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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VAULT

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Astrology, 8:Doctrine. Space is an entity and the entire "vault of heaven" (as it has been poetically called) isBethlehem, 64:but has ever been held before men's eyes in the vault of heaven. Thus as "the heavens declare theDiscipleship1, 151:"One star shone forth within the dark blue vault of heaven. Then another and still another could beFire, 16:[16] From out the greater Wheel, down from the vault of heaven, came into light the lesser wheelFire, 20:hidden light. Around the fourfold one lieth the vault of stone; beneath him menaceth the root ofFire, 151:in the occident, have taught that the entire vault of heaven is a vast sphere, revolving slowlyFire, 412:concept of Being to [412] embrace the entire vault of the Heavens. It is interesting to bear inFire, 897:sheaths or frameworks, sheltering an inner "vault"; both forms are hollow, both have their negativeFire, 996:of solar fire, fanned to a flame in the blazing vault of the second Heaven, put out the lower lunarFire, 1060:has developed the power of the inner vision, the vault of Heaven can therefore be seen as a blazingFire, 1084:- to the eye of the illumined seer - the entire vault of Heaven is seen to be in motion. All theFire, 1270:reach to the utmost confines of the starry vault. The Two arise and pass the essential FlameInitiation, 209:beholdest. I see a ladder, mounting within the vault of blue, its feet lost sight of in the mistsMeditation, 212:be in place: The true indigo is the blue of the vault of heaven on a moonless night. It is the
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