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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VICES

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Autobiography, 113:(beyond a savage, ungovernable temper) he had no vices of any kind whatsoever. He never drank; heAutobiography, 223:in Germany, were peculiarly nasty. All kinds of vices and evil were cultivated and a lot of thoseDestiny, 55:without exception - has its peculiar virtues and vices which are dependent upon the point inDiscipleship1, 139:You have necessarily at this stage the vices of your second ray virtues. You suffer from attachmentFire, 239:of awful power, and subject to the virtues and vices of man himself. The solar Logos is more thanHercules, 144:for power. The last three heads represent the vices of the unillumined mind: pride, separativenessMeditation, 110:could be emphasized till they approximated vices, temperamental weaknesses could be intensifiedMeditation, 134:of the causal body (for forget not that our vices are but our virtues misused) result in aMeditation, 233:about by the transmutation of what you term vices, into virtues. A vice is dominance of anPatanjali, 425:that on the path neither our virtues nor our vices count (except in so far as we escape from thePsychology1, 167:Before proceeding to consider the virtues, the vices and the special human characteristics whichPsychology1, 201:way, and of handling men and measures. Vices of Ray: Pride, ambition, wilfulness, hardness,Psychology1, 202:clear intelligence, and serene temper. Vices of Ray: Over-absorption in study, coldness,Psychology1, 204:to worry himself or others over trifles. Vices of Ray: Intellectual pride, coldness, isolation,Psychology1, 206:quickness of intellect and perception. [206] Vices of Ray: Self-centeredness, worrying, inaccuracy,Psychology1, 207:uprightness, independence, keen intellect. Vices of Ray: Harsh criticism, narrowness, arrogance,Psychology1, 208:love, tenderness, intuition, loyalty, reverence. Vices of Ray: Selfish and jealous love,Psychology1, 210:extreme care in details, self-reliance. Vices of Ray: Formalism, bigotry, pride, narrowness,Psychology1, 388:to repeat), has its peculiar virtues and vices. These are dependent upon: The point in evolution.Psychology2, 576:with all the virtues (and consequently all the vices), the ambitions and problems, incident to that
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