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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VICTORY

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Astrology, 100:conflict. This conflict finally works out into victory and the dispelling of illusion through theAstrology, 107:reality, twelvefold in nature, for liberation, victory and triumph have to be experienced in everyAstrology, 157:Bull. The Goat becomes the Unicorn, and leads to victory. The Crocodile, the Goat and the UnicornAstrology, 204:and hence also the nature of the stupendous victory achieved by Hercules, the Sun-God, in thisAstrology, 204:in each of which They passed from test to victory. In Scorpio - Hercules became the triumphantAstrology, 204:disciple. In Taurus - The Buddha achieved victory over desire and arrived at illumination. InAstrology, 208:physical plane. As a result of struggle and of victory, the whole divine man - not yet perfectlyAstrology, 225:stands for the personality and, in the final victory in Scorpio, the personality is entirelyAstrology, 232:the scales or balances. Quality 3. Scorpio - the victory of spiritual desire - The soul triumphant.Astrology, 338:the aspiration to be. Scorpio-Taurus The final victory of soul over form. Death and darknessAstrology, 341:individual and the revelation of the final victory over death. When to the above recognitions youAstrology, 403:open in response to this cosmic light. Hence victory is inevitable for the potency of cosmic energyAstrology, 532:of the Forces of Light and the consequent victory of those who stand for human freedom. If theAstrology, 580:they were animated naturally by desire for victory, desire for the arrival of the end of thisAstrology, 580:of the Forces of Light are adept at that). Victory for the allies did lie in the effort to produceAstrology, 580:the demonstration of an all-out effort towards victory were only (where the allies are concerned)Astrology, 581:plus, a something else, which swung the tide of victory on to the side of the Allies. It cameAstrology, 593:as death. This will is the principle of victory, of the ultimate goal of life when fruition isBethlehem, 23:death, where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thy victory?" (I Cor., XV, 55.) Such are the fiveBethlehem, 48:and freedom from evil. This, Christ gave in the victory of the three temptations. Then, only afterBethlehem, 109:too can stand free, assured of our own ultimate victory. Christ as man achieved victory. We too canBethlehem, 109:our own ultimate victory. Christ as man achieved victory. We too can do the same. To this triumphBethlehem, 111:victorious, thus guaranteeing to us our ultimate victory. Bethlehem, 125:of what is written, and frequently after victory, that doubt descends upon the disciple. Perhaps,Bethlehem, 127:Christ, desire was transmuted into power, though victory achieved led to developments which had inBethlehem, 139:exists, and finally and inevitably must gain the victory over the lower self. One of the thingsBethlehem, 187:only rest lies in the belief that the ultimate victory is over death, and that some day death willDiscipleship1, 166:pressure of determined souls pushing through to victory in spite of real odds. This united andDiscipleship1, 299:of an analytical brain. From that field of victory, he went forth to love, to teach and to heal. InDiscipleship1, 510:your struggle and who today feel certain of your victory) make another suggestion to you? Build inDiscipleship1, 662:has yet come from the Tibetan that the victory is sufficiently gained to warrant more active workDiscipleship2, 494:and discrimination and resulting (when the victory is gained) in the harmonizing, of soul and itsDiscipleship2, 510:and has to be overcome and dissipated. When this victory has been achieved and there has beenDiscipleship2, 512:There lies for you the battle ground, and victory must be yours prior to taking the initiation forExternalisation, 171:of Light? Here I refer not to the outer physical victory. True victory will not be indicated unlessExternalisation, 171:I refer not to the outer physical victory. True victory will not be indicated unless the higherExternalisation, 180:it would mean years of turmoil and revolt; their victory would result in untold misery. It is noExternalisation, 204:take their stand with those struggling for victory over the Axis powers. This must never beExternalisation, 216:objectors who will eventually profit by the victory of the Forces of Light but who refuse to shareExternalisation, 234:time swell the tide of conquest and delay true victory by their violently uttered opposing views. IExternalisation, 248:national effort to end war through the tangible victory of the Forces of Light. Ponder on theseExternalisation, 248:when the Forces of Light have won the victory over the forces of aggression. This is the firstExternalisation, 259:(now in full progress). After achieving victory, He will then lead His triumphant cohorts throughExternalisation, 268:so that they will be inspired to bring about the victory of liberty. Externalisation, 269:issue forth to lead His people to triumphant victory. This coming One is on the Path of a worldExternalisation, 275:rule of evil and bring war to an end through the victory of the Forces of Light, recognized andExternalisation, 281:to you in this life; nevertheless the victory will have been gained. Matter and materialisticExternalisation, 317:of the human spirit, in the love of God, in the victory of the Forces of Light and in the approachExternalisation, 320:something unexpected will happen that will give victory to the arms of the Forces of Light. ThisExternalisation, 320:hope nevertheless to share in the benefits