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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISION

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Destiny, 105:time as all the nations of the world see the vision clear, forego their selfish aims and agree inDestiny, 111:which it was necessary to present to the vision of the sons of men as their possible and immediateDestiny, 130:on to the physical plane his dream and his vision. The seventh ray disciple has no such problem. ByDestiny, 135:men in the future will be amused at the limited vision of our modern world and wonder why weDestiny, 146:forth and starts upon his mission." Those with vision can see this happening upon every side today.Destiny, 152:a little of the wonder of the Aquarian Age. The vision in men's minds today is that of the AquarianDiscipleship1, XI:of disciples that the sanity, the breadth of vision, the lack of authority, and the understandingDiscipleship1, 4:work is easily seen by us who work with a fuller vision and a less impeded outlook than is as yetDiscipleship1, 17:all over the world who have caught the new vision and are working under the inspiration and theDiscipleship1, 23:my disciples. If this group measures up to the vision as it exists in my mind, there will beDiscipleship1, 29:present and potent than you think. A little vision, brother of mine, makes the way of the discipleDiscipleship1, 30:will find me waiting. Go to your work with clear vision, a loving heart and an understanding love.Discipleship1, 31:when completed is known only to the inspired vision of the architects. But the foundations must beDiscipleship1, 34:that members of these groups have a wider vision than they now have; their membership in any of theDiscipleship1, 39:be coincident with the development of etheric vision. This group will act as a channel ofDiscipleship1, 44:of outstanding individuals with spiritual sense, vision and achievement to their credit hasDiscipleship1, 56:the soul and from the Master, and reflecting the vision with as much purity of outline as may beDiscipleship1, 64:is inactive and, therefore, from the angle and vision of the Great White Lodge, motives are wrongDiscipleship1, 81:of these objectives will involve clear vision and a keen and intelligent understanding; it willDiscipleship1, 82:achievement and from satisfactory work: Lack of vision, incident to a lack of mental keenness.Discipleship1, 84:The possession and recognition of a united vision to which the individual in the group subordinatesDiscipleship1, 85:presentation and able (when the spiritual vision is strong enough) to achieve a quick reversal ofDiscipleship1, 85:also that waiting attitude which expects the new vision to appear, the newer truths to emerge intoDiscipleship1, 85:from truth and from the realization of a truer vision. So I would beg you, my disciples, to aim atDiscipleship1, 86:only as a mystical idealist) upon the levels of vision as well as upon the levels of practicalDiscipleship1, 92:or the "veils of earth" close over his head; the vision fades and he reverts into the life of anDiscipleship1, 96:with others. True humility is based on fact, on vision and on time pressures. Here I give you aDiscipleship1, 96:must always be humility in the presence of true vision. This experiment which I am undertaking hasDiscipleship1, 96:the humility which is based on understanding and vision and so serve the world, your fellowDiscipleship1, 102:may be transmuted into wisdom and the eye of vision control your living processes and all yourDiscipleship1, 106:for you have not, as yet, developed mental vision. I tell you that the group already exists as aDiscipleship1, 113:it is a glamor which can seriously impair true vision. That you may walk the Way in peace and lightDiscipleship1, 115:next cycle of activity with set purpose, clear vision and unswerving attention to facts. You haveDiscipleship1, 120:ways of mind. The far horizon disappears. The vision just before the eyes succeeds; the immediateDiscipleship1, 124:faces any disciple is to exchange the abstract vision of future glory and reward for the immediateDiscipleship1, 137:that you should aim at a similar clarity of vision where they are concerned and they will have theDiscipleship1, 138:the average citizen. Yet the very depth of your vision and knowledge make you prone to feel yourDiscipleship1, 151:they should face with courage and clear vision: Lethargy or the failure to use the advice andDiscipleship1, 155:of old, go forward towards the goal and the vision with confidence, sure judgment and the knowledgeDiscipleship1, 161:methods of the present organizations with the vision of the newer types of work. This is aDiscipleship1, 161:your soul to clarity of perception, to wise vision, to [162] true understanding and to rightDiscipleship1, 169:and detached, upon a first ray pinnacle of vision and resultant comprehension. I have three pointsDiscipleship1, 173:this movement, those of you who have some inner vision and who can grasp the magnitude of the PlanDiscipleship1, 186:the time has come when you can work with clearer vision, with a closer cooperation with and fromDiscipleship1, 199:definitely in the light? Is my mind the organ of vision for the spiritual man, and am I offeringDiscipleship1, 205:for harmony sometimes produces short-sighted vision and you tend to act precipitately. When thisDiscipleship1, 217:or their failure to live up to their own vision of discipleship. Live up to our vision, brother ofDiscipleship1, 217:their own vision of discipleship. Live up to our vision, brother of [218] old, and know that timeDiscipleship1, 218:has brought you an increased capacity to see the vision with clarity. One of the goals for all trueDiscipleship1, 231:stone. A flood of cleansing water, and then