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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISION

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Discipleship1, 471:[471] thing upset your equilibrium or cloud your vision of reality. And my brother, be happy. LearnDiscipleship1, 471:see the world truly and with no limited vision; you can stand unperturbed, knowing the end from theDiscipleship1, 472:or on its lacks and defects. You need the mystic vision far more than the occult method just now.Discipleship1, 479:your strength and I know your weakness. In the vision of the world's need and in the magnitude ofDiscipleship1, 517:I speak. Those of us who function with full vision on the inner side of life see the equipment andDiscipleship1, 519:and the service which appear so clearly to your vision in your high moments. Is this not so, myDiscipleship1, 519:you that is needed and serves to clear both your vision and your path. Adhere, therefore, to itDiscipleship1, 519:you will find yourself in the realm of clear vision, wide wisdom and universal love. Stand withDiscipleship1, 523:8th month - Upon my tower, in the high place of vision, now I stand and from that point I live andDiscipleship1, 530:water has the property of giving one greater vision. It is pure joy to offer it to the thirsty andDiscipleship1, 530:always one who has had a glimpse of the vision. I believe this is the picture of my garden! As youDiscipleship1, 537:Neither of these attitudes is right. Clear vision, love to all beings and a pure radiance are yoursDiscipleship1, 543:Sound the O. M. and vitalize the pictorial vision which you have succeeded in evoking in yourDiscipleship1, 546:you to positive action in line with clarity of vision could you but see it. Perhaps you promptlyDiscipleship1, 555:month - Each life crisis can lead to extended vision or to a separating wall. 5th month - The timeDiscipleship1, 555:perhaps only dimly sensed: What exactly is the vision, as I see it, in connection with my immediateDiscipleship1, 555:daily, outer life of the materializing of this vision? What will be the quality of the experienceDiscipleship1, 556:its practical but mystical aspect, the vision which is motivated by love. It is your astral bodyDiscipleship1, 556:in the mystic, practical occult knowledge. Your vision can be on high levels, and that is whereDiscipleship1, 556:you, as a soul, must consciously walk. That vision must, however, be brought down to a lower levelDiscipleship1, 564:depends upon the clear seeing of the immediate vision. 2nd month - Forget the past and press anewDiscipleship1, 565:life, is Understanding. Fourth month... Let the vision of my mind be clear and sure; its outlineDiscipleship1, 565:clear and sure; its outline true and real. That vision is one of mankind's need, of suffering andDiscipleship1, 569:nature of purification, from the angle of vision of the disciple. Sixth month...The formulation ofDiscipleship1, 571:being of an astral nature, can blur the vision? This is the first question which I seek to putDiscipleship1, 579:that calls and carries cheer because I see the vision. 6th month - All that I am and all I haveDiscipleship1, 604:for daily action. Right motive and a clear vision of the sources of action are still imperativeDiscipleship1, 620:and its darkest hour. Be thankful you have got a vision but waste not time in pondering it. TheDiscipleship1, 620:not time in pondering it. The reality of the vision is. The work of clearing the way for itsDiscipleship1, 620:In the dust and chaos and wreckage, the vision disappears from sight though the fact of itsDiscipleship1, 620:persists. None of you may perhaps see that vision again, but you have seen it. When, however, it isDiscipleship1, 625:use of the word "tower" was to blame. Maybe my vision of you as a strong and steady helper, addedDiscipleship1, 631:which will appear with clarity to your vision. What these will be, will later emerge, but the timeDiscipleship1, 631:is growing and your balanced judgment and clear vision may be needed in time to come. Give fullDiscipleship1, 648:cannot be trodden until the glamor of the mystic vision has been dissipated and the vision itselfDiscipleship1, 648:of the mystic vision has been dissipated and the vision itself has been lost to sight inDiscipleship1, 648:you know. Clarity of definition releases the vision and clarity in word and language is a symbol ofDiscipleship1, 648:and language is a symbol of this release (from vision) into identification. Ponder on this. It isDiscipleship1, 648:you and hence my reference to the glamor of the vision. It (the vision) evokes its own aura and itsDiscipleship1, 648:reference to the glamor of the vision. It (the vision) evokes its own aura and its own atmosphere,Discipleship1, 668:action will then be taken but only that steady vision which sees the inner side and not the outerDiscipleship1, 669:read and think through into a greater clarity of vision and a clearer perception of what it is youDiscipleship1, 674:at-one-ment. Reorientation, resulting in a clear vision of the Plan. Discipleship1, 675:But in these dreams and fantasies, at times a vision comes - a vision of a folded lotus flower,Discipleship1, 675:and fantasies, at times a vision comes - a vision of a folded lotus flower, close petalled, tightlyDiscipleship1, 678:"I stand between the Heavens and Earth! I vision God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both.Discipleship1, 679:voice of God. I turn me on my forward path, and vision once again the long held joys of earth, andDiscipleship1, 679:joys of earth, and flesh and kin. I lose the vision of eternal things. The voice of God dies out.Discipleship1, 681:They are not so important as the inner unity of vision and the ability to concede where no wrong isDiscipleship1, 682:"he faces two ways and each way