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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIEW

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Intellect, 33:enable him to take a richer and more significant view of his experiences, to place him above andIntellect, 56:but it must be something. From one point of view, the question: Is there a God? is promptlyIntellect, 71:keen appreciation of his lacks and defects. A view, as balanced as may be, of himself and of hisIntellect, 71:there should be also an equally balanced view of the goal and an understanding of [72] the wonderIntellect, 77:God would be discovered all naked to her view and would give himself to her, withholding nothing.Intellect, 98:of the fleshly to the spiritual point of view, the coordination of the lower multiplicity under aIntellect, 122:Evolution, page 291. He sums up his own point of view in another book, Life, Mind, and Spirit, asIntellect, 165:concept of an immanent Deity. From the point of view of man and nature we have progressed to thatIntellect, 172:mystic, typical examples of the two points of view of the mystic and the knower. The Hindu says:Intellect, 187:out too conspicuously defined, and we do not view the whole 'in one thought'. And as it is onlyIntellect, 201:Therefore, from a purely mundane point of view, it is useful to learn to meditate. Who shall sayIntellect, 261:their stimulation is most dangerous. In view of this, why take risks? Why not be warned by theMagic, 14:and thinkers everywhere color the point of view and meet with a ready acquiescence from theMagic, 24:to being forced to recognize wider points of view than his own, and the phraseology which says: "ItMagic, 32:is so only because of the nature and point of view and the perceiving apparatus of the man whoseMagic, 33:Principle There are two angles or points of view from which the nature of the soul must be grasped:Magic, 85:pain or agony, must be developed, having in view the future glory which will blot out the clouds ofMagic, 110:For him the problem is to know God, with the view of interpreting that knowledge in love to all.Magic, 112:egoic ray to comprehend each other's point of view, and they become great friends, with unshakenMagic, 114:of the Lodge have achieved is their ability to view the destruction of form as unimportant. TheirMagic, 114:around by the Brothers with a wise purpose in view. Lesser grade initiates, though utterly freeMagic, 135:with the Great White Lodge has four objects in view. First, that in the working out of the planMagic, 157:agent before the physical form emerges into view on the exterior plane. These three are: [158] TheMagic, 166:himself on the mental plane with the object in view of transferring his consciousness higher still,Magic, 243:from whence it came. According to the point of view will be the understanding of this ebb and flow.Magic, 317:which cannot be over-emphasized in view of the world's present condition. Harmlessness. I tell youMagic, 323:thus find a helper. All occult training has in view the development of the aspirant so that he mayMagic, 340:wrestling of those holding differing points of view truth emerges into the light, just as in aMagic, 402:At this conclave They had three things to do: To view the divine plan on as large a scale asMagic, 419:The tendency to impose one's own point of view indicates a lack of understanding and it will ruleMagic, 473:still others express the truth just as it is. View the world of thought, and separate the false outMagic, 481:are happily few, but the way to such a point of view is easy to achieve, and many need to guardMagic, 549:must ever be remembered that from the point of view of Reality what we call the dense physicalMagic, 566:We can also study this Rule from the point of view of the initiate who is occupied with theMagic, 608:close of a world age. This may surprise you in view of the many speculations of the uninitiated.Magic, 609:power to use form at will and with the end in view of furthering hierarchical plans and consequentMeditation, 16:of all knowledge and of all means to the end in view. It is in fact the process of the utilizationMeditation, 31:the work of the Personality - for we have to view all from that angle until egoic vision may beMeditation, 33:We dealt with the matter from the lower point of view, seeing it from the standpoint of a man inMeditation, 37:definite work on color and sound with the aim in view of stimulation and vivification, working thusMeditation, 47:of the pupil, both from the point of view of finding the line of least resistance and ofMeditation, 67:for you some of the aims groups will have in view when they form themselves, and by the use of theMeditation, 97:purposes, atrophying and dying from the point of view of the Ego, whilst the causal body itselfMeditation, 107:and material adequate for the object He had in view. He had not all possible objects in view forMeditation, 107:had in view. He had not all possible objects in view for this one solar system: He had someMeditation, 107:and conforms to certain rules with the aim in view of the achievement of a particular goal, and theMeditation, 108:and set his ring-pass-not with the purpose in view of building into his [109] causal body theMeditation, 109:enlarge the content of his mental body, with a view to future work. He may be over-developed on theMeditation, 111:of the causal body which is one of the aims in view. When, therefore, the wise Teacher moves amongMeditation, 113:each day for many days. The occidental has in view the withdrawal of his consciousness to the