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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VENUS

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Astrology, 24:esoterically considered. This planet is Venus. The quality of the attraction of the three planetsAstrology, 35:Makara, the mystery 5. Capricorn Planet - Venus Color - Indigo Ichchhashakti Will to manifest FireAstrology, 66:1. Aries Mars 6th Scorpio Same ruler 2. Taurus Venus 5th Libra Same ruler 3. Gemini Mercury 4thAstrology, 66:6. Virgo Mercury 4th Gemini Same ruler 7. Libra Venus 5th Taurus Same ruler 8. Scorpio Mars 6thAstrology, 66:2. Taurus Vulcan 1st Pisces Same ray 3. Gemini Venus 5th none 4. Cancer Neptune 6th Scorpio SameAstrology, 68:1. Aries Mars Mercury Uranus 2. Taurus Venus Vulcan Vulcan 3. Gemini Mercury Venus The Earth 4.Astrology, 68:2. Taurus Venus Vulcan Vulcan 3. Gemini Mercury Venus The Earth 4. Cancer The Moon Neptune NeptuneAstrology, 68:Sun 6. Virgo Mercury The Moon Jupiter 7. Libra Venus Uranus Saturn 8. Scorpio Mars Mars Mercury 9.Astrology, 68:The Earth Mars 10. Capricorn Saturn Saturn Venus 11. Aquarius Uranus Jupiter The Moon 12. PiscesAstrology, 68:Mars 6th Cancer Same ray 10. Capricorn Venus 5th none 11. Aquarius The Moon 4th Scorpio Same rayAstrology, 70:under the influence of three planets - Neptune, Venus and Jupiter. The three centers - solarAstrology, 86:Pisces, the Fishes Mercury Mercury Jupiter Venus Moon (veiling a planet) Pluto III. ActiveAstrology, 86:Crab Libra, the Scales Capricorn, the Goat Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. HarmonyAstrology, 86:Scorpio, the Scorpion Sagittarius, the Archer Venus Mars Jupiter Vulcan Mars Earth V. ConcreteAstrology, 104:midday. God, the Father, rules. The power of Venus is lessened in this sign. It is a detrimentalAstrology, 104:in this sign. It is a detrimental sign to Venus. The reason for this is that when the Sun isAstrology, 105:beings, the solar Angels, came originally from Venus, but they in turn give place to the monad, theAstrology, 106:the decanates when he assigned Mars, the Sun and Venus to the three decanates. He touched the truthAstrology, 106:energies and influences when he substituted Venus for Jupiter. Mind and heart must be coordinatedAstrology, 126:- Pluto. The Earth. The Moon (hiding Vulcan) and Venus. As you know, Pluto stands for death or theAstrology, 126:purification and detachment, of matter, and Venus stands for the emergence of the love principleAstrology, 127:the Fixed Cross. He comes, therefore, Through Venus - under the power of mind, transmuted intoAstrology, 129:to Jupiter. Esoterically, the reason that Venus is exalted in Pisces is connected with the relationAstrology, 129:relation of Pisces to the sign Gemini, of which Venus is the esoteric ruler, and also in relationAstrology, 129:ruler, and also in relation to the fact that Venus is the Earth's alter ego and is closely relatedAstrology, 130:two opposing lives together." It is the task of Venus to "reunite the severed lives but with noAstrology, 130:lives but with no binding thread." Therefore, Venus is exalted in Pisces and at the end of theAstrology, 130:and to no shorter cycle), the glorification of Venus, of Virgo, the Virgin, and of Mother Earth -Astrology, 130:to be found in the relation of The planet Venus - ruler of the constellation Gemini. The Earth onAstrology, 131:(because the Earth is more closely related to Venus than to any other planet) and thus again youAstrology, 148:(according to Alan Leo) by Saturn, Mercury and Venus, and the effect that they will produce uponAstrology, 149:accomplished, then during the third decanate, Venus, which is the union of heart and mind, willAstrology, 149:astrologers, the three decanates are governed by Venus, Mercury and the Moon. You can here see theAstrology, 163:of Saturn and comes under the influence of Venus, who is governor or ruler of the Hierarchy whichAstrology, 164:These pour through Capricorn to Saturn and to Venus and so reach our planet, the Earth. Saturn isAstrology, 164:do the same thing in Libra. Through Saturn and Venus, therefore, Capricorn is connected with LibraAstrology, 166:Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio Dicipleship 3rd and 5th Venus - Saturn Gemini, Sagittarius, CapricornAstrology, 167:Mount of Transfiguration in the New Testament is Venus in Capricorn when love and mind and willAstrology, 168:the era of intelligent brotherhood under Venus and is the perfect example of the CapricornianAstrology, 172:its three decanates, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, bringing inevitably difficulty, illumination andAstrology, 173:[173] According to Alan Leo, we have Saturn, Venus and Mercury. According to Sepharial we haveAstrology, 173:the more esoteric. The true rulers are Saturn, Venus and the Sun. I would remind you that MercuryAstrology, 173:divinity, the nature of intelligent substance; Venus reveals the nature of the second aspect, whichAstrology, 179:the stimulation of energies from the planet Venus - a fusion took which resulted in the emergenceAstrology, 186:In the case of Sagittarius these energies are Venus, the Moon, the Earth and Pluto. The PlanetaryAstrology, 187:Jupiter - 2nd Ray - Love-wisdom. Esoteric Venus - 5th Ray - Concrete Science. Mind. The Moon - 4thAstrology, 221:of his nature are: Planet Sign Ray School 1. Venus Taurus 5th Orthodox 2. Vulcan Taurus 1stAstrology, 224:Uranus is exalted in Scorpio; the power of Venus is lessened in this sign, whilst the Moon falls.Astrology, 225:a position of power and of directed influence. Venus, the intelligent mind, has its power lessenedAstrology, 225:Presence. This it has hitherto veiled or hidden. Venus must