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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISHNU

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Astrology, 537:(See Volume II of The Secret Doctrine or the Vishnu Purana. A.A.B.) In the earlier activity, theAstrology, 695:and its graduates are called the 'Sons of Vishnu.' (C. F. 1177-1179) The Schools on Saturn, theFire, 38:love, which constitutes the energy of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic.4 Finally are toFire, 38:4 "That whereinto all enter, vishanti, is Vishnu; he who covers up, envelopes, surrounds,Fire, 38:such is the Self, connected with cognition and Vishnu. The summation or totality of these isFire, 41:- 1st Logos - Will - Spirit). Duality (Son - Vishnu - 2nd Logos - Love-Wisdom). Trinity (Mother -Fire, 58:with the seven vedic metres, since in the Vishnu Purana, Parasara describes the vedic metres as theFire, 81:details, is only the physical expression of Vishnu, or the ethereal basic substance, as we mayFire, 143:The Second Logos. The second Logos, Vishnu, the divine Wisdom Ray, the great principle of BuddhiFire, 144:activity of Brahma with the onward progress of Vishnu. We have the correspondence to this in theFire, 146:this present manifestation of the Son, or of the Vishnu aspect, we are concerned more closely withFire, 175:Now, and from the Unity of the All-Self. The Vishnu or the Love-Wisdom aspect is latent in theFire, 176:name is Love. This is the divine incarnation of Vishnu. The Dragon of Wisdom is in manifestation,Fire, 215:of spirit. The second Aspect, the building, or Vishnu aspect, is governed by the Law of Attraction;Fire, 218:Heavenly Men, embodies the sound or note of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic, theFire, 218:knowing himself as omnipresent. As the sound of Vishnu reverberates within himself, he knowsFire, 219:singer or the Hindu Saraswati..." "In the Vishnu Purana, second part, you will see that the powerFire, 242:unit of the human family finds place. He is the Vishnu aspect in process of development through theFire, 244:First Logos Second Logos Third Logos. Mahadeva Vishnu Brahma. Will Wisdom-Love Active Intelligence.Fire, 244:to develop love-wisdom, or the Son aspect, the Vishnu aspect. In the microcosmic system, theFire, 263:Manasaputra. 2. Purusha - Love-Wisdom. The Vishnu aspect. On the plane of objectivity - The Triad:Fire, 270:sense as that in which the second aspect (the Vishnu or Dragon of Wisdom aspect) is the sumtotal ofFire, 313:those three Entities whom we know as Mahadeva, Vishnu, and Brahma. In a similar sense these ThreeFire, 317:Third, that Mahadeva, or the Divine Will, Vishnu, the Wisdom aspect, or the manifested "Son ofFire, 337:- Will Aspect - First plane. Second Logos - Vishnu - Wisdom Aspect - Second, Third, Fourth. ThirdFire, 393:eaten by him during his subsequent existence. (Vishnu Purana I. XIX, 5). This seed is technicallyFire, 402:aspect, combined with the second, or Brahma and Vishnu allied, go to the totality of the DivineFire, 403:[403] Brahma aspect is fivefold and, with the Vishnu aspect, makes the six, or the pentagon, havingFire, 427:and the chief functionaries are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Subdivisions of their functions giveFire, 427:"this maintenance or preservation is the work of Vishnu. Further, because it is necessary that whatFire, 427:for manifestation; and it succeeds knowledge or Vishnu, after maintenance or enjoyment of thatFire, 444:of deva and human monads. Sumtotal: Solar fire. Vishnu aspect. Subjectivity or the psyche. The SonFire, 476:seeketh the agency of fire hid in the heart of Vishnu. He worketh with the forces of theFire, 477:we have the eastern conception of Vishnu-Brahma, or the Rays of Light vibrating through matter.Fire, 602:or with Agni, the sumtotal of the Gods. He is Vishnu and the Sun in His glory; He is the fire ofFire, 604:division of Agni is threefold. "Agni," says the Vishnu Purana, "has three sons, Suchi, Pavamana,Fire, 604:as being the mouth-born son of Brahma, in the Vishnu purana. Now, each of the triple forms of AgniFire, 606:concern the egoic cycles, and the cycles of Vishnu, as distinguished from the cycles dealing withFire, 628:Central Spiritual Sun Energy Surya Solar fire Vishnu Heart of the Sun Light Brahma Fire by frictionFire, 654:by the term Agni. Group B - Corresponds to the Vishnu-Surya aspect. Group C - Corresponds to theFire, 673:great powers known in the Puranas as Shiva and Vishnu, the universal sower and reaper, who by theirFire, 710:Man. 37 Mahadeva sits at the heart, Surya or Vishnu reveals Him in His essence as the Wisdom ofFire, 729:link in a very vital sense. He is Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, in synthetic manifestation. He is theFire, 730:Third cycle - intellectual successful man. The Vishnu aspect, that in which the love-wisdom aspectFire, 731:Fire." It has relation to the achievement of Vishnu, and marks a point in the evolution ofFire, 775:manifested life on earth. Note the avatara of Vishnu. The sign of Pisces, the fish. Jesus theFire, 828:- Shiva - Father - Will. The second Logos - Vishnu - Son - Love-wisdom. The third Logos - Brahma -Fire, 888:Aspect. Solar Fire, or the positive negative Vishnu Aspect, the second Aspect. Electric Fire, orFire, 922:the buddhic plane forms the throat center of Vishnu, the second aspect. From thence the Word goesFire, 922:upon the monadic plane forms the heart center of Vishnu, the second aspect. The Transmitter ofFire, 922:upon the atmic