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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIBRATE

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Astrology, 434:the two points or termini of a line eventually vibrate in unison. A consideration of a hint givenAstrology, 453:centers are more awakened than others and vibrate in unison wit systemic impulse more fully thanAtom, 40:other hand, body-cells may educate themselves to vibrate in harmony with a microbe beforeAtom, 97:the atoms together, causing them to cohere and vibrate in unison, and thus producing a form, or anDestiny, 72:of humanity there are certain areas [72] which vibrate in unison and which attract to themselvesDiscipleship1, 540:this only becomes possible when head and heart vibrate in unison. Your astral body is upon theDiscipleship1, 624:of his organism, the Church militant, you vibrate also with facility, for the priesthood had longDiscipleship2, 494:is ever composed of atoms and cell units which vibrate to the energy of the ray which controls theDiscipleship2, 513:again presents its own peculiar problems. You vibrate between the pairs of opposites in a veryExternalisation, 511:of good will. It hides in its heart those who vibrate to [512] the great love ray, the second RayFire, 107:to solar emanation) become over-developed, vibrate too rapidly, and receive prana in too great anFire, 132:aggregate of solar atomic matter will eventually vibrate to another key than it did at the firstFire, 248:by his life, by his persistent will-to-be; all vibrate according to the point reached by the man inFire, 251:of the aggregate of the deva and human units who vibrate to His key note, and who respond to theFire, 251:together and animated by His will to be, and all vibrate according to the point achieved by Him inFire, 290:individual consciousness on the five planes; to vibrate with conscious activity within Their OwnFire, 312:Whom our solar Logos is a reflection, begin to vibrate and His life activity can be seen. 21Fire, 351:a form. His is the life that causes matter to vibrate and He is therefore "fire by friction"; HisFire, 357:body. Each scheme, as each human center, will Vibrate to some one key. Have its own coloring.Fire, 360:and human, blaze forth with perfected glory, vibrate with adjusted accuracy, and a major cosmicFire, 364:group of units, or with those Monads who vibrate to His key, are colored by the same color asFire, 376:of a solar system stand for a different purpose, vibrate to a different key, and serve their ownFire, 406:This fifth spirilla is beginning faintly to vibrate, while the fourth spirilla, in this fourthFire, 435:receive increased stimulation, enabling man to vibrate on the fifth subplane which literally is theFire, 529:A man can attain group consciousness; he can vibrate to the note of the Heavenly Man in Whose bodyFire, 575:that of the human Monads, has to learn to vibrate positively, but the devas proceed along the. lineFire, 576:of the first, and it is in learning to vibrate or to rotate more rapidly, that we mount the path ofFire, 748:to the foundation. The stars of the eternal Lhas vibrate to that sound, - the WORD uttered withFire, 771:expands into a mantram and the solar angels vibrate in response. There is a point of interest to beFire, 787:only after the fourth spirilla is beginning to vibrate, and the period differs according to theFire, 954:vibrating around each human being as the planets vibrate around the sun, will tend to approximate aFire, 964:- the head, the heart, and the throat - begin to vibrate, gradually assuming a greater sweep ofFire, 1013:the two paths face the Solar Angel; the poles vibrate. A choice confronts the one who meditates.Fire, 1039:and which will meet with response from those who vibrate to that particular type of energy. Fire, 1132:This objective might be defined as ability to vibrate synchronously with the greater unit of whichHealing, 421:aggregate of solar atomic matter will eventually vibrate to another key than it did at the firstHercules, 189:up. We have Piscean bodies and we are trying to vibrate to the Aquarian age. We are not AquariansHercules, 207:old truths will then acquire new meanings and vibrate with fresh life. There have been many booksInitiation, 88:they stand and for the first time consciously vibrate to the Ray of the Monad, then with preparedIntellect, 214:in the region of the pituitary body, begins to vibrate in unison with the higher center in theMagic, 65:some worry or care may cause the astral body to vibrate to a rhythm impossible for the rightMagic, 74:meditation is to enable the brain and mind to vibrate in unison with the soul as it seeks "inMagic, 107:soul produce stimulation. The centers begin to vibrate, and their vibration awakens the atoms ofMagic, 198:The heart center is also beginning to vibrate, but is not yet awakened; the throat center isMagic, 199:this significant two-petalled lotus begins to vibrate. It symbolizes the work of at-one-ing theMagic, 219:the two paths face the solar Angel; the poles vibrate. A choice confronts the one who meditates.Magic, 265:In love of all that breathes comes capacity to vibrate universally, and in that astral pliabilityMagic, 348:on an ideal. In the meditation our thoughts vibrate temporarily to the measure of the conception,Magic, 397:and to gather around themselves those people who vibrate to their note and for whom they definitelyMagic, 418:towards those who seek you out and seem to vibrate to the same note. When I say you, I mean theMagic, 422:to that of the head center, so that the two vibrate in unison. This produces the establishment ofMagic, 472:but equally hurting and harming those who vibrate to his note. Granted all this you mightMeditation, 10:than heretofore; to cause the consciousness to vibrate to a newer and higher measure, and to swingMeditation, 11:in this cycle when he has the capacity to vibrate and move consciously on the fourth subplane. WeMeditation, 38:between egos. Those on similar rays coalesce and vibrate more readily to each other than those onMeditation, 62:The contacting of the head center, causing it to vibrate. The stilling of the lower mind. [63]Meditation, 137:elimination of all fear. The forces of evolution vibrate more rapidly than those of involution andMeditation, 275:and later more frequently, until the pupil can vibrate with greater ease and comfort to theMeditation, 279:expansion of consciousness, and enables him to vibrate at an unusual rate for him. Hence the needMeditation, 293:the meditation, and the sound of the note will vibrate within the center so distinctly as never toMeditation, 337:sets it in motion; every sound causes it to vibrate unless the aspirant inhibits such a state ofPatanjali, 60:mental, emotional and etheric which vibrate in response to the vibration or breath and arePatanjali, 60:which can be trained to recognize that sound and vibrate in unison with the breath, The subsequentPatanjali, 219:the ability of the physical body to respond or vibrate in rhythmic unison with the etheric body.Patanjali, 349:of the personal self, the mental body will vibrate to the highest aspect of the spirit, which isPsychology1, xxiv:ray force, whilst the personality as a whole may vibrate in unison with another. The ego or soulPsychology1, 168:within the "ring-pass-not" of His system to vibrate in seven different measures of vibration. ThePsychology1, 218:understood only when all the seven kingdoms vibrate in unison. Until such time as this occurs, thisPsychology2, 18:the soul and the blended ray of the personality vibrate to the measure of the highest of the soulPsychology2, 51:"raised up into heaven". When the vehicles vibrate in unison with the soul, then is liberationPsychology2, 57:not and cannot enter into that Cosmic Mind and vibrate in conscious unison with the divine Idea norRays, 351:at any particular time synchronize and vibrate in unison that the aspirant can pass through to
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