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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VEHICLE

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Healing, 326:which is loosely coordinated with the physical vehicle and loosely connected, and which hasHealing, 331:aspect of soul life which preserves the physical vehicle in health through the free play of theHealing, 347:these potencies in the process of discarding a vehicle on some plane or another. It might be saidHealing, 359:effects. Thus cures are brought about in some vehicle or another and frequently in the physicalHealing, 359:or another and frequently in the physical vehicle. The physical condition or disease retains, soHealing, 378:will never be possible to photograph the mental vehicle; only the astral body will be susceptibleHealing, 392:when the man finds himself without a physical vehicle, is as nothing compared to the loneliness ofHealing, 401:human being to life, withdrawn from a tangible vehicle; it ignores all evidence to the contrary andHealing, 408:of the dense physical body and the etheric vehicle. We have consequently, when considering theHealing, 408:of the planetary Life. That in which the etheric vehicle, composed of an aggregation of forces,Healing, 409:gave the name of the "kama-manasic body" or the vehicle of desire-mind. I have said elsewhere thatHealing, 414:the withdrawal of the life force in the etheric vehicle from the dense physical body and theHealing, 415:human being is its withdrawal from the mental vehicle. The life forces after this fourfoldHealing, 416:that makes the solar system what it is - the vehicle through which a great cosmic Entity, the solarHealing, 417:withdrawal of the life from out of the etheric vehicle, will be the same whether one studies theHealing, 419:the atomic level. b. For man, it is the causal vehicle. c. For the Heavenly Man, it is the secondHealing, 420:of opposites, the spirit and the matter of the vehicle, dissociate. With this dissociation theHealing, 434:have constituted the astral body and the mental vehicle. Absorption, the mode whereby the humanHealing, 445:rhythmic functioning of his sleeping physical vehicle. This is a deep and largely unrealized truth.Healing, 446:is freedom from the handicaps of the fleshly vehicle. The rending process so much dreaded does notHealing, 452:the body of the Christ principle (the Buddhic vehicle) only begins to coordinate as the lowerHealing, 453:the impulses which lie hidden in the physical vehicle or in the astral body are not in themselvesHealing, 460:conscious entity is still occupying the etheric vehicle, though the discarding of the denseHealing, 460:soul within the ring-pass-not of his astral vehicle. You have here a somewhat new aspect of theHealing, 462:of the dense physical body and the etheric vehicle. The physical elemental (which is the name givenHealing, 464:through a number of minor centers. The etheric vehicle, which has a powerful coordinated life ofHealing, 466:always surrounded, but not penetrated, the dense vehicle. This has been sometimes erroneouslyHealing, 467:the emotional (or astral) body or the mental vehicle, according to the point in evolution. He isHealing, 470:breaks all contact with the dense physical vehicle, focuses for a short period in the vital body,Healing, 477:which we call the astral body and the mental vehicle, and at the center there is a point of lightHealing, 477:substance which is identified with the etheric vehicle of the planet itself. This process ofHealing, 479:of the inner man again within the etheric vehicle, but requires a coming together of the dissipatedHealing, 483:are dissolved; the quicker the human physical vehicle is destroyed, the quicker is its hold uponHealing, 484:When the inner man withdraws from his physical vehicle he withdraws simultaneously from the ethericHealing, 486:astral body, and then, later, into his mental vehicle. But this is not actually the case. A bodyHealing, 486:Few people are as yet so developed that the vehicle in which they find themselves after death isHealing, 487:body, have little else to do; there is no mental vehicle to draw them into a mental integrationHealing, 488:person is possessed of a translucent mental vehicle with a light density which is in proportion toHealing, 488:of all, his astral body, and then his mental vehicle. [489] He eliminates the astral body by meansHealing, 491:his astral body, or rather in his kama-manasic vehicle, sees the experience of the past incarnationHealing, 492:determines the quality of the etheric body as a vehicle through which the ray forces can makeHealing, 492:Seed Three gives the key to the astral vehicle in which the man will be polarized in the nextHealing, 494:of the kamic body or of the kama-manasic vehicle. One of the things to remember here is that onceHealing, 495:than was the restitution of the physical vehicle. Another point must also be considered. On theHealing, 496:quality and nature which will provide the needed vehicle of contact with the environment demandedHealing, 497:of [497] soul contact eventuates and the manasic vehicle is in process of destruction, he becomesHealing, 497:desire, there is nothing with which to feed this vehicle. The astral body comes into being throughHealing, 497:with dynamic intent by the soul in the mental vehicle to reverse the call, and matter then respondsHealing, 497:is left standing free within an embryonic mental vehicle, and this period of semi-mental life isHealing, 498:focused and permanently centered in the mental