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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VEIL

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Healing, 377:with the tangible instrument on this side of the veil that they neglect the factor of what must beHealing, 377:them will provide still more. The separating veil will disappear through the testimony of theHealing, 392:so, for the man finds on the other side of the veil those whom he knows and who have been connectedHealing, 423:disciple looking anxiously at the separating veil and hoping for some sign to come through whichHealing, 459:One can be known. Learn that the form is but the veil which hides the splendor of Divinity. RealizeHealing, 714:coming science of healing must remain behind a veil of unsuitable language and hidden byHercules, 5:Son of God, who "has entered for us within the veil, leaving us an example that we should followHercules, 12:to say where one begins and another ends. The veil that hides the concealed Deity is wearing thin,Hercules, 73:In the endeavor to penetrate within the veil, they become engrossed with the lower side ofInitiation, 59:the great movements that tend to strip the veil from the unseen. His is the energy which, throughIntellect, 5:of our Western mystical exponents) is only a veil behind which those gifted with intuitiveIntellect, 96:form as to any other form in nature; all forms veil a divine thought, idea, or truth and are theIntellect, 152:lower body nature, and the wearing away of the veil of matter, which hides the light within eachIntellect, 152:hides the light within each human being. The veil must be pierced and there are many ways of doingIntellect, 153:the divine within himself) the reality which the veil of matter hides. This is the way of theIntellect, 153:progress and have penetrated so far within the veil that they have arrived at a something whichIntellect, 153:ways... for the soul does more than pierce the veil of matter; it identifies itself both with theIntellect, 153:of matter; it identifies itself both with the veil and with the Reality behind the veil. TherebyIntellect, 153:with the veil and with the Reality behind the veil. Thereby soul and veil and Reality are felt toIntellect, 153:the Reality behind the veil. Thereby soul and veil and Reality are felt to be one." - Hall, W.Intellect, 154:unveiled and freed from the glamor which the veil of matter casts upon it; he listens to the WisdomIntellect, 167:ecstatic vision will disappear, the clouds will veil the sun, and the world, with all its cares,Intellect, 192:of God, since any thought of other than God is a veil and an imperfection, and the more a man'sIntellect, 252:to care to pick up mantles which are only a veil to pride; they are not interested in the goodMagic, 26:group form and from those nebulous sheaths which veil and hide the One, becomes possible. TheMagic, 66:the group of teachers on the inner side of the veil. If then they have not learnt the silence thatMagic, 102:and to whom all forms are alike in that they veil and hide the light, and are but externalizationsMagic, 192:force in the higher worlds; he enters within the veil, and begins to create the pattern of thingsMagic, 240:through hypnotism and mass suggestion he draws a veil over the world and forces men to walk in theMagic, 241:uses the mind to destroy the real and to put a veil between the man and reality. It must beMagic, 289:Let the word roll forth: "Beauty and glory veil Me not. I stand revealed. I am." Fifth Ray: - LetMagic, 308:One can be known. Learn that the form is but the veil which hides the splendor of Divinity. RealizeMagic, 359:to the Father's Heart. The fires destroy the veil hiding the Father's Face." Perhaps one of theMagic, 613:yet fail to interpret the astral plane. The veil of illusion is beginning to fall before the eyesMagic, 613:eventually to the realization of unity. The veil of illusion resembles the moment before dawn whenMagic, 613:through the fogs and the streamers of mist which veil the world form and also veil the rising sun.Magic, 613:of mist which veil the world form and also veil the rising sun. Then we have that halftime, thatMagic, 617:carry light and power. These shall dispel the veil of forms which hide the true abode of earth fromMeditation, 129:a strong determination to penetrate within the veil, and to find out what lies on the other side ofMeditation, 151:his intelligent interest in the forms which veil the Self and by the employment of the principle ofMeditation, 151:the same point. He recognizes the sheaths that veil. He applies himself to the study of the lawsMeditation, 227:color. Build in the qualities that those colors veil. [228] Effect the necessary transmutation ofMeditation, 228:expressions of force or quality. They hide or veil the abstract qualities of the Logos, whichMeditation, 237:the application of color. If colors are but the veil cast over an influence, and if you can, by useMeditation, 240:Think this out, for it has much hidden under the veil of words. The occult student, therefore, fromMeditation, 241:sought only to give you some idea of color as a veil that must eventually be set aside. Under theMeditation, 249:of the esoteric colors which the esoteric veil. That color is the form and force of virtue (in theMeditation, 252:that hides all knowledge) will the forms that veil the subjective life be irradiated and known.Meditation, 257:Only by trampling on the external sheaths that veil and hide the inner center do we achieve thePatanjali, 109:still an element of illusion, a thin psychical veil, however pure and luminous that [110] veil mayPatanjali, 110:veil, however