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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIEW

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Psychology1, xxii:indications which may substantiate the point of view. To the aspirant, and to those who are seekingPsychology1, 19:the planes which we, from our little point of view, regard as formless are not really so. Our sevenPsychology1, 89:self for the good of all, with the object in view of harmony and beauty, impelled thereto by love.Psychology1, 195:The esoteric sciences have one purpose in view, and that is to produce the gradual emergence ofPsychology1, 209:his enemies are very much the reverse; his view, in both cases, is formed not on the intrinsicPsychology1, 268:inner assurance that their particular point of view is necessarily the right one because theyPsychology1, 271:approaching extremes, we have the many points of view, the many dissimilar ideas, the many customs,Psychology1, 273:question is wider and bigger than any religious view or the moral affirmations of the little minds.Psychology1, 395:of men of high development, from the point of view of that time, and numbered among the thenPsychology1, 396:through those gates, not with a selfish end in view, but to present the garnered treasures of thePsychology2, 43:Reaction to, and sympathy with, the point of view of others; Willingness to see the work of otherPsychology2, 61:regard this whole question from another point of view. The developing of virtues, the cultivationPsychology2, 61:the expression of an ethical and moral point of view are all necessary fundamentals, precedingPsychology2, 61:are so far removed from our present point of view that any definition of them would be meaningless.Psychology2, 92:The fourth ray [92] of conflict (conflict with a view to eventual harmony) is at present not one ofPsychology2, 107:The ways and means are many; the points of view vary with every personality. The principle of workPsychology2, 107:rules above, faithfully followed. Your point of view and consciousness are your own, and therefore,Psychology2, 109:need. There are many ways and many points of view, and many experiments and many efforts - abortivePsychology2, 121:endeavor to bring people around to the point of view of the one who serves, because what thePsychology2, 128:after another. This stage and attitude we can view with sympathy and understanding, for there arePsychology2, 132:fields already well handled from the point of view of the attainment of the units in that field.Psychology2, 218:is not the case. It may be so from the point of view of man himself, considering him as anPsychology2, 229:Is it, therefore, wrong from our point of view and approach, or is it right? Only an understandingPsychology2, 244:to see the whole and not only the part, and to view his life and sphere of influence in terms ofPsychology2, 246:to use terms which the usual limited point of view can grasp. That which is to be revealed lies allPsychology2, 279:is the First Initiator. [279] From one point of view, these two centers of force constitute thePsychology2, 288:this Treatise on the Seven Rays, gives a general view of the synthetic unfoldment of man. The thirdPsychology2, 310:(even if unconsciously from our point of view) with the problem of the lower pairs of opposites.Psychology2, 315:with sentient substance from the point of view of its usefulness in terms of time and space, or ofPsychology2, 320:to consider these appearances from the point of view of man upon the physical plane. It isPsychology2, 321:to [321] consider them from the point of view of the soul and the process of experiencing. This isPsychology2, 324:of this one short life, and from the point of view of his present equipment. Until he is integratedPsychology2, 334:will place his skill and his peculiar point of view and interpretation of conditions at thePsychology2, 370:and what might be called a "balanced point of view." This balanced vision causes much difficultyPsychology2, 374:and his lack of understanding of the point of view of others have all gone, but as yet nothing hasPsychology2, 395:understand the purpose of these words and will view both the symbol, the inner living structure andPsychology2, 403:of their failure to relate the many points of view to each other. The same cleavage and evenPsychology2, 425:rather than aids the objective that I have in view. Human thought is now entering a field for whichPsychology2, 433:that the writer or speaker has not been able to view the life cycle from the angle of the soul,Psychology2, 447:aspect and its relation to the lower, with a view to their unification. Trained as an occultist andPsychology2, 457:to the exclusion of all other points of view or possibilities, that moment the seeds ofPsychology2, 458:result - distressing from the point of view of the true owner of the body. The cases to which I amPsychology2, 484:out to the neophyte of this glamorous hope. In view of this, I cannot too strongly reiterate thePsychology2, 516:The net result - from the long range point of view - is the bringing to the surface of the deeplyPsychology2, 566:is interesting to note (and instructive also in view of our subject) that in true telepathicPsychology2, 593:of the divine life in form. To the clairvoyant view of the adept as He looks at the aspirant orPsychology2, 603:forces its possessor to see only one point of view out of the many possible, to certain pronouncedPsychology2, 645:spirit of synthesis, their inclusive point of view and their emphasis upon a world unity which isPsychology2, 703:of the Kingdom of