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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIBRATION

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Initiation, 139:Monad, and though the throat and heart intensify vibration as a response, the main direction of theInitiation, 140:of evolution. A gradual grasp of the law of vibration as an aspect of the basic law of building,Initiation, 144:of the Masters succeeds in shutting out the vibration of the three worlds and enables the applicantInitiation, 151:finishes the sounding of the sacred AUM, and the vibration ceases, then disintegration of the formsInitiation, 157:initiate sets in motion the lesser, through the vibration of the greater. Hence the terrificInitiation, 158:and knows in one particular center what its vibration is. As is well known, every center isInitiation, 165:ray or color and gives the number, note, and the vibration which corresponds. Initiation, 165:the planetary key and tone, a third deals with vibration, whilst the fourth shows the number andInitiation, 177:choice of matter, and to understand the laws of vibration and of construction. This entails theInitiation, 185:of attraction, and therefore, according to our vibration, [186] according to our color and tone,Initiation, 186:energy, manipulating matter of every density and vibration. [187] Great waves of ideas and surgingInitiation, 188:This path is taken by the man to whom the law of vibration is of profound importance. He worksInitiation, 188:the World at Shamballa, manipulating the law of vibration on his own ray. Later he will have hisInitiation, 189:the sun; then having mastered all connected with vibration in this system he will pass to theInitiation, 190:of a certain type of response to cosmic vibration. It means a specializing in the inner sight, andInitiation, 194:life may arise those sounds and scents, and a vibration strong enough to cross the interveningInitiation, 194:the disciple passing through. Only synchronous vibration to that which lies the other side of theInitiation, 198:Let him not sound the lesser notes which awaken vibration within the halls of Maya. The discipleInitiation, 200:The would-be initiate must develop somewhat the vibration of the seven head centers, and thus sweepInitiation, 200:plane; affecting also, through reciprocal vibration, the seven physical centers which areInitiation, 200:when the etheric centers approach their maximum vibration. It is not necessary to enlarge upon thisInitiation, 202:will be based upon: Unity of aim. Oneness of vibration. Identity in group affiliation. Karmic linksInitiation, 202:is not so simple as it may appear. Egoic vibration and relationship may exist, yet the outerInitiation, 203:of words, of grammar, and of syntax. The laws of vibration and of electricity, and many otherIntellect, 134:awake mentally, and potently aware of phenomena, vibration and states of being. He is positive,Intellect, 212:functions with increased efficiency, and the vibration of the center of energy in its neighborhoodIntellect, 217:take of life, the mind is in a state of violent vibration; this is not the case if the meditationIntellect, 224:substance of our mind sets up a certain rate of vibration, which attracts to itself a correspondingIntellect, 250:or unhappy in nature, and whether it carries a vibration of fear and foreboding, it is all psychicIntellect, 254:after meditating, or of an uncomfortable vibration in the forehead, or the throat. They also findIntellect, 256:to a sense of fulness, or to a disturbing vibration between the eyes or at the very top of theMagic, 9:state of consciousness may be realized and their vibration stabilized; thus they may knowMagic, 25:quality and type of cosmic energy, its rate of vibration and its basic cosmic differentiations areMagic, 26:of high degree then begin to be aware of a vibration, a revealing light, a note or directionalMagic, 37:capable of recognition at differing rates of vibration and stages of development. The soul natureMagic, 39:of the soul or of expressing more than its lower vibration, tone or color. The infinitely small isMagic, 49:distinguished by: Its light quality. Its rate of vibration, which synchronizes always with theMagic, 49:Logos for the vitalizing and renewing of the vibration of those forms which we designate subhuman.Magic, 57:from above downwards. Is the result of solar vibration, and therefore of egoic energy. Is not anMagic, 57:of egoic energy. Is not an effect of the vibration of the form side of life, being divorced fromMagic, 60:from above downwards, and is the result of solar vibration, and not the impulses emanating from oneMagic, 65:and to accustom themselves to each other's vibration. Teachers on the inner planes have much toMagic, 65:But confidence and trust will set up the right vibration which will produce eventually accurateMagic, 65:before equilibrium can be reached. The law of vibration and the study of atomic substance areMagic, 66:bodies scientifically, synchronizing the laws of vibration and of rhythm. They are the same and yetMagic, 66:outbreathing of the entity of the earth affects vibration potently, - that is the vibration of theMagic, 66:earth affects vibration potently, - that is the vibration of the physical plane matter. There is aMagic, 74:to this relation, or synchronizing vibration is interesting: Soul - Man on the Physical Plane MindMagic, 74:becomes steadily closer, and the resulting vibration more