plane forms the head center of Vishnu. This tabulation will be confusing to studentsFire, 922:the dual parts. It will be apparent that in the Vishnu aspect, for instance, which manifests uponFire, 922:says: "Brahma is One, yet includes His brother. Vishnu is One, yet existeth not apart from HisFire, 924:manifestation as it coordinates itself with the Vishnu aspect. Fire, 924:are the reflection upon the lowest plane of the Vishnu aspect of divinity; the seven subplanes ofFire, 980:the Hindu Scriptures we will find that the Lord Vishnu, Who stands for the second Person of theFire, 980:Word of God, the Christ, so the Hindu speaks of Vishnu, the great Singer, creating by means of HisFire, 1018:aspect, and the note and formula of the Vishnu, or building aspect. One he ascertains because heFire, 1028:that mode of activity which distinguishes the Vishnu aspect of Deity, or the motion of the DivineFire, 1032:are concerned. On the involutionary arc, the Vishnu force is likewise felt, but until the nature ofFire, 1034:consciousness - "I am That," the activity of Vishnu in process of being perfected in this theFire, 1036:typifying the form-building nature of the Vishnu activity. According to the initiation taken, aFire, 1048:kingdom. It is the sum total of the force of Vishnu, the second aspect, and produces the higherFire, 1115:energy is the sumtotal of the life force of Vishnu or the Son, Who is the transmitter andFire, 1152:logoic, or with that manifesting Life we call Vishnu. It will thus be seen that three mainFire, 1152:1. Brahma The Raja Lords 7 Activity Inertia. 2. Vishnu The Planetary Logoi 7 Wisdom Mobility. 3.Fire, 1166:again, is said to arise from or in the navel of Vishnu, because the navel of Vishnu orFire, 1166:or in the navel of Vishnu, because the navel of Vishnu or all-knowledge is necessary desire, theFire, 1166:which, in strictness, of course, belong to Vishnu." - Pranava-Vada, pp. 84, 311. Fire, 1179:and its graduates are called "the Sons of Vishnu." Their symbol is a robe with a full sailed boatFire, 1186:in the three forces of manifestation, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Where this is the case and theFire, 1214:as govern the group interrelation of the Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva aspects; time and space or "divineFire, 1217:have relation to the psyche, or to the Vishnu aspect. One group of laws concern energies emanatingHercules, 34:in Libra.... [34] In the Brahmanical zodiac, Vishnu presides over Aries and Vishnu is the secondHercules, 34:zodiac, Vishnu presides over Aries and Vishnu is the second person of the Hindu Trimurti, or theHercules, 34:about the final episode of resurrection. Thus Vishnu or Christ embodies the two urges, the urge toInitiation, 152:God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, or Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. This sound is still goingInitiation, 153:which God the Father works. The sound U to Vishnu, God the Son. He is the form-builder and providesInitiation, 153:with signs which come under the department of Vishnu, or God the Son, [154] and are breathed out byInitiation, 157:forth of the second aspect of the Self, the Vishnu, or form-building aspect, which is the primeInitiation, 158:the triple AUM, and therefore with the Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva aspect, of which the three HeadsInitiation, 172:in which the Brahma aspect dominated, as the Vishnu, or consciousness aspect dominates in this. TheInitiation, 174:suffices. This secret concerns primarily the Vishnu, or second aspect. It sums up in one shortInitiation, 175:Physical Sun Seven, Six, Five Polarity Fourth Vishnu Preserver Subjective Sun Four, Three FireInitiation, 178:of the laws that govern the [178] Brahma and Vishnu aspects: it means a faculty of vibrating withInitiation, 178:which is the basis of the building, or Vishnu aspect. He has to equip, also, his mental body soIntellect, 137:it has done what it had to do and ceases." - The Vishnu Purana, VI, 7, 90. In contemplation, aMagic, 611:three fires, and these are of ancient usage; the Vishnu Purana gives these fires exactly the samePatanjali, 28:use in this place: The fish is the symbol of the Vishnu aspect, the Christ principle, the secondPatanjali, 28:the student will also study the fish Avatar of Vishnu he will learn still more. The fish swimmingPatanjali, 51:Father. The cosmic Christ God in incarnation. Vishnu Second person of the Hindu Trimurti. The soulPatanjali, 156:intelligent matter, out of which the body of Vishnu or of the cosmic Christ is to be built in orderPatanjali, 245:possible without something on which to fix it." (Vishnu Purana V 1. 7. 75-85.) Then follows aPatanjali, 248:done what it had to do and ceases." (From the Vishnu Purana. VI. 7, 90.) [249] The truth of thisPatanjali, 270:second aspect (consciousness) or the Christ or Vishnu aspect relates to the present, whilst onlyPatanjali, 272:2. Form. 3. The Father. Shiva 3. The Son. Vishnu. 3. The Holy Spirit. Brahma. 4. The Monad. ThePatanjali, 290:the head is the thousand petalled lotus hiding Vishnu, seated in the center. Thus is the animalPatanjali, 290:or consciousness aspect, to soul energy, that of Vishnu, the second aspect, the Christ force. ThisPsychology1, 193:aspect of divinity. It is the Christ or Vishnu aspect; it is the sentient consciousness aspect ofPsychology2, 147:an aspect of the Law of Love, of the Vishnu or Christ aspect, and concerns an attitude of the soul,
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