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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VEHICLE

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Fire, 856:record. This deals with the more permanent egoic vehicle, and concerns itself with: The rate ofFire, 859:the throat center. The splenic center, being the vehicle of prana, is specially developed underFire, 901:that the physical plane will produce the exact vehicle needed for microcosmic or macrocosmicFire, 916:life which form the dense physical vehicle of a Heavenly Man, and of the Grand Man of the Heavens.Fire, 916:a comprehension of the reason why the physical vehicle is never considered a principle at all byFire, 927:vitality is ready to energize the dense physical vehicle. The seven centers with their forty-nineFire, 928:between the two parts of the physical vehicle. 85 Mantric Sounds. A mantram is a combination ofFire, 931:as follows: 1. The builders of the human vehicle. This is the highest group of lesser builders, whoFire, 936:substances, so that the necessary physical vehicle for his objective manifestation becomes anFire, 937:the astral substance, built into the astral vehicle and the matter of the physical body. TheseFire, 939:to the steady increase of the human physical vehicle, so that it may follow accurately the lines ofFire, 947:- three planes of the three worlds. Logoic dense vehicle. Each plane will be found to reflect thisFire, 969:physical concretion takes place; as the physical vehicle assumes the necessary proportions, theFire, 1005:any form conditions: The nature of the physical vehicle. The transmission of force from the nextFire, 1009:Self takes a more complete grasp of its lower vehicle, and descends to a point in the head or brainFire, 1013:separated form is no longer the case. The human vehicle then created is as much a thought form inFire, 1015:is one who sees to the readiness of his lowest vehicle to carry the fire wherewith he works, andFire, 1023:order to be built into the proposed thought vehicle. Such work can necessarily only be done by theFire, 1048:The Sun is the sixth principle, buddhi, and its vehicle. (The Dragons of Wisdom taking form on theFire, 1048:matter aspect. "The Primordial Ray is only the vehicle of the Divine Ray." - S. D., I, 108. Fire, 1061:Second, that the "true form" or the force-vehicle energizes and produces the cohesion of that whichFire, 1063:They exist in two great groups: The Ahhi are the vehicle of divine thought. - S. D., I, 70. TheFire, 1088:body of manifestation, cells within that greater vehicle, and thus vitalized by His life, qualifiedFire, 1098:the particular set of lunar pitris who form the vehicle. The mental body is composed of only fourFire, 1103:regarded as negative to the mental. The astral vehicle is the point of the at-one-ment of theFire, 1108:sheath as it manifests throughout the entire vehicle. Fire, 1109:and he escapes from limitation into the causal vehicle. Fire, 1110:To study the nature of motion in the causal vehicle involves much clarity of thought, and dueFire, 1110:body, we are dealing specifically with the vehicle of manifestation of a solar Angel who is itsFire, 1117:are guaranteed by the very constitution of the vehicle employed, and the place in the scheme of theFire, 1122:bodies. All is centralized, and the etheric vehicle waits for use on the physical plane inFire, 1128:three forms are active, thus utilizing them as a vehicle. We have noted also that there are alsoFire, 1150:When a messenger of the Great Lodge needs a vehicle through which to express Himself, and cannotFire, 1192:the form to vibration, or the construction of a vehicle which will be a fitting instrument forFire, 1199:the logoic etheric body into the dense physical vehicle. This third Hierarchy wields the thirdFire, 1207:studied as going on within the physical, logoic vehicle. They deal with the display of physicalFire, 1207:energy; with the working out in the physical vehicle, of all divine purposes, and with the physicalFire, 1209:nature of man. The distinctions between the vehicle and that which utilizes the vehicle. TheFire, 1209:between the vehicle and that which utilizes the vehicle. The distinction between a Ray which is theFire, 1214:force of atma itself, of which buddhi is but the vehicle. These three streams of force should holdFire, 1219:be applied to the units devoid of a physical vehicle who form a component part of the mental bodyFire, 1248:to him when he can function in the monadic vehicle and is conscious in that unit of force. [1249]Fire, 1257:being undergone the adept functions in a form or vehicle which is a correspondence upon the planeGlamour, 92:each of you in relation to that particular vehicle, and assigning a meditation which will enableGlamour, 172:is ended; for the control of the purified astral vehicle is consciously and technically broughtGlamour, 205:of substance. The light of the vital or etheric vehicle - a light which is the reflection of theGlamour, 208:light of the mind and of matter in the mental vehicle. This signifies a bringing together of theGlamour, 215:the mind and the light of matter in the mental vehicle. This is done by a process of lifting up andGlamour, 246:and has mastered some facts anent the etheric vehicle. The pairs of opposites are dearly seen byGlamour, 249:of the emotional nature. The ray of the physical vehicle. The energy of the sun sign. The influenceGlamour, 