vehicle), the earlier processes of the destructionHealing, 501:a growing identification of the soul with its vehicle, the lower triple man. The bodies become thenHealing, 518:in the disappearance or destruction of the soul vehicle or causal body, and the establishment,Healing, 519:and hints also at a future building of a vehicle of manifestation. St. Peter says, "Lord, let usHealing, 525:of the subtle apparatus of the etheric vehicle. The power to reverse, reorient and "exalt" theHealing, 530:and information anent the dense physical vehicle. This has been accumulated by men of science downHealing, 538:anxious care of the form life, of the physical vehicle, is not of major importance. The healer inHealing, 539:the astral body, and from thence to the etheric vehicle? By no means. In cases of real and seriousHealing, 540:is the factor of major importance and the main vehicle with which he must deal. He thereforeHealing, 548:body, whose energies condition The etheric vehicle, a vortex of energies focused through numerousHealing, 549:formal indications of wrong conditions to that vehicle of energies which - if correctly functioningHealing, 552:(for definite purpose of vacating his physical vehicle) may be permitting the forces ofHealing, 559:its way into the physical body, via the etheric vehicle. The greater part will be retained (to useHealing, 559:of the soul energy upon an unready physical vehicle; at that stage only certain of the majorHealing, 560:relates the emotional nature to the physical vehicle, and therefore there is a gap in theirHealing, 570:case strictly personality energy) in the etheric vehicle. This energy is then directed to the areaHealing, 573:soul enter the physical body, via the etheric vehicle, and are responsible for the frictionalHealing, 579:from the dense physical body to the emotional vehicle began slowly to be made. The initiate of thatHealing, 580:greater measure of purity in the dense physical vehicle than the Lemurian initiate ever achieved.Healing, 589:as energies, anchor themselves in the soul vehicle, in the egoic lotus, and their fused activityHealing, 589:not as a quality), produces the egoic lotus, the vehicle of that "identified soul" which has beenHealing, 592:makes its impact upon the forces of the etheric vehicle, setting up an emotional turmoil, and thusHealing, 598:not the secret [598] of how to cure the physical vehicle when "bodily ills" are present. But thereHealing, 601:a new and much better treatment of the human vehicle than is now [602] the case. Then the healer'sHealing, 613:body is simply (no more and no less) the vehicle of consciousness upon the physical plane, but theHealing, 617:consequently, the activities of the physical vehicle. This law brings to our attention the factHealing, 618:and its automaton, the receiving dense physical vehicle. In continuing our consideration of theHealing, 620:between the seven centers in the human etheric vehicle. This is - perhaps astonishingly to you -Healing, 621:divinity. All the seven centers in the etheric vehicle of the Christ were rightly adjusted,Healing, 625:ordinary man is largely upon the physical vehicle, and he pays little or no attention to theHealing, 627:but the energy poured into the patient's vehicle is not mental energy, but one of the seven formsHealing, 634:is the occult word I prefer) a dense physical vehicle. This dense physical body is part of theHealing, 634:of the planetary entity. This dense physical vehicle is released into a temporary and directedHealing, 634:sumtotal of all atomic substance. This physical vehicle - having its own life and having a measureHealing, 635:circulate through and condition the etheric vehicle, but I refer here only to the lowest physicalHealing, 637:body, and have to be content with an etheric vehicle. There are therefore three types of life,Healing, 684:or transcendental a form as the soul in its own vehicle, the causal body or the egoic lotus. YetHealing, 689:angle of the fourth initiation even the egoic vehicle, the soul body, is regarded and treated as aHealing, 696:or who are equipped with a powerful second ray vehicle, are usually great healers. The Christ,Healing, 696:when passing through the appropriate personality vehicle. To be appropriate it must be on the lineHealing, 697:be on the line of 2-4-6. [697] The appropriate vehicle can be either the mental body or theHealing, 697:of: The energy of the soul. The appropriate vehicle. The etheric body, through either the heart orHealing, 698:then relate the soul energy, via the desired vehicle, with the appropriate center in the ethericHealing, 699:the basic method, and use the appropriate lower vehicle (either his own or that of the patient)Healing, 703:the patient's karma) so fortify his physical vehicle that he can cast off the disease or can beHealing, 708:two hearts revolve as one; the twelve within the vehicle, the twelve within the head and the twelveHealing, 714:the fact of the energy body, the etheric vehicle, is not at this time recognized in the teachingsHercules, 120:the whole message of this sign: "Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this turnHercules, 120:soul on this turn of the spiral; and soul is the vehicle on a higher turn of the spiral for theHercules, 162:even; for we are told that matter or form is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul, and soul onHercules, 162:and soul on a higher turn of the spiral is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit, and these
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