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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - VISION

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Discipleship2, 340:of all, the mystical vision; then later, the vision of predetermined choice, of Plan and of cosmicDiscipleship2, 340:and of cosmic opportunity. This latter threefold vision is a very different thing to theDiscipleship2, 340:thing to the self-centered and dualistic vision of the mystic. That vision is a part of theDiscipleship2, 340:and dualistic vision of the mystic. That vision is a part of the evolutionary spiritual developmentDiscipleship2, 340:most occult aspirants. More about this higher vision I may not say; the theme is too abstruse. ItDiscipleship2, 342:cooperation. As I work, do I see an increasing vision of divine intention, and do I knowDiscipleship2, 367:recurring effects of pressure forward and of vision. Throughout the entire evolutionary processDiscipleship2, 367:on the physical plane produces the organ of vision, the eye through which revelation of physicalDiscipleship2, 368:with its consequent effects and results of vision, recognition and perception - all of themDiscipleship2, 372:revelation. The stillness by which the revealing vision is surrounded, if I may so inadequatelyDiscipleship2, 382:black magic); his inner hearing and his eye of vision are rapidly being brought into an occultDiscipleship2, 393:because this triple work is dependent upon clear vision and a balanced judgment, but in spite ofDiscipleship2, 399:Mind and the abstract mind, a direct channel for vision is created. The medium of revelation atDiscipleship2, 399:the connecting link and the esoteric mode of vision. The instrument of reception is the third eyeDiscipleship2, 400:for the attaining of the highest possible inner vision for the particular point in evolutionDiscipleship2, 400:preserving and holding steady in that light the vision, the purpose, the will and the creativeDiscipleship2, 403:Aspect, in place of the rapidly crystallizing vision of the Son or consciousness aspect. Discipleship2, 415:based upon attained knowledge and recognized vision. He must then take action upon the basis of theDiscipleship2, 418:initiation involves, the nature of the expanding vision with which he will then be confronted, andDiscipleship2, 421:which increases the range of the initiate's vision and which indicates a new area, both of futureDiscipleship2, 421:even as he is known. He will then be granted a vision - dim and distant though it well may be - ofDiscipleship2, 422:him. Seeing, recognizing and registering the vision and recording the expansion in hisDiscipleship2, 431:the attained point of awareness and of conscious vision. Once he can do this and is aware of theDiscipleship2, 450:therefore, give you release, freedom, clarity of vision and entrance into light. In closing let meDiscipleship2, 453:to attract and to hold others true to the vision would likewise slowly disappear, as his power toDiscipleship2, 458:what I could suggest to you for meditation. The vision you have, and I believe will never lose it.Discipleship2, 458:so easy for you, and yet - in order to make the vision factual - meditation is a basic essential,Discipleship2, 458:that as a man meditateth in his head so will his vision appear on Earth. A great safeguard for youDiscipleship2, 467:strengthening; it also permits of such a clear vision that the picture unfolds as a unity and theDiscipleship2, 468:astral unfoldment in ancient Atlantis. It will vision forth the higher correspondence of thatDiscipleship2, 470:grip upon essential reality or of your spiritual vision; your strength has been such that you haveDiscipleship2, 471:Your meditation work must keep pace with your vision. I suggest that you follow the simple outlineDiscipleship2, 482:this specific connection - he is totally blind. Vision will eventually and inevitably come, but itDiscipleship2, 495:will facilitate the achievement of this clear vision and a correct interpretation of emerging factsDiscipleship2, 513:must become divine wisdom through surety. Vision must give place to intuitive focused perception -Discipleship2, 521:of your life and the opening up of a wider vision into Shamballa. Shamballa and simplicity, willDiscipleship2, 531:influence is insulated. But - because there is a vision of the soul still persisting - the discipleDiscipleship2, 531:whole man is subordinated. Can you grasp this vision and let everything go? Only two types of rayDiscipleship2, 534:mind did not apparently display its usual keen vision, and the "alternatives which love presents" -Discipleship2, 534:expressed it - blurred the usually clear lower vision but made decision on a higher level thanDiscipleship2, 534:reply would be: Along the line of an inclusive vision which sees the future of humanity moreDiscipleship2, 542:them? This will require on your part extended vision, for that has been somewhat lacking in yourDiscipleship2, 542:- when achieved - the understanding work with vision, a capacity for long-range planning, and yetDiscipleship2, 543:but - above all - with a much more inclusive vision than heretofore. Learn to think in wide termsDiscipleship2, 546:endeavor simply to be a point of focused vision, with the eye of the mind directed towards theDiscipleship2, 549:and into the aura of his Master, and as his vision grows - revealing possibilities of service andDiscipleship2, 562:and revitalize him. On these levels, his vision is renewed and he draws from the force of ShamballaDiscipleship2, 566:Again, in this same connection, you have: Vision and Illumination. I have here given all of you aDiscipleship2, 566:form a sequential educational picture: Sight - Vision - Illumination. Action - Plan - Purpose.Discipleship2, 571:should flash