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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VENUS

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Fire, 377:of the five Kumaras, Who are Brahma. 36 Just as Venus is negatively polarized to our Earth scheme,Fire, 377:enquire (in connection with the point that Venus is negatively polarized, and also that theFire, 377:of information, and consequent misapprehension. Venus may have had much to do with the impartationFire, 377:which resulted in great events on Earth via the Venus chain of our scheme, but our scheme gave, inFire, 378:event of even greater magnitude in the Venus scheme. This affected the sixth Hierarchy, one of theFire, 378:one of the deva Hierarchies, dwelling in the Venus scheme. This stimulation emanated via our sixthFire, 378:and affected a corresponding chain in the Venus scheme. The magnitude of the difference may be seenFire, 379:in connection with our Earth, it came: Via the Venus chain of our scheme. As the result of aFire, 379:the result of a stimulation, originating in the Venus scheme. Because logoic kundalini hadFire, 379:triangles of force, of which (temporarily) Venus and the Earth formed two points of the triangle.Fire, 386:definite systemic alignment which involved: The Venus scheme of the system. The Venus chain of theFire, 386:involved: The Venus scheme of the system. The Venus chain of the Earth scheme. The Venus globe ofFire, 386:system. The Venus chain of the Earth scheme. The Venus globe of the Earth chain. That the planetaryFire, 386:That the planetary Logos did not come from the Venus scheme but from the Venus chain of His ownFire, 386:did not come from the Venus scheme but from the Venus chain of His own scheme, the Earth scheme.Fire, 387:a certain triangle of which two points were Venus and the Earth. This caused an acceleration ofFire, 387:minor initiation by our Earth Logos, but in the Venus scheme it was signalized by the taking of aFire, 387:that one hundred and four Kumaras came from Venus to the Earth; literally the figure is one hundredFire, 389:to drop the names as at present used: Neptune. Venus. Saturn. Earth. Mercury. Mars. Jupiter. It isFire, 390:of the Venusian scheme will be closing, and the Venus scheme will begin to pass into obscuration,Fire, 390:of the chains called "the Earth chain," the Venus chain, and the Mercurian chain, but this triangleFire, 390:triangle in process of forming (the Earth, Venus, and a scheme whose name it is advisable toFire, 393:the forming of the triangle of which Earth and Venus are two points, and (affecting [394] theFire, 403:of our manifested system. Third. Mercury and Venus are in process of transmutation, and the manasicFire, 406:their synthesizing scheme, that of Saturn, while Venus and Mercury will merge into Uranus andFire, 497:of the Lords of the Flame from the second or Venus globe - pre-eminently the globe with which thisFire, 566:of the relation existing between our Earth and Venus? Is the purpose of the animal kingdom, as aFire, 590:of that kingdom into the human. The planet, Venus, in her fifth round, gave the impetus whichFire, 592:worlds. Note here an interesting fact, that Venus is the sixth planet (esoterically the second),Fire, 595:that of the Ego. 85 In the sixth Scheme, that of Venus, this can be seen clearly; it is the schemeFire, 686:fully to the heart stimulation, and that is Venus, who is passing through the final round. If theFire, 703:force and one of Them, the Lord of the planet Venus, embodies in Himself the function of the fifthFire, 703:Hierarchy. This accounts for the activity of Venus at the moment of individualization in thisFire, 742:Their work, and in others - as in the Vulcan and Venus schemes - Their work is nearly completed.Fire, 742:Venus schemes - Their work is nearly completed. Venus is in her last round, and has nearlyFire, 777:somewhat differently to those functioning in the Venus, the Vulcan, the Mars, the Mercury, theFire, 779:the setting in of the period of obscuration. Venus is a case in point. Metaphysically stated, itFire, 841:certain planetary schemes, notably Jupiter and Venus, who are a grade higher than the class above,Fire, 1076:is but an experiment. It was tried first on Venus, and on the whole proved successful, resulting inFire, 1076:it possible to utilize Venusian energy upon the Venus chain and the Venus globe of our scheme andFire, 1076:Venusian energy upon the Venus chain and the Venus globe of our scheme and thus cause theFire, 1077:Monad, the [1077] Ego and the personality, or Venus, the Sun and the Earth are symbolically allied.Fire, 1179:with seven leaves and three white flowers." VENUS - The School with five strict Grades. This againFire, 1258:cosmic interplay in the relation between the Venus scheme, our Earth scheme and the Venus chain inFire, 1258:the Venus scheme, our Earth scheme and the Venus chain in our scheme. Curiously enough it will beHealing, 143:it veils Vulcan. The nervous system is ruled by Venus. The endocrine system is governed by Saturn.Hercules, 45:told that in this sign the moon is exalted and Venus is the ruler. The moon has always, from theHercules, 45:in Taurus. This is done through the influence of Venus, the symbol of earthly and of heavenly love,Hercules, 45:together represent creation, and so Taurus and Venus are closely linked. The following is ofHercules, 45:The dove as we remember, is the bird sacred to Venus, and as the Pleiades are part of theHercules, 67:the many and varied aspects of human endeavor. Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini and governsHercules, 67:of Gemini and governs the second decanate; for Venus makes at-one, and through its influence theHercules, 67:the interpreter, and the illuminating intellect; Venus, the principle of attraction and ofHercules, 90:the era of intelligent brotherhood under Venus, and is the perfect example of the CapricornHercules, 113:the high altar, wearing the girdle given her by Venus, queen of love. This girdle was a symbol, aHercules, 117:to Hercules the girdle of unity, given her by Venus, because she had been told that the PresidingHercules, 122:The Tibetan points out that Mercury, Saturn and Venus rule the three decanates and he reminds usHercules, 122:he will enter the sign through the influence of Venus, while the average man will enter under theHercules, 134:in the Libran, and this is natural, since Venus rules the zodiacal sign. The hard, driving thrustHercules, 135:the Libran has assimilated the soft harmonies of Venus, he begins to respond to another vibration,Hercules, 135:ruler is Mars, while the ruler of Libra is Venus. Exoterically, therefore, there must beHercules, 136:by the activity of the three rulers of Libra: Venus, Uranus and Saturn." (Condensation, EsotericHercules, 188:all that is. In the third decanate, governed by Venus, we have the emergence of inclusive love.Hercules, 211:triumphant discipleship). Rulers: Exoteric, Venus; Esoteric, Vulcan. Keywords: From the angle ofHercules, 211:Rulers: Exoteric, Mercury; Esoteric, Venus. Keywords: From the angle of form, "Let instability doHercules, 213:will to incarnate). Rulers: Exoteric, Venus; Esoteric, Uranus. Keywords: From the angle of form,Initiation, 96:of initiation is being tried are the Earth, Venus, and one other. Venus was the first sphere ofInitiation, 96:being tried are the Earth, Venus, and one other. Venus was the first sphere of experiment, and theInitiation, 96:and energy between these two planets, Earth and Venus, is continuous. A similar process has butInitiation, 129:Rod was brought by the Lord of the World from Venus, and once in every world period it is subjectedMeditation, 7:Of these three, the earth is not one, but Venus has her place corresponding to the emotionalPsychology1, 62:The Sun (Veiling Vulcan) Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus Mars The Moon The energies of these sevenPsychology1, 163:in thought. Higher Mathematics. Philosophy. Venus. Indigo. Blue. Bronze. IV Conflict. Birth ofPsychology1, 245:In the vegetable kingdom the influence of Venus is predominant, amazing as this may seem to somePsychology1, 245:as this may seem to some occult students. Venus and Jupiter together powerfully influence thisPsychology1, 245:- Pluto and Vulcan. The vegetable kingdom - Venus and Jupiter. The animal kingdom - The Moon andPsychology1, 246:brings him under Neptunian influences, with Venus and Jupiter contending for control. The link withPsychology1, 293:see the rule of Brotherhood inaugurated, and Venus controlling by intelligent love; the group andPsychology1, 335:- Ray Vulcan - 1st ray. Mercury - 4th ray. Venus - 5th ray. Jupiter - 2nd ray. Saturn - 3rd ray.Psychology1, 419:Ray V - Concrete Knowledge or Science Planet: Venus. The Lords of mind came from Venus. Day:Psychology1, 419:Planet: Venus. The Lords of mind came from Venus. Day: Friday. Exoteric Color: Yellow. EsotericPsychology2, 99:which to express Himself. Uranus, Jupiter and Venus are similarly allied in order to manifest orPsychology2, 99:mystery, and in no way negate the truth that Venus has a peculiar and intimate relation to thePsychology2, 585:of the evolution proceeding at this time on Venus. It is sensitivity to spiritual impression.Psychology2, 721:attention to the activity and the influence of Venus. Much emphasis has been laid upon Saturn andPsychology2, 721:emphasis will have to be paid to the planet Venus, which in the Aquarian age will supersede Mars asRays, 69:the channel open between our Earth, the planet Venus and the Central Spiritual Sun. The function ofRays, 96:has aided him to take initiation, to the planets Venus and Mercury, to the Sun Sirius, and to theRays, 142:our Sun and Sirius, and a Representative from Venus are of greater - far greater - advancement.Rays, 397:Their way to our planet from our sister planet, Venus, thereby in Their turn establishingRays, 405:tests, They move into the planetary life of Venus, our Earth's Alter-Ego, and there They completeRays, 406:not that 'relating our planet to the planet Venus is a planetary antahkarana, passing from thenceRays, 422:or as distributing agent; in this way Venus was the custodian of what we call the principle of MindRays, 734:our planet, the Earth, and our sister planet, Venus. You would find it useful to read with care TheRays, 735:which functions midway between the Earth and Venus have all taken the eighth and ninth initiations.Telepathy, 43:distribution to the Hierarchy. From the planet Venus, the Earth's alter ego. This makes itsTelepathy, 132:from the alter ego of our Earth, the planet Venus. They created the nucleus of the Hierarchy which
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