heartMeditation, 114:of knowledge. All occult training has this in view, - to give to the pupil some seed thought whichMeditation, 129:with the Sacred Word with the object in view of contacting the Builders who are so largely affectedMeditation, 142:or Nature. Between this purely selfish point of view (I use The term "selfish" in the scientificMeditation, 142:consciousness, or an enlargement of the point of view, that leads that self-recognizing unit, stepMeditation, 143:into an almost [143] inconceivably vast point of view - that of his place in the Grand HeavenlyMeditation, 160:In apportioning forms different aims will be in view. Where, for instance, the trouble is based onMeditation, 173:than himself, not so much from the point of view of love (as in the second line) as from admirationMeditation, 183:communicate to the devas the objective point of view, while they in turn will pour in on him theirMeditation, 198:plane. For those who can clairvoyantly view the scene, the beauty of the geometrical forms isMeditation, 222:manifestation will reveal the ultimate glory in view. As long as there is differentiated colorMeditation, 223:the ability to reflect truly the higher point of view. In the disciplined, purified physical bodyMeditation, 231:Have, therefore, courage, a broad elasticity of view, and an ability to reserve opinion untilMeditation, 244:wherever it may be, and can clairvoyantly view the entire frame and organs, so locatingMeditation, 246:A person, or persons who can clairvoyantly view the subtle body of the emotions. A number of peopleMeditation, 272:the work to be done upon their united point of view. In this way He will develop His pupil'sMeditation, 277:to meditate with correctness, the object in view will be largely attained. In that effort the rightMeditation, 281:is only interested in a man from the point of view of his usefulness in the group soul, and hisMeditation, 283:on those planes and subplanes, with one aim in view and only one - the furthering of the plan ofMeditation, 299:is a portion of a tentative plan, which has in view the hastening of the evolution of the higherMeditation, 299:the God within. This plan has been drawn up in view of the crying need of a world in which theMeditation, 300:be accomplished, purpose a movement that has in view the harnessing of the lower mind through theMeditation, 300:of the people themselves. With this object in view They plan to utilize the incoming Ray ofMeditation, 302:fact. At this particular moment (with the aim in view of the development and tendering ofMeditation, 307:kept by the Brotherhood with just this aim in view. Branches, affiliated with one of the fourMeditation, 326:weeks he returns to his work with the object in view of systematizing the mass of information, ofMeditation, 326:the occult lore permissible, with the object in view of becoming proficient and to discover hisMeditation, 330:work. [330] Work on the subtler bodies with the view to producing continuity of consciousness.Meditation, 330:matters: The aligning of the bodies with a view to egoic contact. The building of the antahkarana,Patanjali, 27:steadiness toward his goal. The objective in view - union with the soul, and consequently with thePatanjali, 60:work of manifestation, with the object ever in view of benefiting his fellow men and thusPatanjali, 85:but though indicated from one point of view, does not seem to be the main idea intended. FreedomPatanjali, 124:this is the true and accurate translation but in view of the fact that the word Master connotes (toPatanjali, 203:to be the development of mind control with a view to soul-contact and the consequent control of thePatanjali, 207:upon rebellion, and that, from the point of view of the occultist, rebellion but stirs up increasedPatanjali, 264:in the following words: "...we get a twofold view of this object, seeing at once all its individualPatanjali, 281:He also becomes intangible from the point of view of touch, and inaudible from the standpoint ofPatanjali, 307:and the creative word sent forth. This general view is given so as to present to the student thePatanjali, 315:through space unseen, are immediately brought to view, notwithstanding obstacles of space andPatanjali, 404:truth becomes possible. The synthetic point of view is nearer to universal truth than is thePatanjali, 410:are in line with the purpose held constantly in view, and in pursuance of the group plan. It mustPatanjali, 414:its capacity to detach itself from itself and view itself as a thing apart. In this way, it becomesProblems, 13:desirable, not only from the idealistic point of view but also from the purely selfish angle. SomeProblems, 22:the physical plane. Nevertheless, all peoples view Russia with expectation; they dimly realize thatProblems, 30:the interests of the whole? Will they attempt to view the world situation from the angle ofProblems, 53:that sane living and an understanding point of view, plus an intelligent technique of conduct, areProblems, 53:world of outer phenomena and who will begin to view human happenings [54] in terms of the deeperProblems, 96:indicate a bias of some kind (from the point of view of the reader) and that will not arouse in theProblems, 96:be acceptable or which agrees with all points of view or is a statement of all that has hithertoProblems, 105:totally uneducated from the modern point of view, ruled by chieftains and under the guidance ofProblems, 127:a dogma, they are only accepting the point of view of some other fallible human being, and are not
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