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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIOLENT

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Astrology, 19:the world where the forces, beating in an almost violent and somewhat new measure and tempo uponAstrology, 234:Christ. From these attitudes, there has been a violent reaction which is today at its height andAstrology, 234:is both undesirable and dangerous, as are all violent reactions, for the one is as untrue as theAstrology, 237:in preventing crime or in deterring people from violent selfishness (for that is what all crimeAstrology, 250:now proceeds. No strident note is heard; no violent coloring of the life affects (I know not howAstrology, 460:to the second point of the triangle. Source of a violent interplay between the two points of theAstrology, 491:but the opposition of spirit and matter is so violent that the Libran force is relativelyAutobiography, 33:thing that saved me from complete abhorrence and violent dislike was the fact of my sincerity andAutobiography, 37:had been and who could begin to control a rather violent temper. This I started to do. I tried notAutobiography, 75:it is His love and life that saves and not any violent theological pronouncements over the fear ofAutobiography, 85:up and go. And we did." It was a drastic and violent lesson and one which at the time I did notAutobiography, 85:These three episodes threw my mind into the most violent questioning and helped eventually bringAutobiography, 143:watching, by never permitting her to take violent exercise, or climb a hill, or walk up stairs IAutobiography, 235:the cart before the horse. In the days of violent peace propaganda between World War I and WorldBethlehem, 208:that He was not understood. Many men have died violent deaths. In this, Christ was in no wiseDiscipleship1, 146:is intuitively perceived because there are no violent mental reactions or emotional states ofDiscipleship1, 219:last life) to an occasional cyclic and almost violent emphasis upon some individual. This is nowDiscipleship1, 256:for their predisposition to fanatical and violent activity can be offset by wise handling of theDiscipleship1, 406:the atoms of your body and head, and to make a violent impact upon all those with whom you areDiscipleship1, 409:for your reactions are so rapid and so violent. I have to judge with care what I ask you to doDiscipleship1, 439:the pouring in of vital forces, which make a violent impact upon a frail body than it is withDiscipleship1, 450:and the whirlpool of terrific forces, seeking violent outlet upon the physical plane. BroadlyDiscipleship1, 586:(symbolically speaking, of course) periods of violent activity, amounting almost to delirium. As IDiscipleship1, 587:action very frequently because it reacts to the violent impact of your first ray personality andDiscipleship1, 593:of fluidity of thought and undertaking, of violent experimentation and of what I might term aDiscipleship1, 647:environment. It also evokes in you at times a violent reaction to that which seems incorrect,Discipleship1, 651:of people you will contact. You evoke as yet too violent a response from others. This is due toDiscipleship1, 659:you to Piscean attitudes, emotional idées fixes, violent astral storms, great devotions which callDiscipleship1, 660:your life. So rest, my brother, and cease this violent struggle. Fall not into the snare of manyDiscipleship1, 662:your group brothers down by resigning or by a violent explosion - the repercussions of which mustDiscipleship1, 668:moments when powerful action seems desirable or violent protest or words are deemed advisable,Discipleship1, 750:may be (from the worldly angle) in a state of violent flux. All that he cherishes and holds dear inDiscipleship1, 751:advanced chelas to protect the Master from the violent reactions of the new chela and to standDiscipleship2, 65:the dualism of existence is apt to produce violent strain. The extreme psychical tension affectingDiscipleship2, 225:and expensive furs, the millions which go in the violent search for excitement and for ceaselessDiscipleship2, 392:a series of sequential steps and is not the violent impact of an unrealized idea. It might be saidDiscipleship2, 512:which changes or shifts the present almost too violent emotional reactions into that calm,Discipleship2, 562:is not [562] always evocative of a life of violent outward activity. For such as you, with theDiscipleship2, 678:a strong reaction on your part of almost violent disagreement. F.B. and A.A.B. have done what theyDiscipleship2, 728:will do more to free you than any violent endeavor to understand and combat glamor. You do not yetDiscipleship2, 728:its thought-form-making proclivities become violent, and the illumination of the soul is thenEducation, 111:made in an effort to save the patient's life. A violent streptococci germ and infection had menacedExternalisation, 43:physical brain consciousness and cause such a violent increase of the active energies that deathExternalisation, 246:with human pain. Even when he reacts with violent emotion over the suffering, for instance, ofExternalisation, 449:of the men of goodwill in the world, and the violent criticism of those who think in terms ofExternalisation, 451:are on the physical plane - they will give more violent battle to world goodwill on the planes ofExternalisation, 516:on every hand live harmoniously and love. The violent vibrations of our surroundings must beExternalisation, 661:capacity" which is needed to withstand the violent impacts of physical plane living. The mental andExternalisation, 669:work is