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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VIRTUE

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Autobiography, 146:The same criticisms and the same recognitions of virtue could be posited for all and every nationAutobiography, 149:it would be the end of me because it was a great virtue to kill a white woman. It would mean aDestiny, 78:distinctive of the country at this time. It is virtue misdirected. Ray 4. - Harmony throughDestiny, 114:and "good taste" is a highly cherished mass virtue and objective today. This is a totally new thingDiscipleship1, 77:as a strength and which I hugged to myself as a virtue. I was then a young man, anxious to help myDiscipleship1, 78:and so stimulated me that what I thought was a virtue and what I had denied and repudiated as aDiscipleship2, 109:and who are also endowed with the rare group virtue of silence, we shall not have the desiredDiscipleship2, 481:its presence. He violently affirms the opposite virtue or strength. Yet all the time, thisDiscipleship2, 753:in my diagnosis. Reapply and reinterpret this virtue of detachment and much will be revealed toExternalisation, 20:the least of his brethren - this is the main virtue which will enable the esoteric student to treadExternalisation, 225:and understanding may make itself felt by virtue of these great Potencies? The two Full Moons ofExternalisation, 572:will do by the free choice of the people and by virtue of their advanced and proven merit. By thisExternalisation, 572:of human affairs. This direction will be in virtue of their known and approved capacity and willFire, 443:the sumtotal of Fohat. The Heavenly Men are, by virtue of physical manifestation, Fohat and HisFire, 743:"The deva shineth with added light when the virtue of the will hath entered. He garnereth color asFire, 928:of sounds, of words and of phrases that, through virtue of certain rhythmic effects, achieveFire, 993:unselfish deed is done. The life is strong in virtue. The life is righteous. The life is aGlamour, 138:the practical mystics or occultists. These, by virtue of a disciplined life, an ardent aspiration,Healing, 232:only for material goods, who sacrifices all virtue in order to gain that which cannot last, willHealing, 616:this quality was called by the Christ "virtue" (a somewhat inaccurate translation of the wordHealing, 616:force had been taken from Him and He said "virtue has gone out of me." I have called this to yourHercules, 118:of sensitivity. Virgo is called the goddess of virtue or of vice. But what is the root meaning ofHercules, 118:to her the purpose of existence." The root of "virtue" is the Latin word vir meaning "strength",Magic, 202:teaching can be summed up in two words: Vice and Virtue. Vice is the energy of the sheaths,Magic, 202:the impulses and tendencies of the lower self. Virtue is the calling in of new energies and of aMeditation, 93:an unbalanced development. One-pointedness is a virtue, but it should be the one-pointedness ofMeditation, 108:object. That aim may be the acquirement of virtue by paying the price of vice; it may be theMeditation, 146:The other type will start with meditation on the virtue most desired, add virtue to virtue in theMeditation, 146:with meditation on the virtue most desired, add virtue to virtue in the building of the form of theMeditation, 146:on the virtue most desired, add virtue to virtue in the building of the form of the ideal selfMeditation, 162:of phrases, words, and sounds which by virtue of rhythmic effect achieve results that would not beMeditation, 233:which at a later period will show forth as a virtue. The second point I seek to make is that theseMeditation, 235:apprehension of quality, in the striving after virtue, and in the building-in of Godlike attribute,Meditation, 235:to meet the need. He concentrates on the virtue, and (if he is so situated that he is aware of theMeditation, 237:intuition, find out which colors thus shroud a virtue you have the key to the matter in hand. YouMeditation, 249:veil. That color is the form and force of virtue (in the occult sense) in the inner life. I haveMeditation, 249:teaching of the world and the inculcation of virtue will be likewise imparted in terms of color.Meditation, 263:of the Wisdom is He Who has entrusted to Him, by virtue of work accomplished, certain Words ofPatanjali, 29:objects either supernormal or not, it be, by virtue of elevation, aware of the inadequateness ofPsychology1, 273:rapid reference: [273] Definitions of sex, of virtue and of vice. Sex in the New Age. SomePsychology1, 277:the Kingdoms in Nature i. Definitions of Sex, of Virtue and of Vice Cosmically speaking, sex is aPsychology1, 284:and concepts. We shall discover that vice and virtue have no real reference to ability andPsychology1, 284:his social relation with God and his fellowmen. Virtue is the manifestation in man of the spirit ofRays, 527:of the Hierarchy to Shamballa. This He did by virtue of a [528] completely finished and constructedSoul, 10:in their thinking. Each, therefore, has the virtue of its own sincerity and its own peculiarSoul, 110:the outer wall." "We have seen that the Self, in virtue of its power of manifestation, reflectsTelepathy, 174:Christ over His aura was such that "He knew when virtue had gone out of Him" - He knew, therefore,
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