sees the same vision." In the final stages when he is the discipleDiscipleship1, 684:for unlimited, non-separative love, clear vision and the unimpeded flow of soul force. By itsDiscipleship1, 686:of occult obedience and the nature of the vision. I would like to deal with these right at theDiscipleship1, 687:is a developed understanding and an inclusive vision; if that is lacking, the passing of time willDiscipleship1, 687:the matter. This brings up the question of the vision, its nature and extension. Is this vision,Discipleship1, 687:of the vision, its nature and extension. Is this vision, which must exist before the disciple seeksDiscipleship1, 687:the crux of the problem. Let me explain. The vision is a symbolic way of experiencing revelation.Discipleship1, 687:of God's world and a constantly extending vision. The development of sight brought a syntheticDiscipleship1, 687:by the other four senses. Then comes a vision, revealed by the "common sense" of the mind. ThisDiscipleship1, 688:in the various fields of human living. But the vision with which you should be concerned is toDiscipleship1, 688:soul sees, through the use of the key to soul vision - the intuition. That key can only be usedDiscipleship1, 688:ask you: How much of your present so-called vision is dependent upon what others have seen and howDiscipleship1, 688:by climbing arduously and earnestly the Mount of Vision and (from that eminence which you haveDiscipleship1, 688:Disciple when he starts climbing towards the vision, towards the mountain top; he can also registerDiscipleship1, 688:a World Disciple in the technical sense when the vision is to him an important and determining factDiscipleship1, 688:and his life is dedicated to bringing the vision into factual existence - in collaboration with hisDiscipleship1, 688:that stage has been reached, it is no longer the vision which is the dominant factor but the fieldDiscipleship1, 688:is both an unconscious deflection towards the vision and a conscious orientation towards it. ThereDiscipleship1, 688:towards it. There is one aspect of the vision which is oft forgotten by many disciples. That is theDiscipleship1, 688:- inherent in the right appreciation of the vision itself - for each who records it to becomeDiscipleship1, 688:each who records it to become "bestowers of the vision." The moment that that takes place, theDiscipleship1, 688:beginners runs the note of striving after the vision, of searching for it, of ability or inabilityDiscipleship1, 689:it and, [689] frequently, the distortion of the vision by defining it in terms of already impartedDiscipleship1, 689:neophyte is, therefore, based upon the need for vision, upon individual, personal need. But (uponDiscipleship1, 689:spontaneous unconscious self-forgetfulness. The vision, once seen, becomes so important, that howDiscipleship1, 689:seemingly fades out. You become absorbed in the vision and this absorption takes place upon theDiscipleship1, 689:with what the soul knows and that is ever vision for the personality. I referred above to theDiscipleship1, 691:in their individual measure to the immediate vision of the united Hierarchy and to the methodsDiscipleship1, 691:they propose to employ in materializing this vision. The hierarchical vision (as far as you canDiscipleship1, 691:in materializing this vision. The hierarchical vision (as far as you can understand it) is theDiscipleship1, 691:them as a group, because they have identity of vision and dedication; this enables them, under thatDiscipleship1, 692:recognitions: [692] The recognition of the vision. The recognition of the Plan, for vision and PlanDiscipleship1, 692:of the vision. The recognition of the Plan, for vision and Plan are not the same. The recognitionDiscipleship1, 696:ideas far less clearly than he does and see the vision as through a glass darkly. But their innateDiscipleship1, 697:has for its spring or source, the ideas, dreams, vision and aspiration of the Master. This isDiscipleship1, 697:fed from the spring of many lives, from the pure vision and consecrated dreams of many disciples.Discipleship1, 702:whole - a whole which is united on objective and vision but which may (and frequently does) haveDiscipleship1, 702:are related to each other through identity of vision and of vibration, plus mutual respect andDiscipleship1, 703:is to the outer group what the soul and its vision is to the individual disciple, working in hisDiscipleship1, 705:sensitive to the intuition and towards the vision and the Plan, as well as towards the group soulDiscipleship1, 705:the idea of the group in conformity with group vision. [706] For how many is this kind of workDiscipleship1, 706:time to make it their major effort to see the vision clear; to recognize, and know for what theyDiscipleship1, 706:from the standpoint of the soul, whose vision is long and inclusive and who sees life as it is. Discipleship1, 707:contact through an united recognition of the vision, of the esoteric basis of life and the lawsDiscipleship1, 707:it is a center for the clarification of the vision and not of physical plane methods of work. AsDiscipleship1, 719:glamor and the curing of the distorted, myopic vision of the man who has been immersed in the lifeDiscipleship1, 719:or form. He is now attempting to see the new vision, to control the world of emotional reactionsDiscipleship1, 720:arises, because the disciple has a long range vision and is not misled by the immediateDiscipleship1, 721:are occupied with the precipitation of the new vision, the new world order and the New Age ideals.Discipleship1, 721:on the other graded steps of discipleship. The vision which many have of the influence and work ofDiscipleship1, 722:you that such a picture does not enter into the vision of reality at all. It is based on
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