wane and the Sun - as a symbol of DeityAstrology, 226:astrologers. One group posits Mars, the Sun and Venus as ruling the decanates of Scorpio whilstAstrology, 243:this sign. From the angle of orthodox astrology, Venus rules Libra, whilst - esoterically speakingAstrology, 244:by the activity of the three rulers of Libra: Venus, Uranus and Saturn. Astrology, 244:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Venus rules in Taurus, Libra and Capricorn, and isAstrology, 245:all this will come about through the activity of Venus and when this activity in the three signs ofAstrology, 247:relation is established by the three rulers: Venus, Uranus and Saturn. These five, with Libra atAstrology, 248:consciousness. Intuition to Inspiration [248] Venus - 5th Ray of Mind - God the Son. The Son ofAstrology, 248:- 7th Ray - Ceremonial Order, Law or Magic. Venus - 5th Ray - Concrete Knowledge or Science. SaturnAstrology, 251:Alan Leo posits the controlling planets as Venus, Saturn and Mercury. In this case, as in someAstrology, 281:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Venus, pure love-wisdom, falls into generation inAstrology, 281:into generation or into matter. Virgo and Venus are together two aspects of intelligence. TheAstrology, 282:preserved for us in the astrological fact that Venus falls in this sign; esoterically, sheAstrology, 283:angle of the disciple, are Saturn, Mercury and Venus. It is in this sequence that they affect himAstrology, 283:the mass of men would pass through the sign via Venus, Mercury and Saturn, for the undeveloped manAstrology, 283:best described as instinctual mind or affection (Venus), which is brotherly love in embryo; by theAstrology, 283:is predominantly Atlantean. These enter via Venus and hence the conflict. [284] According toAstrology, 284:which Virgo is divided are governed by the Sun, Venus and Mercury, whilst Alan Leo gives usAstrology, 284:whilst Alan Leo gives us Mercury, Saturn and Venus. I would remind you here of a point which is oftAstrology, 284:and in deed and not just theoretically. When Venus is the source of wisdom and the expression ofAstrology, 301:The Sun (second ray), Jupiter (second ray) and Venus (fifth ray). It will be apparent to you thatAstrology, 304:six planets: The Sun; Neptune; Uranus; Jupiter; Venus; Mars. All of these are potent in expressionAstrology, 323:other planets, which are Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Saturn. The Cancerian subject becomesAstrology, 323:the cosmic pull of Uranus, plus the intellect of Venus and the presentation of opportunityAstrology, 340:of experience and human expression. The power of Venus in this sign tends to make the mind theAstrology, 342:of the two astrologers. Sepharial gives us Venus, Mercury and the Moon whereas Leo apportions theAstrology, 354:ruler given as Mercury and the esoteric ruler as Venus, for they embody between them the energiesAstrology, 355:to Gemini and vice versa. It was the activity of Venus - under the influence of Gemini - whichAstrology, 355:when the two kingdoms "approached" each other. Venus, Mercury and the Earth then set up a magneticAstrology, 355:of its higher forms of life. You will note that Venus is also the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn,Astrology, 355:man nearer to the spiritual realities. Just as Venus was potent in producing the relation of suchAstrology, 355:the divine plan upon the Earth. It is because Venus thus [356] relates certain pairs of oppositesAstrology, 357:the influence of Capricorn, focused through Venus, which will enable the man to take initiation.Astrology, 361:hierarchical ruler of Gemini and the other that Venus is the esoteric ruler. This intensifies allAstrology, 361:- to which the word "Hierarchy" is the key. Venus is also the Earth's alter ego, as it is called inAstrology, 361:the two brothers, and that of the Earth and Venus. The Earth is peculiarly related to the "brotherAstrology, 361:of divinity which is material or substantial; Venus is closely related to the "brother whose lightAstrology, 361:the soul whose nature is love. It is this Gemini-Venus situation which lies behind the fact thatAstrology, 361:factors being focused through Mercury and Venus upon our Earth. You will see, therefore, theAstrology, 362:hinted in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire): the Earth-Venus-Mercury. From certain angles, these areAstrology, 362:Logos: The Earth - planetary vital body. Venus - planetary astral vehicle, or Kama-manas. Mercury -Astrology, 362:condition, aided and influenced by Mercury and Venus, produces the somewhat unusual situation inAstrology, 362:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Venus also establishes an interplay betweenAstrology, 362:Taurus pours the energy stimulating desire, via Venus, onto our Earth; Gemini, via Venus, awakensAstrology, 362:desire, via Venus, onto our Earth; Gemini, via Venus, awakens in humanity (the focal point of ourAstrology, 362:equilibrium through the wise use of the Mercury-Venus mind, insuring the success of its finalAstrology, 363:fifth, fourth and third rays, pouring through Venus, Mercury and the Earth, which are productive ofAstrology, 369:not esoteric. Leo, in this case, gives Mercury, Venus and Saturn, and these three govern the wheelAstrology, 382:for it is governed by only two planets. Venus is its exoteric ruler and Vulcan its esoteric andAstrology, 383:of the mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom. [383] Venus holds a unique relation to the Earth, differentAstrology, 383:contact and effect. Today, however, Taurus, Venus and the Earth have a very close karmic relation
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