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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIEW

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Astrology, 17:long; it constitutes - from many points of view - a reversal of normal procedure. This is both wiseAstrology, 28:sphere of influence. From a certain point of view, one can generalize largely and say that theseAstrology, 49:cosmic Life. Particularly is this so when we view the two Hierarchies under consideration. They areAstrology, 62:largely an illusion, from the exoteric point of view. But at the same time the constellationsAstrology, 68:- The Great Wheel and Spiritual Unfoldment In view, of all the above, and starting with the basicAstrology, 81:the evolutionary process. From the point of view of humanity, the passage of the Sun around theAstrology, 111:considered, of the dramatic centralized point of view of the individual human being, the microcosm.Astrology, 117:emotional angle and from the point of view of the four arms of the Mutable Cross. The fluid,Astrology, 184:rulers of all the four signs. From the point of view of orthodox astrology, only two planets ruleAstrology, 202:of technical information from the point of view of the Hierarchy, my underlying motive is ever theAstrology, 226:the truth lies in both conclusions, if we view them from the esoteric standpoint or from that ofAstrology, 235:the search for a balanced and desirable point of view will come to an end. Out of the many sexualAstrology, 281:aspect (active intelligence) from one point of view, and of the second aspect (love-wisdom) fromAstrology, 282:in this sign; esoterically, she disappears from view and vanishes into the darkness. Neptune, theAstrology, 341:Virgo, Aquarius and Scorpio. From one point of view, you have the imprisonment of the soul and theAstrology, 348:The opposites eternally remain from the point of view of human reason, but to the initiate whoseAstrology, 384:The mind was outward turned. The form appears to view and not the life. "Out of the dark, theyAstrology, 418:each others' sphere of action; from the point of view of living energy, the circumference of theseAstrology, 450:changes in the three planetary centers. In view of this certain basic ideas can here be emphasized:Astrology, 594:the angle of consciousness and from the point of view as producing changes and expansions ofAstrology, 596:presents a limited and erroneous point of view. The first ray destroys death because in realityAstrology, 622:Teachers and Saviors from the human point of view in both the East and the West: the Buddha and theAstrology, 665:a planet which seems to have disappeared from view." (Vol. III, 459) References in A Treatise onAstrology, 681:in considering this matter we must be careful to view it not only as it affects our own globe andAstrology, 681:but from the systemic and cosmic point of view, or from the angle of its importance to a planetaryAtomon each occasion to present a bird's-eye view of the ground covered and the reasons for theAtom, 14:of matter alone. Secondly, there is the point of view which we can best, perhaps, callAtom, 14:evolution of the Christian and Jewish point of view, which posits a God outside the solar system,Atom, 15:This is the religious and supernatural point of view, and is based on the growingAtom, 15:of his own divinity. Like the point of view of the realistic school, it embodies only a partialAtom, 16:that each is made from a particular point of view. Until, we have further developed our mentalAtom, 17:in these talks to broaden somewhat our point of view. I hope we shall come to the realization thatAtom, 25:It produces the [25] materialistic point of view, and leads inevitably to selfishness. It involvesAtom, 27:[27] and life work, and a clear-cut plan in view, which he is working out by the aid of hisAtom, 32:himself entirely from his own point of view, and in these talks I have set myself the task ofAtom, 42:type of atom, but also to a human being. We can view each unit of the human family as a human atom,Atom, 49:will be fundamentally altered. The point of view of the medical world, for instance, will beAtom, 58:of any of these four kingdoms of nature, and view them as providing that still greater form whichAtom, 58:form which we call the kingdom itself, and thus view that kingdom as a conscious unit, forming aAtom, 115:we shall have a better proportioned point of view in connection with it. Every time that we becomeAtom, 132:will have definitely to readjust its point of view as to the subtler planes. If there come withinAtom, 136:lives, not from the personal, selfish point of view, but from the point of view of the God within,Atom, 136:selfish point of view, but from the point of view of the God within, Who is a direct revelation ofAtom, 145:line of activity with a specific objective in view. The self-consciousness of man leads on again toAtom, 152:hold an agnostic attitude, and from the point of view of materialistic science, rightly so. What IAtom, 154:as a whole, might, from the atom's point of view, be regarded as its group consciousness. Then weAtom, 157:us to take a broader vision and a clearer view of what is going on in the evolutionary process, isAtom, 158:to look beyond our self-centered point of view, and to include within our consciousness other andAutobiography, 2:life and people. To remain static in a point of view strikes me as unintelligent. It means thatAutobiography, 3:I do not believe from the orthodox point of view) must lie in "everlasting" sameness, in a forcedAutobiography, 44:is that you