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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIEW

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Fire, 999:to use. This is conditioned by the objective in view, and the state of egoic unfoldment. Secondly.Fire, 1063:The student will only be able to get a true view of this matter if he views the subject in a largeFire, 1076:The initiatory cultural process which has in view the stimulation of magnetic radiation orFire, 1097:downwards and, behold, the atom disappears from view. The eye looks sideways and the dimensionsFire, 1135:these must be regarded only from the point of view of the personality, the lower self, or not-self.Fire, 1156:of man is concerned, from the point of view of the Logos they represent more accurately, highest,Fire, 1165:well not to study the globes from the point of view of centers until their knowledge of the mysteryFire, 1167:of self-consciousness; from the point of view of the subhuman beings it is that which draws allFire, 1207:cosmic Life. Particularly is this so when we view the two hierarchies under consideration. They areFire, 1208:study each hierarchy in a threefold manner, and view it also in its transitional state, as theFire, 1211:as a vast experiment with this objective in view. This triple responsibility above referred toFire, 1213:being might be regarded therefore as having in view the establishment of a sympathetic relationFire, 1219:discarnate. All these laws, from the point of view of a disciple, need only be considered asFire, 1231:energy or activity of Spirit. From the point of view of consciousness these are the only thingsFire, 1244:specifically of the material form. This point of view can be gleaned most easily from aGlamour, 59:potency, is seen through the medium of a partial view, distorted through the inadequacy of theGlamour, 68:with this problem of glamor, with the view to your destined group service and not with a view ofGlamour, 68:to your destined group service and not with a view of your personal release... I ask you to set toGlamour, 75:We are rated as regards action and point of view by our place upon the ladder of evolution. We areGlamour, 75:evolution. We are rated really by our point of view and not by our demand upon life. TheGlamour, 75:again be handed back to man, but his point of view will then be free from that particular glamor,Glamour, 79:the glamor of separation. Perhaps this point of view may aid or perhaps it will remain a mystery,Glamour, 87:(even if unconsciously from our point of view) with the problem of this lower pair of opposites.Glamour, 114:man of evoking the understanding and point of view of the soul, for they provide the means wherebyGlamour, 122:glamor of assurance, based on a narrow point of view. The glamor of the form which hides reality.Glamour, 135:dark cloud of rain" which serves to hide from view the "raincloud of knowable things" (to whichGlamour, 146:are both equally wrong, and this is a point of view which the Jew and the anti-Jew must eventuallyGlamour, 147:can possibly vision; the individual point of view is consequently so limited that constructiveGlamour, 147:impaired. After all, my brothers, the point of view of the "under dog" is not necessarily the onlyGlamour, 147:Jews. Hence the similarity of their points of view. It is a family quarrel and there is nothingGlamour, 227:the theme of their work and their objective in view. The only ritual which is [228] still regardedHealing, 9:things and away from the partially true point of view of earlier centuries which traced diseaseHealing, 21:their static, distorted, and erroneous points of view. The teaching of theology is most misleading,Healing, 21:terms of finality and from their little point of view. The idea of retribution runs through much ofHealing, 33:is more generally true from the occult point of view than it is exoterically. I may surprise youHealing, 46:will be dependent upon the point of view of the student. We shall employ it later and add furtherHealing, 57:hidden retentions. Primarily, from the point of view of esotericism, all physical disease is theHealing, 70:so highly infectious from the astral point of view that they lower in a peculiar manner the astralHealing, 71:prevent true vision. They shut out the view. The man who is the victim of these conditions seesHealing, 93:when used by an individual or a group? In view of the fact that many diseases are, as I have toldHealing, 135:steadily drifting towards the occult point of view. I shall not attempt to relate the esotericHealing, 266:wrong doing, of retribution and revenge, and in view of this the time must come when together theHealing, 285:his natal chart. You might ask, therefore, in view of all this, if it is possible for you to doHealing, 292:great Beings; They are Gods, from our point of view, but in reality, Gods in the making, evenHealing, 295:but perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding. You will have noticed thatHealing, 306:For example, myself, and the Western point of view as regards the healing art. Forget not that I amHealing, 306:constitute the human body, but your point of view, your terminologies, and your attitudes of mindHealing, 317:unreasonably that there seems only one point of view, one attitude to life, and no fluidity andHealing, 319:of release which, from the average point of view, might be regarded as involving euthanasia. ModesHealing, 323:the situation thus in order to expand your view from the specific to the whole. In