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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VERITIES

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Autobiography, 48:a certain and sure knowledge of the spiritual verities to which the mystics of all time have borneAutobiography, 126:much questioning in my mind as to the spiritual verities which could be believed. The theologicalDiscipleship2, 252:brought to the point of perceiving the existing verities differs vastly as the centuries slip away.Discipleship2, 649:realization that, in the light of the eternal verities, all pain is but temporary, all trouble andExternalisation, 114:a new form with which to clothe the ancient verities. Old political schools have been deemedExternalisation, 470:to a progressive understanding of the eternal verities to have this condition perpetuated. TheHealing, 352:reorienting of the life to the eternal verities. It might consist in the proper preparation of theMagic, 15:(and subsequently by the brain) of the eternal verities, and the indication that the race isPatanjali, 65:body. This leads him to question the eternal verities, to doubt the existence of the fundamentalProblems, 17:be utilized to bring home to many the eternal verities. When France finds her spiritual soul andPsychology1, 241:real moment. From the standpoint of the eternal verities, what a man eats or wears are seen in aRays, 139:Path of Discipleship - is concerned with great verities which are (from the insight of the
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