the Vision. The pilgrim then can chant: I stand inDiscipleship1, 231:of light. A weary pilgrim and then again the vision. He chants: I stand in love for ever. ThenDiscipleship1, 231:by love, mutual understanding and corporate vision and united service. [232] Discipleship1, 236:pride with flattery or in holding out to you a vision of a notable future. The physical planeDiscipleship1, 239:of illusion and not to the world of light and of vision. Your great sensitivity made this easy.Discipleship1, 246:Do you lead them now to lose sight of you in the vision of their own souls? [247] These areDiscipleship1, 274:and walk there with your brothers. Thus keep the vision clear above the fogs of earth. Fear not toDiscipleship1, 276:false.. the real and the illusion. This clearer vision - envisaging some aspects hithertoDiscipleship1, 277:Let nothing and no one stand between you, the vision, the Plan and your fellow-disciples. Second:Discipleship1, 277:top and walk there with your brothers. Keep the vision clear above the fogs of earth." [278]Discipleship1, 284:time listening. Give expression to the sensed vision. Cultivate the waiting attitude of psychicDiscipleship1, 286:order of their importance. The attainment of the vision; the power to intuit; the capacity toDiscipleship1, 287:the mystic truth ever lurks in its fullness, the vision of color and harmony is ever to be found,Discipleship1, 305:line for a while? I have placed in your "way of vision" in meditation (a phrase which perhaps meansDiscipleship1, 307:assumed as your physical plane dharma. Clear vision as to these outer relations in the world ofDiscipleship1, 307:need to study, remembering that truth and clear vision are of greater value than blind loyalty andDiscipleship1, 317:"They come and they observe. They own the eye of vision; likewise they own the eye of rightDiscipleship1, 322:astral body acts oft as a distorted where your vision of character is concerned. Where the Master'sDiscipleship1, 322:you see. Where you yourself are concerned, the vision is not so clear yet the method of closeDiscipleship1, 328:has been your inability to bring through the vision with accuracy. In order to do this you mustDiscipleship1, 329:truly and to guard the precious jewel of the vision untouched. You are evidencing increasingDiscipleship1, 334:by the after effects and not by any phenomenal vision, response or reaction. An increase of loveDiscipleship1, 337:have created. They must learn to live with vision in the world of causes and of motive, adheringDiscipleship1, 338:increasingly respond to these ideas. Keep the vision clear, my brother, and live upon the mountainDiscipleship1, 339:astral perception. I do not here refer to astral vision or psychism but to responsiveness toDiscipleship1, 348:moving. Be therefore prepared both for deepened vision and for a fresh cycle of testing. You mightDiscipleship1, 357:ahead but your devotion and humility, your clear vision and your wisdom are such that you can beDiscipleship1, 366:what is needed. Secondly, you have a clarity of vision which is true and constructive - in thoseDiscipleship1, 367:so, my brother? [367] In this case however, your vision will be clear and true. So take the placeDiscipleship1, 368:to shoulder and with eyes fixed upon the same vision, you can face life and its vicissitudesDiscipleship1, 377:aright by your endeavoring anew to grasp the vision as a whole. I refer not here only to the visionDiscipleship1, 377:vision as a whole. I refer not here only to the vision of the many groups, serving in the worldDiscipleship1, 377:That, they can and will do. But I refer to the vision of the Plan as it exists in the consciousnessDiscipleship1, 389:is the heritage of most aspirants. They have the vision of this contact. I seek a definiteDiscipleship1, 391:and unveiled, but which acts as a barrier to vision, if soiled or hidden by a blind. This and yourDiscipleship1, 391:in such a way that I am prevented from clear vision and closer approach? To recognize the Presence,Discipleship1, 395:financial anxiety, with its power to cloud the vision. She is on her way out, but her mental stressDiscipleship1, 395:steady until she has time to clarify her vision in either direction, and until she realizes that noDiscipleship1, 399:groups am I a member? Is my mind the organ of vision for the spiritual man? Am I offering thisDiscipleship1, 409:need for slowness. How can I, with my clearer vision of you and my knowledge of your subtler bodiesDiscipleship1, 425:for certain steps forward upon the Path. A clear vision of yourself is needed, and at each turnDiscipleship1, 431:instead of seeing it? Is the mind the organ of vision for the spiritual man? If so, Is my mind anDiscipleship1, 431:the spiritual man? If so, Is my mind an organ of vision? Can I hold my mind "steady in the light"Discipleship1, 443:months' application to these ideas and to this vision, you will comprehend the motive that hasDiscipleship1, 450:those on the inner side (who possess the eye of vision) can see the turmoil and the whirlpool ofDiscipleship1, 451:reaction, and then utilized by those who see the vision of the future and the larger picture andDiscipleship1, 452:that the voices of those who see the [452] vision of the future are given free expression andDiscipleship1, 452:conditioned by the fourth ray; your battle for vision and inclusiveness must be fought out in theDiscipleship1, 464:smoke which hovers round it still obscures your vision. Pass on with rapidity into the clear lightDiscipleship1, 468:forms instead of leading to a long range vision of the Plan, such as your soul ray can give. YouDiscipleship1, 470:activities of man. This must be based on long vision, and the power to release yourself from the
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