sequential results of the varied Hindu positions. The clue to the diversityPatanjali, 416:eternal in the Heavens, is known by many and varied names, according to the school of thought. TheProblems, 109:the sharing of resources, so rich and varied in that wonderful continent, and contribute theirPsychology1, 5:today is so vast, its schools so many and varied, and its terminology so cumbersome, that I canPsychology1, 82:we have in the world at this time the many and varied attempts to straighten out affairs alongPsychology1, 160:temperament and the real subjective cause of his varied reactions, his complexes and inhibitionsPsychology1, 283:specialists), to the general recognition of the varied marriage customs of the nations in the EastPsychology2, 443:capacity for intellectual achievement of a very varied kind. An emotional nature which, beingPsychology2, 508:other forms of human expression. They are as varied and as diverse as those in which humanityPsychology2, 532:- produce problems, disease, and the many and varied difficulties of a phenomenal nature to whichRays, 54:related to vibration and to its differing and varied effects. The secret of the Law of Vibration isRays, 482:results. The human being lives in a world of varied energies which are sometimes expressingSoul, 15:books on psychology, emanating from the many and varied schools in Europe and America, shows that
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