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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VAST

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Psychology2, 512:mass intention and opens up to him therefore the vast resources of mass intention. This enables himPsychology2, 518:the great and modern human movements, involving vast numbers of men and engineered usually by somePsychology2, 519:of Humanity. You will see from the above how vast and intricate is our theme. It will not bePsychology2, 541:purely selfish. A business magnate controlling vast interests who has the lives of many peoplePsychology2, 542:Let that not be forgotten. The whole theme is vast, but many minds are today seeking to deal withPsychology2, 611:This whole subject of light and power is of so vast a nature and is relatively so little understoodPsychology2, 642:so that they can cooperate together in their vast masses. Those constitute an incredibly largePsychology2, 688:on these words? This is a group effort towards a vast group healing and by prayer (sanctifiedPsychology2, 692:of the day of opportunity, mobilizing them for a vast world effort to arouse afresh a spirit ofPsychology2, 708:we may not here enlarge as the theme is too vast. It can, however, be noted that a recognition ofPsychology2, 730:we are omitting to recognize the presence of the vast millions of the unenlightened masses who hangPsychology2, 742:the hearts of all men, that there will be such a vast number of men and women of good will in thePsychology2, 743:World Servers has its members in every land. A vast number are known. They are practicalRays, 6:which the Ego, the real Man looks out upon vast and (to the majority) unknown fields of knowledge. Rays, 93:[93] process of incarnation. The subject is too vast and intricate to be adequately consideredRays, 111:this system is to persist, and considering the vast numbers of souls in and out of incarnation whoRays, 118:light reveals to the initiate a horizon so vast that it has hitherto escaped his capacity and isRays, 139:Of that Way we know much, because upon the Way a vast body of teaching has been given, and thatRays, 186:It fed upon human desire and resembled a vast over-shadowing vampire. It vitiated human living andRays, 203:to grasp the continuity of revelation and the vast future or vista of unfolding wonder which, stageRays, 231:day, though they will be experiments based upon vast knowledge and implemented with wisdom andRays, 248:fourth initiation. You will see, therefore, how vast a field this instruction on Rule XIII covers.Rays, 307:with the wholes, the cycles of time, with those vast plans of livingness which man calls history,Rays, 324:in the nature of a preparatory thesis covering a vast field or area of information. The first twoRays, 382:Time is a sequence or pattern of events) covered vast cycles; aeon by aeon, the work went on untilRays, 385:first time realized the complete success of the vast work, carried on in the human center forRays, 406:found on the Earth, but they are, in all cases, vast groups of living forms which areRays, 416:between our unimportant little planet and that vast expression of divinity, the Life which isRays, 422:though in both cases the time embraced may cover vast periods, from the point of view of humanity.Rays, 462:at the end of this world cycle. Here is the vast and necessary picture, presented in order to giveRays, 471:symbols, simple as they are, embody and convey vast truths to the illumined mind. RelativelyRays, 547:which he is being prepared. This is a theme too vast for us to consider here, but it is an ideaRays, 559:this transference. This ray experience covers a vast period of time. Except in the occult teachingRays, 571:human need - will eventually be controlled by a vast group of initiates of the first initiation -Rays, 580:are the tangible expression) is swinging vast groups of men everywhere into united emotionalRays, 584:is the opportunity confronting humanity today. Vast numbers of men will take the first step towardsRays, 712:kingdoms in nature. This whole subject is too vast to be entered into here, [713] but I have givenRays, 724:of planetary karma, which is greater and more vast than his little individual karma, be it good orReappearance, 50:into being. We are attempting to do it on a vast scale and this in spite of opposition - anReappearance, 58:and the World of Men) are all striving in one vast movement for an intensification of the Light ofReappearance, 67:is no easy task; the vision of the Christ is so vast and His grasp of the Law of Cause and Effect,Reappearance, 175:more correctly than any other nation because of vast experience but always too with an eye toReappearance, 175:brand of democracy upon the world, using her vast capital and resources in so doing, and gatheringSoul, 73:have place. They have been gathered out of a vast number. It is noticeable that there is a verySoul, 149:what it lacks in precision it makes up by its vast number of trials and errors extending over manyTelepathy, 61:science apart from him, as it would include too vast a field) becomes sensitive to his environment,Telepathy, 65:been present though unrealized) will bring about vast [66] changes and more far-reaching resultsTelepathy, 83:The whole planetary system is in reality a vast interlocking, interdependent and interrelatedTelepathy, 99:upon the mental plane. This takes time and vast effort. Eventually - as mentioned above - theTelepathy, 104:from etheric or astral levels, as are the vast majority of astral psychics - and their name isTelepathy, 124:supreme Purpose - a Purpose which is part of the vast purpose of the solar Logos, working throughTelepathy, 132:in human form on Earth, as was the case with the vast majority of these visiting Solar Angels.Telepathy, 135:is that which integrates the human soul into the vast general whole and makes the individual anTelepathy, 139:familiar to a certain extent, because there is a vast amount of information anent the etheric bodyTelepathy, 141:with the etheric body. The etheric body, in the vast majority of cases is the vehicle or theTelepathy, 148:man to whom you talk, are sharing with you the vast circulatory life of the planet as it streamsTelepathy, 178:form of consciousness. This etheric body - vast and unknown as it is, as to its extent - isTelepathy, 180:It is this magnetic interplay between the many vast centers of energy in space which is the basisTelepathy, 183:the Seven Rays, Vol. III.) At the heart of this vast sea of energies is to be found that cosmic
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