of victory. In the last analysis, however, the worldExternalisation, 321:action - after the Forces of Light have won the victory upon the physical plane. Provide theExternalisation, 338:behind the Evolutionary Process The Only Way to Victory April 1942 I have been working with A.A.B.Externalisation, 339:and in spite of a basic trend towards ultimate victory, the powers of evil have had things veryExternalisation, 340:determination and the same united will-to-victory that the forces of evil have shewn, then theExternalisation, 341:there is no escape. This requires the Will-to-victory. The stage of reorganizing world affairs whenExternalisation, 342:the Allies are animated naturally by desire for victory, desire for the arrival of the end of thisExternalisation, 343:of the Forces of Light are adept at that). Victory for the United Nations does not lie in theExternalisation, 343:the demonstration of an all-out effort towards victory are only (where the United Nations areExternalisation, 343:a something else, which will swing the tide of victory on to the side of the United Nations. ThisExternalisation, 353:potency can be transmitted. It is the will-to-victory that is demanded at this time; it is theExternalisation, 365:[365] the line. It is only the time of the final victory of right against might which remains asExternalisation, 365:with this I am fully in agreement. The will-to-victory is the first and basic essential, for thereExternalisation, 367:Powers. Other factors also ensure the ultimate victory of the forces of right and the freedom ofExternalisation, 367:of the world. These factors are: The will-to-victory is steadily growing. Appeasement, pacifism andExternalisation, 368:with the appalling probability of a totalitarian victory. These three points of view are todayExternalisation, 394:won though many months may elapse before the victory in the East and in the West is completelyExternalisation, 394:physical achievement - must come a spiritual victory and this could be described as the gaining ofExternalisation, 427:- plead for the cessation of the war before victory is won and before the enemies of humanity areExternalisation, 430:The armies of the Lord stand poised, and victory will be theirs when there is complete unity ofExternalisation, 435:United Nations to carry the war to a finish of victory and of triumph, to increase theExternalisation, 444:nation, even if it is your own. Work today for victory and for the annihilation of evil. WorkExternalisation, 447:often, if not oftener, than he has experienced victory. Today, in the planning now going forward inExternalisation, 452:through to psychological and actual mental victory, and to do this together and with the musteredExternalisation, 476:conflict and left mankind to fight a conclusive victory on the merits of its fighting units. ButExternalisation, 479:thrown the power of its thought into the battle, victory might still be a long way off. Today it isExternalisation, 627:lost prestige and garner all she can from the victory of the other allied nations. Thus, myGlamour, 203:the pairs of opposites and the triumphant victory of the Angel - the embodiment of the Forces ofHealing, 15:consciousness and consequent immunity from the victory of death and those disease-dealingHealing, 641:disease. Yet death is not indicative of a full victory of the lunar lords, but rather that underHercules, 36:but the third constellation spoke to him of victory. Perseus is the third of the threeHercules, 80:of that most holy place heard his loud cry of victory and said: "Not so. The doe is mine and alwaysHercules, 142:and fainter grew its struggles till the [142] victory was won. The nine heads drooped, then withHercules, 142:Hercules stood before his Teacher. "The victory is won", the Teacher said. "The Light that shinesHercules, 144:purified, redirected, and increased after victory has been gained. Such power must then be rightlyHercules, 149:finally dealt with it as a unit, he gained the victory. Cruelty. The satisfaction men experience inHercules, 154:symbol of light emerging, which makes all victory possible. Keep your eye on the eagle; call downHercules, 210:of equilibrium, of selflessness and [210] of victory over the desire nature until he becomes theInitiation, 24:adepts and Masters, have wrestled and fought for victory and mastery upon the physical plane, andInitiation, 135:This strife, persisted in to the point of victory, will result in his taking out of his bodyMagic, 118:group. When egos and personalities clash, the victory of the higher is sure; the lower principleMagic, 228:with their emotional natures, remembering that victory descends from above and cannot be worked upMagic, 231:scarred and tired, yet knowing that triumphant victory lies ahead, for the soul is omnipotent.Magic, 231:and which when correctly contacted insure victory at the end. The phrase "the one who meditates"Magic, 293:battleground and there also lies his field of victory. To begin with, it is advisable to bear inMagic, 350:joy and peace are on their way. The half-gained victory, the days lived through with a certainMagic, 368:the strengthened link; the joy of peace after victory will be yours, for to the tired warrior thePatanjali, 216:is the battleground of the soul, the place of victory or the place of defeat; it is the [217]Patanjali, 422:must "watch and pray." The rules which govern victory, the practices which bring success are thePatanjali, 424:equal good and ill fortune, gain and loss, victory and defeat, gird thyself for the fight." (GitaProblems, 24:After war comes the test of the success of victory. If the nations throughout the world reap the
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