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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VAST

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Astrology, 8:have briefly to consider. The subject is so vast that I have been faced with the problem of theAstrology, 27:technical terms. If, in the presentation of this vast subject, and in the process of indicating theAstrology, 30:Speculation along these lines is profitless. A vast system of interlocking energies is in activeAstrology, 30:capacity. We shall confine ourselves to the vast field of energies which I have outlined for yourAstrology, 38:sense, even as the Christ was the "Eldest in a vast family of brothers," and the "first flower onAstrology, 49:of the ego, from the form of a flower to the vast planetary or solar lotus) because the HierarchiesAstrology, 75:of complexities and relationships, due to the vast number of possible combinations existing in theAstrology, 76:Those who are using the solar plexus center as a vast clearing house for the incoming energies andAstrology, 129:to the human kingdom. This subject is too vast and complicated to be elaborated here, but the pointAstrology, 166:the stage of being the world disciple, and vast numbers relatively stood upon the Path ofAstrology, 238:be increasingly the case. The subject is too vast and too important for me to do more than indicateAstrology, 239:world disciple to take initiation. During the vast interim between the Atlantean decisive happeningAstrology, 240:activity in Capricorn. All this is on a somewhat vast and incomprehensible scale as far as theAstrology, 274:substance of the flame which lights the way. A vast field of psychological research in connectionAstrology, 274:Hierarchies is indicated above, but it is of too vast a nature for me to consider in this treatise.Astrology, 309:whether the group is small, as in a home, or vast as in a nation. He is then polarized above theAstrology, 336:it is the story of the response of form - vast as in a solar system, microcosmic as in a humanAstrology, 400:I have not time for the interpretation of this vast and profitable field of knowledge. "Our Lady,Astrology, 403:almost to the point of bewilderment the vast aggregation of impelling energies which playAstrology, 412:a major trinity of energies, emerging out of a vast and incomprehensible aggregation of forces andAstrology, 413:forces, expressing themselves as ideas and vast thought currents. This is the fact that humanity asAstrology, 420:mathematical conditioning - a subject of such vast dimensions and mystery that no Life within ourAstrology, 462:line I may not here dictate. The subject is too vast, abstruse and complicated. I have, however,Astrology, 481:close of the world cycle. But the theme is too vast and all I seek to do is to point the wayAstrology, 486:potency of Leo can be traced since then in the vast number of people who are achieving theAstrology, 520:as deeply affected through the destruction of vast areas of forests, fields and wide spaces ofAstrology, 539:is responsible for the use of mental power on a vast scale, notably in the material sense as atAstrology, 541:enough to take them. [541] In spite of the vast destruction everywhere, the work of the seventh rayAstrology, 569:of the Mutable Cross have brought about a vast experience of life in form. There is now a graduallyAstrology, 573:likewise three emerging conditions: There is a vast experience of group life, group activity andAstrology, 581:will naturally be still more difficult. For the vast majority of men, true love is still only aAstrology, 593:few words, I have sought to convey an idea of a vast subjective realization. What I am hinting atAstrology, 608:I may not say, because the entire theme is too vast. for human thinking, with its limitations ofAstrology, 608:of language. But even a dim perception of that vast aggregation of intelligent Forces and thisAstrology, 608:(and consequently out planet) is a part of this vast whole, kept alive by its "grace," [609] fusedAstrology, 647:is (from the higher cosmic planes) seen as a vast blue lotus and so on down the scale; even theAtom, 6:religions, and of philosophy, has been shed upon vast tracts which were earlier [12] consideredAtom, 31:of matter, the topic would be, even then, too vast to handle, but they are not, and hence theAtom, 103:human," and it also emphasizes the fact that "vast intervals exist between the consciousness of theAtom, 105:kingdoms of nature. Man is the gainer by that vast evolutionary process which lies behind him. HeAtom, 152:say that this is so, we shall meet with a vast amount of contradictory opinion; we shall find thatAtom, 152:others argue that the distances are so vast that it is impossible to determine whether certainAutobiography, 39:wide awake) in this valley and forming part of a vast, orderly crowd - mostly oriental but with aAutobiography, 116:live lives of sacrifice; they are skilled from vast experience; they handle emergencies swiftly andAutobiography, 180:she had been four times married and had a vast experience of men and matters. She was one of theAutobiography, 192:such as that possessed by the Tibetan. He has vast knowledge and I frequently give a little chuckleAutobiography, 272:himself. The disciple, however, sees a vast vision and knows how much has to be done before theAutobiography, 275:The truth has also been veiled and hidden by a vast body of secondary teaching which hasAutobiography, 292:religious, sociological or economic - as a vast method or field of experience whereby and whereinBethlehem, 44:throbbing. Man discovers himself to be one of a vast number who have undergone the [45] sameBethlehem, 