249:energies as they find their way into the etheric vehicle. Now comes the stage wherein he is in aGlamour, 257:right thought, plus an understanding of the vehicle of expression and the world of forces intoGlamour, 261:from points of spiritual tension. The astral vehicle and the forces of glamor; or sentient,Glamour, 261:the life in the three worlds. The soul, as the vehicle of monadic impression, until such time asGlamour, 261:- via the etheric body - sweep the physical vehicle into activity upon the physical plane, thusHealing, 25:at present in the emotional body, and that that vehicle of expression is the one predominantHealing, 45:Vision Petals of egoic lotus, as a whole Buddhic vehicle Causal body Higher mental All types ofHealing, 49:is a relatively simple matter. In the astral vehicle of expression there are, as you may realize,Healing, 73:These forces, seeking inlet into the dense vehicle, are emanations from three directions (if I mayHealing, 74:This will produce congestion in the etheric vehicle, and consequent and subsequent difficulties inHealing, 79:poor that the soul has very little hold upon its vehicle [80] for outer manifestation, andHealing, 84:of the centers in one part of the etheric vehicle and their underdevelopment in another, plus theHealing, 85:force in correct rhythm throughout the physical vehicle. [86] You have, therefore, certain greatHealing, 87:expression through the medium of the physical vehicle. The glands do not condition the inner man orHealing, 90:the region of the higher values the physical vehicle will gain enormously, and good health -Healing, 107:this you can see the importance of the etheric vehicle. [108] The first aspect, which has for itsHealing, 111:that it is of major importance that the physical vehicle be rendered free from disease and clutchedHealing, 112:humanity has chosen to construct its physical vehicle, isolating it and separating it from theHealing, 121:about the liberation of the soul from its vehicle. They are, however - little as it may appear -Healing, 128:habit and inevitably affects the physical vehicle of the soul. Exemption from the effects of humanHealing, 136:constituent part of them ourselves. The physical vehicle is a fusion of two energies and sevenHealing, 137:produces stress and strain in the physical vehicle. Personality life and focus, which attempts toHealing, 138:that initiation has been taken, the physical vehicle is of a totally different caliber and quality,Healing, 140:the body; they bring all parts of the physical vehicle into relation with each other; they alsoHealing, 141:of distribution of energy are: 1. The etheric vehicle itself. This with its myriads of lines ofHealing, 143:It might be added here that: The etheric vehicle from the circulatory angle, is governed by theHealing, 144:energy body which underlies the dense physical vehicle. There are many focal points of force withinHealing, 167:willed it and his soul had therefore drawn its vehicle (the physical man) into the radiatory auraHealing, 171:The solar plexus is the center in the etheric vehicle through which humanity (average,Healing, 181:of the Holy Spirit, the energy of the etheric vehicle - is translated "into Heaven," there (as theHealing, 196:every part and particle of the dense physical vehicle. This is a point which will later receiveHealing, 197:are conveyed to every part of the physical vehicle via the blood stream. This, modern science isHealing, 199:penetrates to every part of the physical vehicle, to every organism and to every cell and atom. ItHealing, 203:in perfect unison, the entire direction of the vehicle of the soul. Finally, you will have theHealing, 216:physical body, so this stage affects the astral vehicle with great potency; emotional reactions areHealing, 218:to pour into the blood stream what the physical vehicle needs. Owing to their inadequacy, the bodyHealing, 227:conditions them, the material of their physical vehicle will be largely responsive to thatHealing, 228:nature, meaning and significance of the physical vehicle, just as in the next race, the emotionalHealing, 245:and the corruption and dissipation of the bodily vehicle until it has been again completelyHealing, 269:spiritual goal for humanity whilst in a Jewish vehicle. The Hierarchy is also sending into JewishHealing, 276:mental nature, the astral body and the physical vehicle. This therefore involves five energiesHealing, 276:and with its effect upon the entire physical vehicle. The average general practitioner cannot copeHealing, 277:concentrate upon the condition of the etheric vehicle. This is a new and imminent development inHealing, 282:produces, in its creative work and in its vital vehicle, a particular constitution to which theHealing, 282:is the etheric body interwoven with the physical vehicle that it is well nigh impossible toHealing, 300:built, and frequently creating an [300] etheric vehicle which is too potent for the outer exotericHealing, 311:of the soul's choosing of a body and the type of vehicle wherein certain types of lessons can beHealing, 316:between the etheric body and the dense physical vehicle. Then obsession or possession can occur.Healing, 316:the soul deliberately chooses for a physical vehicle that form which will have in it certainHealing, 317:of Karma when the soul is unable to grip its vehicle - as is the case in the unevolved; or with
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