relation toHealing, 353:and remain ready ever to change your point of view when a higher and a better way is presented toHealing, 416:active intelligence with the purpose in view of demonstrating perfectly the love side of HisHealing, 421:but in objectivity - this objectivity having in view the addition of another quality to the logicHealing, 423:maya of the past, distort ever one's point of view. Only the soul stands clear from illusion, andHealing, 428:of dying and doing so from the point of view of the onlooker or observer. I sought there toHealing, 505:This we will approach from three points of view: The significance of integration. The state of mindHealing, 527:expression of poise, an inclusive point of view, and divine understanding. How many healers combineHealing, 535:but perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding. Rule Six The healer or theHealing, 541:body of the patient. He will do this with a view of attracting, if possible, a fuller inflow of theHealing, 596:if inadequate from the translator's point of view, are not redundant but express differentHealing, 614:we approach this subject from the right point of view. The endocrine glands are a tangible part ofHealing, 627:following systems, and that - from the point of view of the esotericist - these systems are symbolsHealing, 636:the "imperfect Gods" as yet, from the point of view of the goal set before all planetary Logoi. HisHealing, 658:is thought, it is also, from a higher point of view, fire. The entire technique, procedure, andHealing, 660:but perfect poise, a completed point of view, and divine understanding. This law is profoundlyHealing, 661:of Perfection (strange to man's limited point of view), the war (1914-1945) was a strikingHealing, 667:phase; it is temporary from the point of view of the Hierarchy (though possibly long from the angleHealing, 671:initiation: perfect poise, a completed point of view, and divine understanding. You would find itHealing, 673:Divine Indifference. A Completed Point of View. This necessarily and primarily refers to theHealing, 674:and the Will-to-good. A completed point of view - as experienced on soul levels - indicates theHealing, 674:must also be studied from two points of view. As a soul quality, it indicates a mind which can beHealing, 675:deflect the healing force. A completed point of view involves at least the attempt by the discipleHealing, 689:of all His bodies, and - from His point of view and technical understanding - it must be borne inHercules, 49:purpose and skill-in-action. Two points of view are equally wrong: in the one case we haveHercules, 52:and then right action and a right point of view will inevitably be the characteristics of theHercules, 73:at the root of spiritual selfishness: "In our view the highest aspirations for the welfare ofHercules, 78:doe is mine and mine it must remain." Then into view Diana sprang, the huntress of the heavens, theHercules, 150:with our own evolution that we forget the larger view. If ever we are going to climb the mountainHercules, 155:and dissonant, as he approached. At nearer view he saw the birds. Large and fierce and hideous theyHercules, 194:in our own fields wherever we may be. In view of the cosmic picture, doing all we can do at thisHercules, 200:will he arrive at the point where a broader view appears. The second sign of salvation isHercules, 202:in 1936 it appears to have been the ashramic view that the status of humanity would not permit moreHercules, 228:he is poised and balanced in his point of view; now, because he is no longer taken in by that whichInitiation, viii:at this time there is a wide diversity of view upon this momentous subject. There are those whoInitiation, 12:whilst the understanding is the point of view of the Ego, or Thinker, or his relation between them.Initiation, 13:nature, from the physical plane point of view, is his. It is in the nature of that experienceInitiation, 34:manifestation was emphasized, with the aim in view of teaching men how to liberate themselves fromInitiation, 48:to achieve affiliation. From another point of view we can consider the Lodge members as existing inInitiation, 52:Master reveals to a disciple the objective in view for an immediate little cycle, and suggests toInitiation, 66:tested for aptitude in community living with a view to drafting the suitable ones into the colonyInitiation, 81:inability to understand the different points of view of others. As time elapses, and they areInitiation, 84:is the one usually vivified, with the aim in view of the more effective controlling of the astralInitiation, 86:the complete submerging of the personal point of view in the need of the whole. It entails theInitiation, 96:those planetary schemes which from the point of view of time are not so far advanced as our EarthInitiation, 133:places without the Triangle, are hidden from view by a wall of [134] pure fire. The initiate seesInitiation, 136:the Ego on the lower level. From the point of view of man in the three worlds, this Ego, or SolarInitiation, 142:ceremony. This ceremony, from one point of view, divide itself into three parts: First. That inInitiation, 150:meditated upon the purposes and plans he had in view; wherein he visualized to himself the entireInitiation, 180:as his particular karma, the aim he may have in view for any particular cycle, and the turning ofIntellectfrom a narrowly agnostic and pragmatist point of view - is therefore by itself incomplete and
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