God. With that point of view you are quite familiar, and you will recognize thatPsychology2, 738:endeavored for a few minutes to get the point of view of the spiritual leaders of the race, of thePsychology2, 742:is a somewhat slower method from your point of view, but the effects will be more lasting and itRays, 42:midnight blue. Note the significance of this in view of what I have been saying anent the "darkRays, 99:initiation, when the Father aspect "comes into view" - I know not how else to word it. The whole isRays, 115:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation In view of all the instructions given earlier in thisRays, 115:given earlier in this volume, and in view also of the clarity of the statement made above, there isRays, 130:these broad analogies to expand your point of view. By so doing I can convey to the enlightenedRays, 138:with the reservation that time and the point of view of the individual disciple will later proveRays, 207:kingdoms also which are - from many points of view - of equal importance to the human. This is aRays, 210:He does not positively fight desire with a view to its elimination; he does not seek to transmuteRays, 258:and understood. It signifies the ability to view all life with a sense of divine proportion andRays, 275:or non-successful (I speak from the long range view) according to the intensity of purpose and theRays, 279:the completed antahkarana and from the point of view of the "angle of intention" of the Monad. InRays, 281:the planes of transfiguration, from the point of view of the higher initiate. By then the processesRays, 290:renunciation (great only from the human point of view) makes the higher renunciation possibleRays, 308:It must be remembered that from the point of view of esotericism, all forms in the three worlds areRays, 312:It might be of interest at this point if, in view of this third development - responsiveness toRays, 316:minor initiations from the Sirian point of view, because the relation of the man "under disciplineRays, 324:planetary and individual, and from the point of view of the esoteric training of the acceptedRays, 362:in an Ashram, to get this different point of view and begin to unfold within themselves a newRays, 364:(no matter how low or gross, from the point of view of a higher level of contact) to the next; itRays, 373:the Ashram, and humanity. From one point of view, the New Group of World Servers can be regardedRays, 386:on the Cross, and from that vantage point could view the three worlds. The fourth initiation thenRays, 409:of which I am not one, from Their point of view, though from yours I may be. In Initiation, HumanRays, 416:None of the above facts indicates divergence of view between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, nor doRays, 419:is in reality and from the occult point of view the history of the freeing of the spirit by theRays, 422:may cover vast periods, from the point of view of humanity. They work with principles unknown to usRays, 437:When a true perspective and a balanced point of view have been attained, and some awareness of theRays, 504:ray technique, and with the objective in view of relating (in a new and significant manner,Rays, 536:a man to become a disciple with the aim in view of eventually entering [537] the Ashram of a MasterRays, 556:the subject from the initiate's point of view. I wonder if you realize, my brother, that this hasRays, 560:the Aryan race, which from the occult point of view can be regarded as encompassing practically theRays, 578:without impediment. From the larger point of view, it is this struggle to clear the worldRays, 586:the reconstruction of Europe, from the point of view of economics. The Ashram of the Master Morya,Rays, 586:is mysterious in the extreme, from the point of view of aspiring humanity, and there is little thatRays, 622:have no opportunity to form their own point of view; commercial interests and expediency imposeRays, 627:interpretation and the feminine point of view is needed and will be provided. Great Britain, fromRays, 638:with right orientation and a broad point of view; let them think truly, evading no issues, butRays, 661:application of the evolutionary process with a view to the preparation of the field of the worldRays, 680:or of their inalienable rights. These points of view are against the position of the spiritualRays, 705:the Jews represent (from the point of view of the Hierarchy) that from which all Masters of theRays, 723:them, from the hierarchical point of view, and Masters can also dimly sense the nature of theRays, 744:between Communism and the democratic point of view. I mention this first because it is the oneRays, 747:in Great Britain, where the socialist point of view is gaining ground among the masses, but whichReappearance, 48:Earth. No denial of these facts is possible, in view of the multiplicity of organizations, booksReappearance, 67:the new world religion, thus giving us a fresh view of divine intention and a living insight intoReappearance, 114:comprehension of the many and diverse points of view (necessary [115] to the establishing of rightReappearance, 177:shyness and the dislike of presenting a point of view, particularly a point of view connected withReappearance, 177:a point of view, particularly a point of view connected with money. It is here that the majoritySoul, 10:thinking into the harmony of a single point of view. Whether she has successfully achieved theSoul, 15:under subsequent different conditions. In his view, then, he is experiencing directly and truly
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