powerful. How many lives this will takeMagic, 78:population. These two facts, of time and of high vibration, result in that stability of rhythmMagic, 79:and thus permit the free play of a higher vibration. Another hindrance may be found in the strongMagic, 79:mental stimulation afforded by the strong mental vibration of its Western brother, whilst theMagic, 81:in union. Mind repels by a powerful, strong vibration, casting off all that is contacted, as aMagic, 86:established between a positive and a negative vibration, and the study of these relations carriesMagic, 107:The centers begin to vibrate, and their vibration awakens the atoms of the material body untilMagic, 121:Creative Work of Sound RULE FOUR Sound, light, vibration, and the form blend and merge, and thusMagic, 128:into the state of contemplation. Recognize the vibration of your own soul. Does the Sacred WordMagic, 141:is engaged in helping. Through sound, light and vibration to make his thought form activeMagic, 142:sound," for the original sound or word sets in vibration the matter of which all forms are made andMagic, 144:Thus the significance of the third word, vibration, appears. His message is heard, for it isMagic, 146:who stands master of the three worlds. The word vibration must next engage our attention but it mayMagic, 146:from the next word in the sequence form. Vibration, the effect of divine activity, is two-fold.Magic, 146:two-fold. There is the first effect in which the vibration (issuing from the realm of subjectivityMagic, 146:form can be built. This effected, the aspect of vibration is to be noted as a duality. The form,Magic, 146:becomes increasingly aware of its own interior vibration, and by tracing back that vibration to itsMagic, 146:own interior vibration, and by tracing back that vibration to its originating source becomes awareMagic, 146:in the form passes through the following stages: Vibration is registered, and the environment hasMagic, 147:sounding in time and space.) Later, when the vibration of the environing forms of the natural worldMagic, 147:vibratory impact and increasingly aware of the vibration of the Self. Later, on the Path ofMagic, 148:body which is equipped to respond to the vibration of the inner spiritual world. It exists inMagic, 148:of the soul, through the use of Sound, Light, Vibration. The development of a response apparatusMagic, 168:within the group aura, and of blending his vibration with that of the group. Then, if decision isMagic, 168:stepping down (if I so might express it) the vibration of the Master so as to accustom theMagic, 171:to learn to discriminate between: His own soul's vibration. The vibration of the group of disciplesMagic, 171:between: His own soul's vibration. The vibration of the group of disciples with whom he isMagic, 171:of disciples with whom he is associated. The vibration of the Master. All three are different andMagic, 171:for aspirants to assume when they contact a high vibration and stimulus, that it is their own soulMagic, 173:to know the method whereby he may set up a vibration and a call which will entitle him to anMagic, 178:focus himself on the mental plane. Similarity of vibration and of interests hold the clue to theMagic, 179:[179] Note that I say; similarity of vibration and of interests and not equality of vibration andMagic, 179:vibration and of interests and not equality of vibration and of interests. Magic, 182:those with acute trained minds, a high rate of vibration, and bodies built of the finest matter.Magic, 187:comes in which his own co-workers, keyed to his vibration, and accustomed to work with him, areMagic, 199:lotus, and the steadily heightening vibration of the heart and throat centers or lotuses. These twoMagic, 203:higher self. This work of imposing the higher vibration on the lower is character building, theMagic, 205:we shall arrive at an appreciation of their vibration, of their tone and colors and of theMagic, 230:which is the result of their interaction and vibration. The sensing of the dual forces and theMagic, 262:purpose of the thinker is fulfiled. All life is vibration and the result of vibration is form,Magic, 262:All life is vibration and the result of vibration is form, dense or subtle, and ever subtler asMagic, 262:As the pulsating life progresses its rate of vibration changes, and in this changing of vibrationMagic, 262:of vibration changes, and in this changing of vibration lies hid the secret of form-shattering andMagic, 262:worlds. It is built in each life, the key of the vibration being set up in the life preceding theMagic, 262:on the inner planes as well. In similarity of vibration [263] comes coherency. When therefore a manMagic, 263:comes coherency. When therefore a man raises his vibration and builds anew from the beginning, andMagic, 263:worlds and that in the world of adepts. His vibration does not synchronize, prior to initiation,Magic, 263:always the form is that of devotion. Always the vibration measures up to the goal, finds that goal,Magic, 264:the key, often in one life heightening his vibration several times. See therefore how the life ofMagic, 265:that be have adapted themselves to the newer vibration. In that adaptation those who haveMagic, 265:when He Whom we all adore comes, think you His vibration will not cause disruption ifMagic, 265:pliability will come responsiveness to the vibration of the Great Lord. This summation of process
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