today being galvanized also into violent activity through the dynamic energy of the firstFire, 578:The "Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force," or by Will or power. ItFire, 662:The astral body is the seat of man's most violent vibration, and these vibrations are a potentFire, 783:and are characterized by excessive energy, and violent activity, for the greater the condensationFire, 862:solar system. This it is which produces the violent action and reaction to be seen in every life.Fire, 908:suffering can be seen. Owing, therefore, to the violent reaction at this time against theFire, 928:is very rapid, and activity is considerably more violent owing to the greater density of theFire, 1076:for instance, and the weight of metal undergoing violent disintegration the mineral monad emergedFire, 1105:force of the Heavenly Man show qualities of violent [1106] reaction on the physical plane againstHealing, 38:of the astral body. Agitation in that body, any violent activity under stress of temper, intenseHealing, 38:the gall bladder. The tendency to criticism, to violent dislikes, and to hatreds based on criticismHealing, 40:over from life to life, they cause the more violent aspects of the conditions referred to above,Healing, 92:colors all the life, and the registering of violent emotional reactions. These may be based upon aHealing, 176:ilk, though in lesser degree; there may be also violent conditions of epilepsy, or the eyesight mayHealing, 193:It is a slower process, but endures. Much of the violent autosuggestion of the systems allied toHealing, 238:from this disease, owing to the awakening into violent activity of the heart center. In the oneHealing, 239:today. The same thing can be said about the violent inhibition imposed by an aspirant upon allHealing, 312:connected with inner emotional desires and the violent suppressed wish-life of many. The infectiousHealing, 442:of being left behind. Ancient reactions to past violent deaths, lying deep in the consciousness.Healing, 446:dreaded does not exist, except in the cases of violent and sudden death, and then the only trueHealing, 462:combined energies of the etheric body, are in violent conflict and the process is often fierce andHealing, 495:solar angel. After that contact, a relatively violent reorientation to earth life takes place,Healing, 514:anti-clockwise. All these factors produce violent conflict upon the Probationary Path, whichHealing, 542:which prove fatal are frequently due to a violent expression on the part of the patient of theHercules, 33:therefore, of strong and potent impulses, and of violent fluctuations and exaggerated efforts;Hercules, 178:for happiness in the world of pleasure. The violent impacts of sensation are sought to keep theInitiation, 77:may grow confidence and peace, and out of violent action and interaction there may be elaboratedIntellect, 217:give and take of life, the mind is in a state of violent vibration; this is not the case if theIntellect, 254:and working so that they end by undergoing a violent reaction, sometimes to the point of nervousMagic, 54:learnt that enthusiastic rushing forward and a violent energetic progress has its drawbacks, andMagic, 63:wonders how long this uneven experience and the violent alternation of these opposites is to go on.Magic, 101:harm a fellowman. Remember in this connection, violent spiritual aspiration and enthusiasm,Magic, 187:and nullifying of the effects of the chelas violent reactions on other chelas in the same group. ItMagic, 249:dangers of this midway spot? The dangers of too violent fluctuation between land and water, orMagic, 249:this is felt in the midway spot and produces a violent instability. This instability has a directMagic, 277:of tendencies is progressing, are in a state of violent turmoil. The vortex of conflicting desireMagic, 300:of being left behind. Ancient reactions to past violent deaths, lying deep in the subconsciousness.Magic, 300:dreaded does not exist, except in the cases of violent and of sudden death and then the only trueMagic, 342:connection with some particular matter produce a violent vibration in the astral body. This leadsMagic, 343:for discouragement does not lie in cultivating a violent counter vibration. It lies in the wise useMagic, 373:ray. This must not be pictured as a sudden and violent change. From the standpoint of the humanMagic, 489:which can devastate the life of the aspirant. A violent dislike, a gnawing worry, a jealousy, aMagic, 498:against this interplay: one is the grief and violent emotional upset of those left behind and, inMagic, 567:of too much energy and the expression of too violent a purpose. [568] That of death, through lackMagic, 578:by force" and who are occultly known as the "Violent Ones" can take the heavenly supply and use itMeditation, 6:line direct. Usually the emotional body, through violent emotion and vibration, or a fluctuatingMeditation, 82:entails a period of great difficulty, of violent conflict both internally and with the environment,Meditation, 124:It leads, in the ensuing struggle, to the violent scenes of screaming lunatics and to the paroxysmsMeditation, 157:a steady rhythmic motion, and is not prone to violent storms and the agitating effects ofMeditation, 159:outline broadly and give general indications. Violent emotion and unstable vibration. This, ifMeditation, 160:criminal emotion that finds its expression in violent orgies and license. Under all these headsMeditation, 179:and consequently the intensity of emotion, the violent reactions, and present widespread era of
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