are a spoil sport from the point of view of most of the people here, although not fromAutobiography, 50:conceivable subject, knowing that my point of view would be right. Today, I often feel that thereAutobiography, 67:him with disdain all the time. From my point of view, he was the devil. He had spoken to me once orAutobiography, 78:of the men orthodox from the Christian point of view, ought to have gone there. I intend noAutobiography, 85:I still had to learn? Were there other points of view which might possibly be right? I knew thereAutobiography, 86:And so on and so on. A change in my point of view and attitude began to show itself. A tinyAutobiography, 94:be helpful. I had, therefore, from my point of view let the whole [95] work down, including MissAutobiography, 122:all over my body. This threat from the point of view of the Episcopal Church was potent. His careerAutobiography, 144:as a student. It was suggested to me that in view of the fact that my finances were somewhatAutobiography, 168:If He does not change His wording and point of view, I do not change what He had said in any way.Autobiography, 169:was not responsible for the anti-Nazi point of view of these articles. This, again, was not true.Autobiography, 169:took the orthodox and idealistic point of view that because God is love it would be impossible forAutobiography, 169:a firm and unshakable stand, and today (1945) in view of the unspeakable atrocities, cruelties andAutobiography, 170:those who stood for the democratic point of view and those who stood for spiritual authority andAutobiography, 189:Theosophical groups who represent the point of view of the orthodox theologian, holding that theAutobiography, 201:result. The church fulminates against the modern view of marriage and its disillusion but offers noAutobiography, 201:churches of the U.S. and Great Britain hold the view that if a divorce is procured any laterAutobiography, 203:from the angle of parenthood, from the point of view of the dangers of promiscuity plus a warningAutobiography, 217:before us, finding out what was our point of view and offering herself as a collaborator with us.Autobiography, 219:girls to get. I think they have a wider point of view than the average person they meet and thisAutobiography, 222:know nothing more beautiful to look at than the view from Ronco looking up and down the lake. It isAutobiography, 231:astrology is, to my personal point of view, both a menace and a handicap. If a person is highlyAutobiography, 249:could, to present to them the many points of view and at the same time communicate to them theAutobiography, 256:and [256] women who even from a worldly point of view are of a pronounced inferiority or who dealAutobiography, 284:is an adult person? He is - from our point of view - a man or woman who has achieved a certainBethlehem, 4:of divinity. From the rational point of view, the question as to the historical accuracy of HisBethlehem, 30:human affairs. The goal which They have in view and the end towards which They are working has beenBethlehem, 106:peace. Let us remember that "from the point of view of others only that man is original who canBethlehem, 108:They affirm with decision their point of view, and omit to carry their attitude to a logicalBethlehem, 161:which He came to fulfil. Three major points of view usually held by the orthodox Christian might beBethlehem, 175:of its mystery. Down the ages a myriad points of view have been presented for the consideration ofBethlehem, 191:Hermes, by G. R. S. Mead, Vol. I, p. 141.) In view of the proven fact that there has been aBethlehem, 198:of Religion, by William K. Wright, p. 178. In view, therefore, of this emphasis upon humanBethlehem, 204:It is not always expedient from the point of view of the "carnal man" to do, or to reject, certainBethlehem, 204:love. The psychologists do not escape from this view of sin when they deal with it as moralBethlehem, 208:and which seemed to Him of small importance in view of the greater values involved. This again isBethlehem, 210:it to be of tremendous importance. But the world view and what Christ was destined to [211] do forBethlehem, 226:will not suffer in this process. No modern view and no theology can take Christ away from the soulBethlehem, 240:conforms to certain conditions which (in the view of the biblical writers) must be fulfiled toBethlehem, 242:while if the materialistic point of view dominates, it may indicate the end of conscious existence.Bethlehem, 245:prove themselves worth while. Any other point of view argues for the utter lack of an intelligentBethlehem, 257:wherein He disappeared from tangible worldly view and entered the world of subjective values,Bethlehem, 264:Destruction which is carried on with a view to eventual construction is right and proper, but theBethlehem, 280:achieved perfection and disappeared from human view. The divine spark in man has always renderedDestiny, 12:a new vision and a more constructive point of view. Destiny, 19:their individual or national selfish point of view and with their personal or national instinctsDestiny, 23:unrecognized) impulse. You cannot grasp or view these great mental trends as does the Hierarchy.Destiny, 44:are only slowly emerging into the Aryan point of view. This must change and the mind activity beDestiny, 82:and their blindness to other peoples' point of view has not aided world peace and is indicative ofDestiny, 95:mechanism (our entire planetary life) and view what is called "one's own soul" as an infinitesimal
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