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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VEIL

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Astrology, 14:occupied with the exoteric fringes of that great veil which has been thrown wisely over planetaryAstrology, 82:the Angel and leaves behind the inner torn veil, mounts the major Cross and passes into day, theAstrology, 276:that which produces the destruction of the veil of illusion and is symbolically referred to in TheAstrology, 276:referred to in The New Testament as "the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to theAstrology, 290:upon the form or the aggregate of forms which veil the conscious entity of whatever nature or gradeAstrology, 398:express the beauty which all forms intrinsically veil, thus bringing to all revelation of thatAstrology, 509:only in the present cycle that the Sun and Moon "veil" certain planets and are the exoteric symbolsAstrology, 579:taught humanity many lessons and have torn the veil of self away from many eyes. Values which haveAstrology, 598:harmony with the will of God and then "the veil of the Temple was rent in twain from the top to theAstrology, 635:mythologies. (S.D. Vol. I, 223) Behind this veil... of astrological symbols, there were the occultAstrology, 646:of the Earth." [646] Note: The sun and moon veil hidden planets. These are the four Maharajas,Astrology, 682:easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak. Perhaps a hint may be given inAutobiography, 239:left us for a while and disappeared behind the veil which separates the seen from the unseen. ThisAutobiography, 266:of energies and forces which all outer forms veil and hide. They deal with that which must be knownBethlehem, 88:These three compose the form side of man, and veil or hide the soul. They are in reality hisBethlehem, 151:upon it, and history tells that he had to use a veil to shield that radiance from others. But theBethlehem, 194:way which he hath consecrated for us through the veil, that is to say his flesh... let us drawBethlehem, 207:of the future, and entered for us within the veil, leaving us an example that we should follow HisBethlehem, 224:given is expressed in the words: "Behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top toDestiny, 42:all that serves to thin or tear away the veil between the worlds wherein those who have no physicalDestiny, 45:of the world on the other side of the veil, there is no fear of death and then the major aspect ofDiscipleship1, 227:comes for you to serve on the other side of the veil of life. Ponder on these three words -Discipleship1, 274:your outlines clear and let no haze of any kind veil the sharpness of their contours. Let bothDiscipleship1, 463:disciple looking anxiously at the separating veil and hoping for some sign to come through whichDiscipleship1, 505:longer will your astral body (which walks in the veil of illusion) be the dominant and decidingDiscipleship1, 512:then the person is never seen except through the veil of this glamor. Consequently again, theDiscipleship1, 542:true to type, conforming to the pattern. They veil a central ball - the seed of life. ThirdDiscipleship1, 584:the Pilgrim must avoid. The wearing of a hood, a veil which hides his face from others; theDiscipleship1, 590:to spare. We who work on the other side of the veil [591] have always to take into considerationDiscipleship1, 678:to the Father's Heart. The fires destroy the veil, hiding the Father's Face." Discipleship1, 742:be on to levels of conscious astralism and the veil between the seen and the unseen will rapidlyDiscipleship2, 28:they have gone over to the other side of the veil but are still actively cooperating with theDiscipleship2, 108:who are functioning upon the other side of the veil. I have asked A.A.B. to send each of you aDiscipleship2, 285:IS. Space IS. Time and space reverberate and veil the One who stands behind. Pure Being IS -Discipleship2, 307:The meaning which the facts and the format veil and hide and for which the one who is beingDiscipleship2, 316:from the custody of the Guardians behind the veil. This presented the Hierarchy with anotherDiscipleship2, 349:recognition (by the initiate) that they simply veil an ultimate possibility for which he must workDiscipleship2, 364:be found behind all exoteric [364] forms. They veil that which is in process of being revealed.Discipleship2, 364:They are revealing patterns. They contain or veil the six prerequisites for initiation, and areDiscipleship2, 405:which we read in The New Testament that "the veil of the Temple was rent in twain from the top toDiscipleship2, 411:significance; any apparent simplicity is the veil of deeply hidden truth, and it is for this thatDiscipleship2, 423:they voice a vague objective. Nevertheless, they veil and signify the most tremendous experience ofDiscipleship2, 436:of the higher states of Being which hide and veil a Light which is not of planetary creation. TheseDiscipleship2, 463:whether you are on this side of the separating veil or not. I am not informing them whether youDiscipleship2, 487:I see you on the other side of the separating veil, there must be the expression of the three typesDiscipleship2, 502:body - he stands upon the other side of the veil. There must be no gap in that service. He mustDiscipleship2, 504:and on into the freedom of the other side of the veil. This preservation of conscious integrity isDiscipleship2, 514:devotion is dominant, the glamor of devotion can veil the reality of any existent ambition. TheDiscipleship2, 554:it destroys all the glamorous which may hide or veil the immediate point of illumination for