104:when he spoke of Christ as the "Eldest in a vast family of brothers." (Romans, VIII, 29, Weymouth'sBethlehem, 119:Christ's nature was tested, and through them the vast sum total of the world maya, glamor andBethlehem, 177:and neighboring world had been the scene of a vast number of pagan creeds and rituals. There wereBethlehem, 229:that Soul, Tho' all the ages are its lifetime vast; Each soul that dies in its most sacred wholeDestiny, 31:rays of the majority. At this time there are a vast number of souls in incarnation whoseDestiny, 44:and right understanding. The subject is too vast a one for me to deal with here, except inDestiny, 88:enabling it to come forth in full maturity. This vast land is ruled by Gemini, linking it thereforeDestiny, 90:and personality to the United States. Hence the vast numbers of Germans who come to the States inDestiny, 131:inherent potency, men will eventually arrive at vast magical achievements and creations, producingDiscipleship1, 53:specifically pledged to help humanity. Thus a vast powerhouse and station of light has been formed.Discipleship1, 229:lead one on and prepare one for the later more vast expansions which we call initiations. It isDiscipleship1, 303:golden light, leading from where you stand to a vast two-leaved door. Then see, rolling along thisDiscipleship1, 377:point. Between these two positions there is a vast difference - the difference between aDiscipleship1, 385:Visualize yourself as standing to one side of a vast field of closed lotus buds which rest on theirDiscipleship1, 391:Angel which, in its turn, veils and hides the vast unknown, yet alive and vibrant, Deity. ThisDiscipleship1, 590:immediate need. It is not done by the laying of vast plans which fail of accomplishment becauseDiscipleship1, 688:are concerned, and frequently works out in the vast personality plans of the world leaders in theDiscipleship1, 734:whom they may know and recognize, and the vast number who remain unknown to them. An Ashram is oneDiscipleship2, 25:the tragedies today of the esoteric world is the vast amount of facts in the possession of esotericDiscipleship2, 96:actuating and incentive energies constitute a vast process of many interrelations and this, mostDiscipleship2, 205:The aspiring disciple becomes conscious of a vast meditational rhythm which is like the action ofDiscipleship2, 210:build - through contemplative meditation - a vast reservoir of potent energies which areDiscipleship2, 229:money in large quantities. I ask that the needed vast sums may be made available. May this potentDiscipleship2, 294:used to bring the stage of revelation about. The vast mass of mankind throughout the world have noDiscipleship2, 337:Then and only then will they become aware of the vast attentive spiritual audience which hasDiscipleship2, 378:he finds out also that, in order to combat this vast and vibrant astral world, an aspect of lightDiscipleship2, 404:is simply a word conveying the idea of a vast focal point of energies which are assembled andDiscipleship2, 407:It is simply and solely what it claims to be: a vast and integrated group of soul-infused persons,Discipleship2, 410:going on remains totally [410] unrecognized over vast areas of the world of thought and by manyDiscipleship2, 414:take. He is presented at this stage with a vast body or structure of truth; his mental appreciationDiscipleship2, 438:initiate are of small importance in the vast scheme of the divine life. Can you grasp anything ofDiscipleship2, 457:make the word "unity" carry hidden power. Thus a vast band of men of goodwill will be workingDiscipleship2, 733:which have colored your life. But - you have a vast stored reservoir of spiritual potency on higherEducation, vii:country, China, India and their neighbors are vast and populous. Heaven help us if they re-enactEducation, viii:dividends. We can, if we choose, make use of the vast heritage of Oriental culture available to us,Education, 57:The average citizen is in possession of a vast amount of data on every imaginable subject. Much ofEducation, 58:is superficial and relatively worthless, is so vast today that it is impossible to register it, andEducation, 78:I have been dealing with the unnecessary and vast accumulation of imposed difficulties which areEducation, 85:will be considered. Thus the child will absorb a vast amount of historical information, of creativeEducation, 123:Hierarchy and affiliated groups. The fusion of a vast number of men into various idealistic groups.Education, 123:ramifications and subsidiary groups constitute a vast interlocking network throughout the worldEducation, 132:sexual relationship and physical birth that the vast Hierarchy of Souls can achieve physicalEducation, 138:and the unthinking procreation of children. The vast population of the world today is the result ofExternalisation, 4:obvious, therefore, that this must bring about vast changes and alterations in the humanExternalisation, 8:body and are instinctual, but they have, for the vast majority, dropped below the threshold ofExternalisation, 9:type of inspired teacher and seer are found a vast diversity of grades, and that the centers areExternalisation, 13:technique of that training. The subject is too vast for a brief article. I do say, with emphasis,Externalisation, 13:Research Societies in the world and the vast Spiritualistic Movement to lay the emphasis on divineExternalisation, 48:At the same time there is to be found a vast number of people who are human beings but who are notExternalisation, 77:it will do so by fusing the problem in one vast humanitarian situation. When that happens, the
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