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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VESTURES

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Discipleship2, 626:Much of the mystery connected with "the three vestures of the Buddha" is related to thisDiscipleship2, 626:the three bodies of a human being and the vestures or vehicles of the Lord Buddha. The whole storyFire, 39:necessity; the nila-pit-ambara, blue and yellow vestures, are darkness and light; the kaustubhaFire, 750:(during a root-race) of a principle; the vestures or sheaths of which the permanent atom is theFire, 754:to enlarge upon it. Suffice it to say that the vestures of the GREAT ONE will be used, but timeFire, 754:whether the coming Lord will clothe upon those vestures a physical vehicle at this particularFire, 754:upon probable happenings will be thrown. The vestures act in a dual capacity: They are very highlyFire, 754:cycle, the coming Avatar will again employ the vestures [755] with all that is entailed thereby,Fire, 1193:Existences. They are forms of three monadic "vestures," worn by the one Monad as a man wears hisFire, 1194:only found on Rays two, four, six. 30 The Three Vestures. - "The stream is crossed. Tis true thouPatanjali, 58:tuning of the lower vibrations of the sheaths or vestures of consciousness so that they synchronizePatanjali, 59:He directs that sound, via the sutratma and the vestures of consciousness to the physical brain ofPatanjali, 60:vibrates, is carried or transmitted, [60] The vestures of consciousness, mental, emotional andPatanjali, 67:form, as long as the lesser lives of the lower vestures of consciousness can hold him in thrall,Patanjali, 70:self-discipline or the subjugation of the vestures or sheaths, nor must it only include service orPatanjali, 382:This produces a change or a mutation in the vestures of the thinking entity, and they becomeReappearance, 100:(for His use) what are mysteriously called "His vestures." He bequeathed and left [101] in some
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