theExternalisation, 4:populace, the web of etheric matter (called the "veil of the temple") which separates the physicalExternalisation, 6:to the man of that which lies behind the veil are misinterpreted and the information gained isExternalisation, 6:of a new form of astral energy through the rent veil which has, until a short while ago,Externalisation, 11:to advanced souls on the other side of the veil and who give themselves so that their fellowmen mayExternalisation, 11:may learn of them; thus, on both sides of the veil of separation, are souls aided and givenExternalisation, 102:as simple language as possible; I seek not to veil and obscure their simplicity and truth by manyExternalisation, 150:and inner divine life which all outer forms veil. This is now for the first time possible in theExternalisation, 258:selfish (though they seek by philanthropy to veil it), but they are rapidly awakening to the trueExternalisation, 261:and far-reaching enough to pierce beyond the veil which protects the Earth, to those far distantExternalisation, 291:called, 'leading to the rending of a veil and the permeation of light.' This energy may beExternalisation, 342:humanity many lessons and will have torn the veil of self away from many eyes. Values which haveExternalisation, 389:is accorded to mankind and that behind the veil which separates the visible from the invisibleExternalisation, 405:into the world of meaning which all symbols veil. These truths are part of all that the past givesExternalisation, 492:of the material forms which hide and veil the anima mundi. Both groups have been profoundlyExternalisation, 506:active movements which endeavor to strip the veil from the world of the unseen. He impresses theExternalisation, 509:accomplishment of this, the separating web (the veil of the temple) which divides the physicalExternalisation, 509:through the steady thinning of the separating veil, more and more during the coming years will theExternalisation, 520:activities have all been carried on "behind the veil" and are, of course, only a very small part ofExternalisation, 593:He did and does) have "entered for us within the veil, leaving us an example that we too shouldFire, 150:and a clouding of the idea; words literally veil or hide thoughts, detract from their clarity, andFire, 161:sheaths, the rays in which the Heavenly Men veil Themselves, the planes which form the bodies ofFire, 199:then the Self can dissociate itself from every veil, every contact, and every sense. This leads inFire, 228:is "under the bushel," or deeply hidden by a veil of matter, but in due process of evolution itFire, 366:easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak. Perhaps a hint may be given inFire, 557:be regarded as an idea or concept, clothed in a veil or sheath of subtler matter than the physical,Fire, 560:from mental levels, and clothing itself in a veil of negative substance. These two factors in turnFire, 610:the third aspect dominates, and man is in the veil of illusion. Second. The period wherein the Ego,Fire, 680:be possible entirely to dispel the clouds which veil the central mystery, but perhaps, by dueFire, 748:which seeketh to withstand. [748] The Asuras veil their faces, and the pit of maya reeleth to theFire, 892:through the agency of glamor, and cast a veil over their objective manifestation. When ethericFire, 892:for the glamor, as we understand it, is only a veil over that which is tangible. Students must atFire, 966:S. D., I, 694. The inner eye can see through the veil of matter. - S. D., I, 694. The spiritual eyeFire, 981:who are contacted on the other side of the veil. But only he who has learned to keep silent, andFire, 981:knowledge of the times to speak can pass this veil and make certain esoteric contacts. MagicFire, 1051:occupied with the exoteric fringes of that great veil which has been wisely thrown over allFire, 1102:himself off from his own real Self. Through the veil of mental matter he first knows separation,Fire, 1171:color serves a twofold purpose. It acts as a veil for that which lies behind, and is thereforeFire, 1196:veiled by the Rays, but each is found behind the veil of every ray, for in their totality they areFire, 1237:has hitherto been known and conceived is but the veil; this is the heart of the Unknown which holdsFire, 1241:has transcended color, has passed beyond the veil and has expanded His consciousness so that he isFire, 1243:initiates upon Path III through "piercing the veil" find themselves upon Path V. This leaves PathFire, 1279:wisdom of the spheres, seeketh a form wherein to veil the Essence, and through the progress of theGlamour, 51:Pilgrim must avoid. The wearing of a hood, the veil which hides his face from others; the carryingGlamour, 56:then "clothed with color, and thereby the first veil descends." The point in evolution which theGlamour, 82:the reality in all forms, hidden hitherto by the veil of illusion. This is one of the paradoxes ofGlamour, 141:eventually a condition which serves to veil successfully the true nature of the spiritual man. AGlamour, 191:effectively eliminates the various glamors which veil the truth from the aspirant. The stageGlamour, 211:an emotional or astral condition constitutes a veil over the truth and is a distortion of theGlamour, 240:become then more real than the truth they veil, and consequently control man's approach to Reality.Glamour, 270:the mind, when glamor has lost all power to veil and when the forces of maya can no longer hinder.Healing, 341:and psychically upset by these same cycles. The veil of illusion is lit up at that time with a
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