with greater frequency into my vision. You serve with fealty those you love. I thankDiscipleship2, 573:will aid in this development and increase your vision, effective service and usefulness. Do thisDiscipleship2, 579:so as to arrive at this depth of insight, vision and source of activity. All the outer relationsDiscipleship2, 590:techniques in expression and the measure of the vision which he sees; it is never easy to adapt andDiscipleship2, 590:of the time element requires the eye of vision, plus right interpretation of that which it sees.Discipleship2, 590:- the world of ideals and of human aspirational vision. Outward over the world of events, over theDiscipleship2, 595:workers. Write more, my brother; you have the vision and your meditation is sound. It has alwaysDiscipleship2, 603:of the ajna center and which will produce new vision and, above all, integration. [604] The ajnaDiscipleship2, 611:owing to their major significances in providing vision of possibility and of necessity. The futureDiscipleship2, 630:to move forward with increased potency, clearer vision and truer insight. This will not be as easyDiscipleship2, 639:arises which can be fitted into the spiritual vision which all disciples carry with them. OrientDiscipleship2, 652:pinnacle as an exalted place from which the new vision can be seen. That pinnacle can be turnedDiscipleship2, 655:has been obliterated and no longer obstructs the vision) they lift a load off the Master'sDiscipleship2, 656:prepare by the development of clear-sighted vision. I should perhaps point out to you that illusionDiscipleship2, 662:Ponder the distinction between the dream, the vision and the plan. They form the world of meaning.Discipleship2, 664:neither matters from the angle of the initiate vision and the attitude of the trained disciple. "InDiscipleship2, 666:on the distinction between "the dream, the vision and the Plan." There are many ways in which theseDiscipleship2, 666:he thus becomes a server and a teacher. The vision is the realization of the goal (embodied by theDiscipleship2, 666:to the status of the initiate, so will be the vision. It is the sensing of the united purpose andDiscipleship2, 666:planetary life, bringing fresh revelation and vision but making the unlighted area dark indeed.Discipleship2, 667:I seek to have you grasp. The clarity of the vision and the grasp of the Plan, it might be added,Discipleship2, 667:make your dreams come true, because you see the vision and are cooperating with the Plan; thusDiscipleship2, 667:cooperating with the Plan; thus materialize the vision and work at intelligent understanding of theDiscipleship2, 667:and with love. Take the four words: Dream, Vision, Plan, Realization, and make them the theme forDiscipleship2, 681:Europe, Australia and distant Asia and - as your vision quickens - you will arrive atDiscipleship2, 685:personality decisions and not on the illumined vision of the soul. The fact, however, that you haveDiscipleship2, 698:the double cloud which has so long erased the vision from your heart. You have the vision but it isDiscipleship2, 698:erased the vision from your heart. You have the vision but it is ever on ahead. When will it pierceDiscipleship2, 702:work there until the spiritual laws control, the vision is firmly established, and the soul is inDiscipleship2, 704:service. The first lesson is the lesson of vision. What are your goals? What is the spiritualDiscipleship2, 704:true to the objective? No one can formulate the vision for you; it is your own personality problem,Discipleship2, 704:problem, and upon the strength of the vision and the beauty of the picture which you paint withDiscipleship2, 704:of his contribution (in the light of the vision) and the need for constant [705] self-developmentDiscipleship2, 706:mean nothing unless they are the result of new vision, for if they emerge out of a criticism of theDiscipleship2, 725:prone to slip into the thralldom of the vague vision, the grandiose formulations [726] of somethingDiscipleship2, 728:have neither the mental equipment nor the clear vision to enable you to be a leader, an organizerDiscipleship2, 761:it is implemented by an increasing clarity of vision. You see people and life more truly than youEducation, xii:and faculty will be encouraged to search for vision - 'seeing life steadily and as a whole.' " TheEducation, 13:aligned and coordinated. Flashes of insight and vision when seen in the young, are frequently theEducation, 15:produce the idea and bring it to manifestation. Vision might be regarded as concerning itself withEducation, 22:right discrimination and true sensitivity to the vision, so that he can build true to the purposeEducation, 22:desire, to a personality, to an ideal, and to a vision, until he finally unifies himself with theEducation, 34:and on emotional levels by his aspiration, his vision, and his ability to express the love of GodEducation, 34:growing in intelligence, but greatly needs the vision. I therefore beg of you not to resent theEducation, 46:gave to humanity its literature, its art and its vision? The war produced great migrations. ArmiesEducation, 69:patently undesirable, and because some man of vision works out a newer method and imposes his willEducation, 71:group qualities and consciousness and idealistic vision. Education, 73:[73] appropriate methods embodied in the new vision, particularly those which can be easilyEducation, 80:what education can be, if it is impulsed by true vision and made responsive to sensed world needEducation, 81:mental control of the emotional nature. Vision or the capacity to see beyond what is, to what mightEducation, 86:it does not either constitute an impractical vision or a mystical hope, based on wishful thinking.
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