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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIEW

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Destiny, 142:in objective incarnation from the point of view of humanity for a very long time - so long a timeDestiny, 146:the different rays; they express many points of view; their field of service is widely differingDestiny, 152:cultures, civilizations and points of view - will provide no barrier to right human relations. AtDiscipleship1choices but later I altered my point of view and recognized that a wiser mind than mine wasDiscipleship1, X:this book is the need to change the point of view of the general public as to the nature of theseDiscipleship1, 23:in a group of people and to see such a point of view maintained with an unbroken rhythm andDiscipleship1, 27:that the disciple regards that his point of view is entirely right. This again feeds pride andDiscipleship1, 48:sure that you are right and that your point of view is necessarily correct? It may be that yourDiscipleship1, 49:seek to impose your will on him or your point of view, though it is always legitimate to expressDiscipleship1, 56:sight for a moment of the synthetic point of view of both the Plan and the group. Physically, he isDiscipleship1, 58:initiation, at no such very distant date, as we view time on the inner side. Discipleship1, 59:that I can say on this theme? You must learn to view what is said or suggested by any group brotherDiscipleship1, 64:distrust of personality intention or point of view and a questioning also as to your own sincerityDiscipleship1, 75:individuals I seek to help you but only with a view to your group integration, to your groupDiscipleship1, 85:the varying ideals, attitudes and points of view separate disciples from each other. These must go.Discipleship1, 95:equips its possessor with a balanced point of view as to himself, his responsibilities and his lifeDiscipleship1, 95:work. This, when present, will enable him to view himself dispassionately and his presentedDiscipleship1, 106:perhaps will answer some of your questions. I view the achievement of my group of disciples fromDiscipleship1, 119:the mass of clutching hands. It disappears from view. Disturbance then occurs. The soul, [120]Discipleship1, 121:I have earlier indicated to you the point of view from which I personally gauge the capacity andDiscipleship1, 124:to the words, "that which is distant fades from view and the immediate present looms." One of theDiscipleship1, 139:spleen (which I will give you to follow) with a view to etheric vitalization. Your heart center isDiscipleship1, 159:dynamically used. These two points I have in view as I consider the nature of the meditation whichDiscipleship1, 166:you and yet these replies are - from my point of view - most disclosing. With you, as with F. C. D.Discipleship1, 169:and the pettiness of individual points of view are irksome to the server of the Plan who stands,Discipleship1, 173:there is now given to you a more expansive view of the underlying purpose of the planetary,Discipleship1, 194:objectives, which you should have steadily in view, is the constant cultivation of the attitude ofDiscipleship1, 195:in the nature of a criticism. From my point of view and lucidity, it is the pointing out of aDiscipleship1, 211:with me at this time with a most definite end in view. You are all of you very individual, and youDiscipleship1, 235:Let it be the understanding of the point of view of others and not so much your understanding orDiscipleship1, 249:the keynote of that must be integration with a view to its essential nature, its dominant need, andDiscipleship1, 249:attitudes, and to your own personal points of view. I have only three disciples in this particularDiscipleship1, 250:possible that you would all accept my point of view, for I cannot call it criticism? Criticism isDiscipleship1, 277:(from the basic and the essential point of view) but not equality of inner understanding or ofDiscipleship1, 299:Catholic uses it) of a group. One's own point of view, one's own dharma, one's own problems andDiscipleship1, 317:they can anent their two major rays, with the view to practical work with themselves. This is forDiscipleship1, 335:or disagreement with someone's ideas or point of view based on spiritual essentials or onDiscipleship1, 348:attitudes. You were so sure of your own point of view eight years ago, particularly in your ownDiscipleship1, 391:gate, on to the Path of Initiation. Can I, in view of this, state clearly to [392] myself what areDiscipleship1, 395:to solve, based on her immediate point of view and the fact that she is swinging more potently onDiscipleship1, 400:inconceivable to man that a different point of view and a totally different reaction to lifeDiscipleship1, 402:by the second ray, and, from certain points of view, this has been the most powerful influence inDiscipleship1, 420:place. I realize that this is also your point of view and that hence I can speak with frankness. AsDiscipleship1, 431:that self-realization is our immediate goal; in view of this, what do I know about: TheDiscipleship1, 446:most potent at all times. I would ask you, in view of the past year's events, to proceed for theDiscipleship1, 448:of spiritual living. Do this with the point in view of externalizing these concepts in your serviceDiscipleship1, 453:As they should evolve, from your point of view, in the future, giving their contribution to theDiscipleship1, 463:the maya of the past distorts one's point of view. Only the soul stands clear from illusion, andDiscipleship1, 470:background, tradition and a myopic point of view. So, brother of mine, release your thoughts fromDiscipleship1, 476:within. One practical suggestion I make with a view