pure and luminous that [110] veil may be. It is the last and highest psychic state." Patanjali, 110:conscious expressions of divine life. The last veil of illusion is withdrawn, the great heresy ofPatanjali, 178:is carried on, the sheaths or bodies which veil the reality become attenuated and no longer act asPatanjali, 194:still more in the illusory world and adds to the veil of ignorance. Every time that the "weight ofPatanjali, 210:form of every kind is a symbol, or the objective veil of a thought. This when applied, will bePatanjali, 211:inner subjective self, using the lower man to veil and hide his form, and daily dealing with thatPatanjali, 226:which constitute the lower self and which veil the divinity which is man. These changes are dealtPatanjali, 254:through all forms and arrive at that which they veil, because that reality is identical with thePatanjali, 316:knowledge, hindrances are worn away, the veil which hides the light becomes increasingly thin untilPatanjali, 340:expression in this sutra. One refers to the veil or covering which prevents the illumination of thePatanjali, 340:achieved when a man has freed himself from this veil. That which covers up the light (the "bushel"Patanjali, 402:and four towards that which lies behind the veil. The water fails to quench the point of fire; thusPatanjali, 425:as he is) a still further progress, another veil to be penetrated. He has made a [426] greatPatanjali, 426:penetrated. What lies on the other side of that veil which hides the Father it is needless f or usPatanjali, xi:of all things, and the point of glory behind the veil of every form. In the New Testament there isPatanjali, xi:in full manifestation, wherein, freed from every veil, the soul in its true nature walks the earth.Problems, 102:and those guiding from the inner side of the veil) are seeking a solution. The solution, however,Problems, 145:attainment, Who has entered for us within the veil, leaving us an example that we should follow HisPsychology1, 36:within that unity which we call a solar system, veil the quality and purpose of Deity. It is onlyPsychology1, 36:by appearance and has freed himself from the veil of illusion that he arrives at a knowledge of thePsychology1, 42:a world of created forms which embody or veil the loving purpose of Deity. Each vibrating unit ofPsychology1, 49:which were called personalities, that mask or veil reality, will fully reveal the qualities ofPsychology1, 69:the day of creation): Produce the dual form and veil the life. Let form appear, and prove itselfPsychology1, 79:the light. The work goes forward. The workers veil their eyes from pity as from fear. The work isPsychology1, 84:before the Seven; they raised the temple's veil and entered into life. The temple grew in beauty.Psychology1, 98:and subtle nuances indicate a thinning of the veil which separates the world of external andPsychology1, 102:it will materially assist in the rending of the veil which separates the astral plane from thePsychology1, 168:consciousness of the Logos by even the finest veil of differentiation) it must necessarily belongPsychology1, 178:admit man into that world which lies behind the veil of ignorance and matter. You will note that soPsychology1, 184:happenings will do more to annihilate the veil between the seen and the unseen than any other linePsychology1, 370:racial types, and above all else, to destroy the veil or web which separates the world of the seenPsychology1, 370:intangible, the astral world. Just as there is a veil called "the etheric web" dividing off thePsychology1, 417:let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and Glory veil Me not. I stand revealed. I Am!' " FIFTH RAY "LetPsychology2, 15:of divinity (the second and the third) as they veil and hide the life aspect of the Monad. WhenPsychology2, 37:One gathered force. He hid himself behind a veil. He rolled himself within that veil, and deeplyPsychology2, 37:behind a veil. He rolled himself within that veil, and deeply hid his face. Naught could be seenPsychology2, 37:that which veiled, and active motion. Within the veil was latent thought. The thought reachedPsychology2, 37:thought. The thought reached forth: 'Behind this veil of maya I stand, a Blessed One, butPsychology2, 37:can go free. The rending of the blinding veil, the clear pronouncing of the truth, and practicePsychology2, 84:Let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and glory veil Me not. I stand revealed. I am.'" Ray Five - "LetPsychology2, 98:amazing truth about the planetary Life under a veil of symbology and in terms of human thought. InPsychology2, 123:then the whole problem is lifted out of the veil of illusion and out of the valley of the worldPsychology2, 158:but these formulas do, at the same time, veil a truth. They have been presented to the [159]Psychology2, 199:the time and space, both clouds and mists. These veil a mighty conflagration... The flood poursPsychology2, 316:but words themselves are limiting things and oft veil and hide the truth. Her book, therefore, isPsychology2, 369:Me. Then use the forms which then will neither veil nor hide the Self, but will permit the naturePsychology2, 381:human development. What I have now to say will veil, under extremely simplified phrases, truthsPsychology2, 598:the ideal and of visioning the many symbols that veil the soul, which [599] portray pictorially theRays, 6:so that one by one those bodies which veil the Self are brought to a point where they are simplyRays, 86:at the time of the Crucifixion, when it rent the veil of the Temple from the top to the bottom. The
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