to your increased facility in expression: WriteDiscipleship1, 482:evening write your diary from four points of view. Let it be written with real thought and aDiscipleship1, 492:an intense, unavoidable (from your point of view) preoccupation with yourself, with what concernsDiscipleship1, 569:in a practical way, seeking to get the point of view of the soul as to your daily life. FirstDiscipleship1, 572:free; the rest of you are too prone to view things externally, from the angle of the outer detailDiscipleship1, 581:identify yourself with every imaginable point of view, to see all around a question though seldomDiscipleship1, 601:to individuals in the group has but one aim in view - to enable them to work as a group for theDiscipleship1, 645:in the group as a stabilizing force. In view of these facts upon which I would ask you to ponderDiscipleship1, 645:upon which I would ask you to ponder and in view of the relationship, I welcome you into this groupDiscipleship1, 645:into this group for special training with the view of special service. It is no easy matter toDiscipleship1, 686:(if he does) to recognize the Master's point of view and the statements he may make? Will the factDiscipleship1, 687:liking for yourself and for your own point of view which - literally and factually - makes youDiscipleship1, 687:or prejudiced by his own individual point of view to accept them. Obedience can only be renderedDiscipleship1, 701:lies their usefulness from the Master's point of view and herein lies their difficulty and - atDiscipleship1, 701:more you can respond to and include the point of view, the nature and the force of your fellowmen.Discipleship1, 719:you by giving you, as far as I can, the point of view of the Hierarchy, stepping it down until itDiscipleship1, 725:vision and attain to the attitudes and points of view of the more advanced? These questions prove aDiscipleship1, 752:He responds powerfully and (from his point of view) quite unexpectedly to the realized vibration ofDiscipleship1, 752:words only describe an aura from the point of view of occult knowledge and they are "quality" andDiscipleship1, 781:could, to present to them the many points of view and at the same time communicate to them theDiscipleship1, 788:men and women who, even from a worldly point of view, are of a pronounced inferiority or who dealDiscipleship2, 6:or even unsuitable - from the limited point of view of the group member. This is oft overlooked,Discipleship2, 22:this life unless they widen their point of view; they must learn that the past methods andDiscipleship2, 35:the greater also the clarity with which he can view the imminent possibilities. I would not have itDiscipleship2, 60:things have to be considered; the objectives in view of the Masters concerned, the rays inDiscipleship2, 75:over the years, I have a definite purpose in view and a plan worked out [76] which is adapted toDiscipleship2, 79:"imagine," as far as you can, how a Master would view your day's endeavor, how your watchingDiscipleship2, 83:or enterprises, and has never been. In view of the condition of esoteric schools (so called) in theDiscipleship2, 93:her. L.D.O. must attain to a broader point of view in place of her limited approach to humanity'sDiscipleship2, 102:the fact that all of you are - from our point of view - of the same spiritual generation and thatDiscipleship2, 107:[107] why and sees with clarity the ends in view. Where true perception exists, criticism isDiscipleship2, 126:produced effective results - from my point of view. I shall not be able to give you anotherDiscipleship2, 128:You need to remember that from one point of view these symbols are related to the antahkarana, thatDiscipleship2, 130:for six months. Then repeat with the thought in view that during the second six months you will doDiscipleship2, 131:a concrete meaning whereas I might have in view a totally different application. Keep your mind,Discipleship2, 133:Triad and the fourfold personality. Now he must view it in another light and learn to know it asDiscipleship2, 137:constantly impressing humanity with the aim in view of expanding the human consciousness. Of thisDiscipleship2, 141:your last instruction had several objectives in view. It was a preliminary meditation to a wideDiscipleship2, 142:and their fusion in the square." The Masters view the work of their disciples from this symbolicDiscipleship2, 156:upon the new Invocation from the point of view that it embodies the divine intent and summarizesDiscipleship2, 167:find some clue to the attitudes and points of view of these spiritual Intelligences. Discipleship2, 169:its steady use will bring about an inclusive view of spiritual development and impart a synthesisDiscipleship2, 171:Let me touch for a moment upon another point of view. Just as stanzas one and four are related, soDiscipleship2, 201:work accomplished. Curiously enough, in view of the fact that the principle of Mind is the fifthDiscipleship2, 203:of all nations, holding many different points of view and following the many different professionsDiscipleship2, 248:[248] express it from your particular point of view. One produces a group inclusiveness, whichDiscipleship2, 256:sense of right proportion. A balanced point of view. A dispassionate attitude. Truthful recognitionDiscipleship2, 315:as they truly exist in the world of today and view them in their true perspective (and this - asDiscipleship2, 329:limitations, their relatively petty points of view and their circumscribed attitudes are aDiscipleship2, 336:other; it is, however, apparent to those who view humanity with greater disinterestedness, deeperDiscipleship2, 336:- a test of individual integration, with a view to group integration later on.
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